The Matrix of Global Sleep

The entire world is in a dream or trance state with few people actually aware of the state of things and how unconscious the world has become. The Matrix or the Womb of this world system, by design, has been giving birth to unconscious and sleepy humans or the unconscious global Man. The global Man, by the hands of a few who called themselves elites or globalists have been made to live for many years in a dream state of unconsciousness. He goes to school to be educated but comes out of school with the certificate of ignorance. He comes out ignorant of the very world he lives in, while using the same certificate he got from school to work for the global managers who have kept him and his forefathers in a dream loop. He is not aware of the agenda that has control of his life. He has become a battery that powers the Matrix that won’t let him go. The story is the same all over the world, from nation to nation. People simply know that something is wrong with our world, but not many are willing to stop and check what the heck is happening. The global dream state is very real. It is all around you, even as you read this article. But it is up to you to know what to do when you are done with reading this article.

The Mental Universe
The entire universe, all things created, seen or unseen are the Mind of God projected out through His Spoken Word. It’s a large ocean of His mind and thus it is mental in release and also mental in engagement. Everything created, seen and unseen is within the radius of the projected Mind of God and it’s all connected to God in a never ending flow of pure energy.
Meaning that, since all things are connected in a deep mental state, all things can also relate in a deep mental state without any conflict at all. However, this ocean of mental energy works in both directions, both for good and for evil or let’s say for control and manipulation depending on who is using it and doing what. Have you ever wondered how the internet works? Or how the computer works? They are simply physical expressions of mental models. In the case of the computer, it is modeled after the human brain and the internet is modeled after the mental ocean of human connectivity.
Meaning that as it is possible for the internet to create connectivity between people, irrespective of the distance between them, so it is to create mental connections
with people irrespective of where they may be globally. The ancient Kemetic (Egyptian/Afrikan) wisdom teachers knew and taught these things thousands of years before our recent age of technology. They taught that all human minds are simply connected in a mental space. That yawning is “contagious” irrespective of distance is one of the many proofs of this reality. Meaning that if the internet could create such a powerful human dependence on a system that manipulates and controls, so can the mastery of right mental activities create a mass liberty of mind and souls of men who engage with it. Simply put, breaking away from the matrix of control set up by the globalist begins with “Stop and Think”. Could this be the reason why the system of this world is created in such a way that people are only taught to connect in physical plane of materialism, unchecked desires, guarded only by what they see, touch, smell and even feel? I believe so. Men have been taught for long to relate based on the five senses, using twisted and manipulative emotions and nothing deeper that has the power to help them effectively connect their minds to deeper realities found in the universal plane of God’s Mind. Many live in a long dream state in the chase for worldly goods, which are futility and the things that have no eternal value. They are cool with being batteries that power a system of futility and then pride themselves as being educated.
He who must be conscious of the mental state of things and how it affects decisions and choices, must now learn to break away from the matrix of materialism and the seen world. This is the way of the ancient Afrikan Education that Afrika ignorantly let the slavers and colonialists take away from her through demonization of indigenous knowledge. Life began here in Afrika and because to know is to live, true original knowledge devoid of manipulation and control can only be found where life began. This is the true state of Afrika and Afrikans, any other thing is the weakness of the mind bound to the globalist dream state. In other words, I put it to you that for Afrika to emancipate into anything useful, all Afrikans must begin to rethink what it means to be Afrikans and by that begin to create new realities that matches her true destiny in God.

Break the Matrix
God is real and the universe and everything within it is a projection of God’s thoughts and mind. He who must understand the mind of God and how He thinks, must – on the lowest level – begin with understanding his own self and the environment he finds himself in. Why? Both man and his environment are the projection of God’s thoughts and mind and that’s why I believe the apostle Paul speaks in Romans Chapter One about the invisible attributes of God being known by the things He created. It means if you can see the original thing or concept that God made, you certainly can tell how God thinks and by that, you can foretell what restoration means.
The entire spectrum of the universe is a projection of the mental plane of God, and as man and his environment is part of that mental plane man can really know God and how He thinks by learning to stop, think and meditate on himself and his environment. And by that exercise begin to see really clearly and to understand deeply, how the created space really is. This is the first level of breaking away from the matrix. The second level is much deeper, even as it goes beyond just thoughts in the mental plane to the plane of the Spirit and in this sense; the plane of the Spirit is the place of the Holy Spirit or the Life Force of God Himself.

