One of the most challenging issues we often face in life is trying to conform to and also to perform to the expectations of people in our lives. Family, spouses, work place, religious organizations, government, friends etc. This, oftentimes, keeps us strained and used due to constant running and gunning for perfection in the eyes of men. Thus making us the reflection of others. But that was never supposed to be, for we were created in the image and likeness of God and it is only His reflection we are meant to manifest. So keep your head up, refuse to be drained by the expectations of men, the storms of life and you will see Who you truly belong to. Life does bring with it storms, but when a storm has subsided, and it is calm again, observe how all of nature seems to pause in a restorative silence. It is wise to take advantage of this quiet time, by gaining a truer knowledge and a better judgement of yourself. The hour of calm is the hour of restoration.

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Samuel Phillips

Samuel Phillips

A gospel music minister, song writer and singer, passionate photographer and a lover of God and the nature that He created. A free-lancer who writes from wherever his trips take him in Africa.

I simply love photography and anything arts. Music, poetry, singing, graphics, all come to me as spiritual bridges to deeper realities of God. I am passionate about the art.

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