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Nation in View: Nigeria


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Nation in View: Nigeria


Nigeria as a name

My wife is a Kenyan who loves Nigeria with a passion I don’t even think I have. Mind you, she doesn’t love Nigeria because she is married to me a Nigerian. She was already in love with Nigeria many years before we ever met and in fact, she bore Nigerian names before I ever knew she existed anywhere.

Knowing that Nigeria means dark area or area of the Niger (Niger means black), she recently started calling Nigeria by a new name. She calls her Nuruland. This I believe is her true name. For Nuru is Swahili word for Light. So Nuruland therefore means The Land of Light or the Lighted Land.

In prophecy, that truly is the reality of Nigeria the Nuruland. This is directly against the wicked hearts of those who so named Nigeria as an expression of darkness and who by their ungodly hearts, intend for it to remain as an expression of darkness both physically and spiritually. The effects of this dark reality have been clear and present in the narrative of Nigeria since 1914, the year of amalgamation of the South and North of Nigeria. For even after almost sixty years of independence, power supply still remains epileptic in Nigeria.

But this reality of darkness will not continue, for out of darkness, so gross and rotten will God call forth light and life that will stun many who think Nigeria will continue the way it is right now.

The reality of the trigger nation

Many will not understand or will choose not to understand what I am saying about Nigeria. Some who have the life of God in them by the Spirit of God will understand. Some will not. It is not because they are not meant to understand, but because they don’t have the ability in them to see or judge outside of what their eyes or their senses perceive. So, the story and the narrative of Nigeria as a nation so blessed of God to be a trigger for the spiritual emancipation of Afrika will sound like bad music in the ears of many including those who profess to know how God thinks, and even Nigerians themselves.

In the long run, it doesn’t really matter if anyone understands it or not, the true reality of Nigeria as a trigger nation is so deep in the light of God that it will only take those who have been refined in light to see and to understand. For to the pure in heart, all things are pure.

And as scripture says, blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Meaning because of the purity of their hearts, they are able to see God in everything, including in darkness.

Nigeria, by geographical placement didn’t just happen to be in the center of the continent (Five nations to the east and five nations to the west of Africa, placing Nigeria right at the middle) It is not a coincidence at all. In every generation, there are nations, people or persons that God uses to trigger new realities on earth.

Such triggers often go through lots of ups and downs in order to bring them to the full manifestation of their divine mandates. This is the picture of the amazing Nigeria, blessed of God to trigger and also manifest the way, the truth and the life of God in Afrika. The night time of darkness and silence is past, the light and the sound of the Land of Light has come.

Nigeria as a trigger nation

So let me show you something you might not have considered before now and which I believe will give us more context for understanding this article. I will show you in the form of questions. In relation to Afrika, why is Nigeria the largest nation? Why is Nigeria the largest producer of oil? Why is Nigeria the home of the largest churches? Why is Nigeria the home of the most popular Afrikan worship ministers? Why is Nigeria the largest economy? Why does Nigeria have the largest number of languages and ethnic groupings? Why is the richest man in Afrika a Nigerian?

Why is Nigeria’s Nollywood the largest movie industry in Afrika? Why are the most popular fashion brands in Nigeria? The list goes on and on. And if you want to add, why is Nigeria considered as the most corrupt in Afrika? The answer to these questions is simple. It’s because Nigeria, by divine design is the spiritual trigger of every aspect of the Afrikan narrative. To make it clearer, Nigeria is like the microcosm of the macro Afrika. Meaning everything that Afrika must become in all aspects of her life, both spiritually and physically, must first be expressed by Nigeria.

Why is that you may ask? God’s choice I think. It’s not what anyone can wish away nor try to stop. Now, the next question to ask now will be, why is Nigeria the way it is as regarding the negative image she has both within Afrika and the outside world? This question can answer itself without much explanation, but I will try to explain as much as I can within the space of this article, even though we know that the great things coming out of Nigeria are much bigger than the negatives.

According to an online definition, a trigger is something that acts like a mechanical device in initiating a process or reaction.

Every trigger, be it digital or analog, in order to be operational or effective as a trigger must first be pushed or pulled back. Let me put it this way. Every time a gun is fired for example, the trigger must go backward in other for the gun to work. And so is every button that triggers anything. It must be pushed down or pulled back to work. So what does that mean? It means, every aspect of the African narrative that is being triggered by Nigeria must take a strong toll on her in order for the other African nations to find their own expression. Why? He who must ascend into the heights of heaven must first descend into the lows of hell, in order for him to fill all in all just like Christ did.

