You were plundered to the depth of your soul
You were stripped of everything you owned
Your plunders were foreign and local
Yet you remained hopeful

Your traditional crops were shamed and
Your fields were filled with foreign crops
Your fields were sprayed with chemicals
Yet you remained hopeful

Your children were convinced you are backward
Your brightest and most privileged children left
Those who remained were disillusioned
Yet you remained hopeful

You were plunged into war
Sons rose against their fathers
Brothers rose against their mothers and sisters
Yet you remained hopeful

Your daughters were under siege
Caught in the middle of the hostilities
Scrambling to save themselves and the children
Yet you remained hopeful

Unknown disease ravaged your children
Uncontrollable disease destroyed the harvest
Suffering wore down your generations
Yet you remained hopeful

You’re hopeful because you know something
You’re hopeful because you see far
You’re hopeful you understand
You are hopeful because you are Alkebulan
Alkebulan, mother of mankind

Your womb bears good seed
Your good seed brings good life
Your good life brings a good harvest
Your good harvest secures the future

Your true children are coming
The hope you held onto is producing
The seed is ripening
The harvest is secure

Those who left are returning
Those who stayed are rising
Those without hope are shifting
The harvest is coming

The needed solutions are approaching
The challenges on the way are overcome
The fear in the hearts of men is overturned
The harvest is coming

I see the twinkle in your eyes
I see your smile forming
I hear your heart beat changing
Your harvest is come!!

About the author

Kyesubire Greigg

Kyesubire Greigg

A Kenyan visual scribe, storyteller using words and images to connect all aspects of life. She powers from faith to food, health, nature in ways that encourage viewers and readers to find balance in life through its connectivity.

Passionate about telling HIStory of hope, love and family.

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