By Prof. Rhoda Wanja Thairu

“We had been taught to revere and value our elders. This was customary. We were told that the elders were our books; the elders were our libraries. The wisdom of the elderly people was beyond limits. Older people in the community were the greatest teachers the children could ever have.”

In 1964, four, then renowned high schools in Kenya, organized a geographical study of Mount Kenya for their Advanced Level students. The study was to take the form of a mountain climbing expedition. Two of these students were to make history by becoming the very first Kenyan females to make the trip. This book is set against a backdrop of Kenya’s independence, allowing the reader to glean insights on the social, religious and political views of a country in transition.

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A People Called The AGIKUYU: Yesterday and Today… and Tomorrow?

By Paul Ngige Njoroge

“This is a dramatic illustration of the aggressive intentions of the West in Africa today in the 21st century, supposedly an enlightened age – and not in 1875 at the dawn of the colonial partition of Africa. The name of the game for the white man in 2011 as in 1885 is world domination and brutal establishment of control over weaker peoples.”

This book explores the origins, growth, challenges and influence of the people who occupied “the land between the four mountains”. The author takes the reader on a journey from millennia before Christ, to the present day, exploring social, economic, political issues surrounding the Agikuyu community. He examines and shares perspectives from colonialism, to liberation struggles and the post-colonial narrative in Afrika, looks at ethnic cleansing and neocolonialism. One simply cannot ignore the Agikuyu, their place in history or their influence on modern Africa. A worthwhile read indeed and excellent addition to an academic study on Afrika.

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