I do not claim any superior knowledge of what Nigeria is or what she is not. But permit me to say that from the few things I have been shown, it is not far away from when God will command light to break forth out of Nigeria. For the cleansing power of God is well able to purge Nigeria of her filth and by that rebirth her into newness.

For the emancipation I speak of is that which shifts Afrika from her natural tendencies and patterns to her true spiritual destiny, which is to be the land where Jesus is lifted up as King.

Hope for the trigger nation

Having said all of these things, each must understand that Nigeria is blessed beyond what men know or think about her. For she carries the entire reality of the Afrikan narrative in herself like God’s own incubator awaiting the time of the new birth of Afrika and by extension, her own rebirth. For when Nigeria has finished her job as the incubator for God as it concerns Afrika, each Afrikan nation will now express in full her own destiny which Nigeria modeled in the days of her “pregnancy”. To explain further, it means, if Nigeria, for instance, triggered the massive movement of the ministry of music and worship in Afrika, the nation for whom it was destined will now take it up to a new level beyond whatever Nigeria has modeled.

In this particular case, Ethiopia is the new home of spirit and truth worship which will go deeper than what Nigeria has ever done. And same way it will be for the ministry of the word of God, financial blessings, technology etc. in the hand of the nation it is meant for.

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Nigeria in the coming days

I have seen and witnessed nations of the world; people that you meet treat Nigerians like filth. They are treated roughly by immigration officials of foreign nations, looked down upon by citizens of other nations. They are rubbed in mud simply because their ID says they are Nigerian. The corruption of a few Nigerians is rubbed on every Nigerian like it’s a badge of nationality. I have experienced these things, so I know exactly what I am saying. But this narrative will not continue and neither will it be forever. For the God who chose Nigeria for this hard assignment will soon roll it away in one fell swoop. And the Nigeria and Nigerian that many despised will suddenly become the desire of all nations of them that seek righteousness and godliness. For prophecies and words have been spoken about Nigeria by God and they will not fail. For in a little while, the Nigerian identity, be it passport or any other form of ID will become like visa to enter every nation of the earth. For those who treat Nigeria and Nigerians despicably do so because they are blind to the true identity of Nigeria. And I speak of even those who are her leaders, who see her as a free to ravage cash cow. They are foolish for they do not know the God that is behind the Nigerian narrative.

I recently saw a prophecy online about Nigeria given many years ago by Pa S.G. Elton, a missionary who left his native country, England, to come to Nigeria in March 1937 saying in the coming revival, – Africa is like a hand gun turned downward; Nigeria is the trigger” He went further to say, “Nigeria/Nigerians will be known for corruption worldwide but the tide will turn and Nigeria will also be known for righteousness worldwide. Many shall take hold of him that is a Nigerian, saying, We will go with you, for we have heard that God is with you.”

I believe this will happen soon, for in 2016, the Lord gave me a message that He will clean Nigeria with “acid” to make her whole again. (See here the link to that article: https:// This cleansing, mind you, is already taking place and will be more, especially with the Church in Nigeria who have somehow turned the word and the anointing of God to merchandise for making money. The cleansing will be deep and complete.

The time for change is now

As I write these words, my heart both rejoices that change is coming for this blessed land called

Nigeria and also I am sad that she does not have much time, just like the rest of the world. So there is no time to waste nor is there any time to spend bantering about what was before now. It is time to walk into the reality of that which God put in place for Nigeria as a people. For Afrika is like a puzzle. Every piece of this puzzle (nations of Afrika) must know and understand their destiny and by doing so, will make Afrika as a whole piece rise.

God bless Nuruland and God bless Afrika.

[Editor’s comment: To whom much is given, much is required. I’m sure you have heard it said, many a time, that in order for God to build a tall structure, He must first dig a deep foundation. Well, during the excavation process, many things are unearthed, some secrets from the past, some recent. Some treasures, some filth. But the building, in this case Nuruland, must remember how prized she is that God would choose to confer such an honor on her. To share in the fellowship of Christ’s sufferings, to be chastised as a son valued by God, to be given a chance and not cast away … and all of this in order for God’s end time plan to see the light of day. Consider this – Without the utter and total and complete transformation of the land of Light, Afrika is lost. Afrika’s total liberation, her arising, her victory, rests on the shoulders of the one in the center of Afrika. As in the Letter to Nigeria (in this issue of Msingi Afrika Magazine), it was because the Nigerians fought for their refund, that the rest of the people got access to it. There is a reason. Nuruland, take your place.]

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