Spirit of Liberty
Spirit is not a concept that tries to give a name to anything that is not seen or that is not known. Many things exist in our world but which man may not know or even have seen or heard of, but they are not in the plane of Spirit. Spirit is a real place within God that goes beyond the mental plane, which is higher than the physical plane. The Spirit of God, or His Life Force, is real and is God. He can be related to and also can communicate. For in the beginning, before anything was created on earth, God’s Spirit moved over the empty space of water and when it was time in the creative mission of God, that which was only found in the mental plane of God was given a material form by the formative power of the Spirit or Life Force of God by the Spoken Word of the Life of God.
Man is connected to this Spirit or Life Force of God at many levels. The lowest level being the air we breathe. Science may call it oxygen, but we know it is the breath of God in a man that keeps him alive. How do I know this? When a man is born, the breath of God enters into him and on his dying bed, the breath of God leaves. He dying is not the absence of oxygen, for clearly, oxygen was still available around him even as he breathed his last. It is the absence of the Life Force of God, called Spirit. For to argue this will mean, ‘why do men die even with oxygen masks on their faces?’
When a man begins to understand that this worldly system that was created on earth is a prison or at best a web of delusion, he begins to question things. He begins to do critical thinking. He begins to go beyond what was taught in school, what was written in books and begins to have a real relationship with the Spirit of God, who was sent by God in Jesus to show, teach, lead, and remind us of all Truth and with a ready comfort in case we get stuck along the way. Mind you, Truth here is the physical, revelational and faith expression of the spiritual reality of God. Meaning that, when a man begins to shift his thoughts from this huge matrix of a conscience-killing maze of ever chasing after worldliness, and begins to connect aright to a thinking mental plane; then by giving himself to divine relationship by the leading of the Spirit of God, he will begin to live outside of this material world and by that he will fulfill the words of Christ, when He said, “They are in this world but they are not of this world.”

To say Afrika is blessed, is an understatement. I know this for sure and the many people living in Afrika also know it. Afrika is blessed with ancient wisdom and knowledge that no other continent of the world can boast of. Afrika is blessed with natural and human resources beyond any continent in the world. The question however is this, why is Afrika still where she is even with her many blessings? Why is Afrika still dependent on foreign aid to run her government, economy and development? Why does Afrika think she needs foreign powers to thrive? Why is she still limited even in the midst of plenty? Why does Afrika still give out her “diamonds” for worthless “mirrors”? Why does Afrika freak out at the presence of foreign powers? Why do fifty five heads of state and government from Afrika have to go line up before one president of China or one young man from France just to beg for money that enslaves Afrikans back home? How long till we know and realize that we have been deceived to believe that without the West or Europe we can’t breathe. We open our doors to sick and demented foreign pharmaceutical companies and death-mongering foundations to bring in vaccinations and drugs that kill our people more than they help them. How long till we sit down as Afrikans, review our health history, get back the blessings and the health found in indigenous medicines that we have allowed foreigners to demonize before our very eyes.
My heart longs for the day just one head of state in Afrika will wake up, bring together custodians of indigenous knowledge from Afrika, create an institution of Afrikan knowledge where this ancient knowledge can be put together, reviewed, developed and given wings to fly by the new generation of Afrikans. We can make anything happen in Afrika. So wake up Afrikans… shake yourselves away from the control of money and the so called funding that are nothing but tools of neo-colonization. A cycle of life is about to end and you are the last epoch of wisdom that will guide this generation to the fountain of the life of God.
Life began with you, oh Afrika the cradle of Humanity, went through various civilizations and kingdoms and has now come back to you, who men rightly called the seventh continent. You are indeed the seventh and you are perfect from the day you were made.
There is life outside of this plane we know, do you dare to break away from this matrix and find out? The choice is YOURS.


  • Let leaders of Afrikan nations bring together custodians of indigenous knowledge from Afrika found in their respective nations, create institutions of Afrikan knowledge where this ancient knowledge can be put together, reviewed, developed and given wings to fly by the new generation of Afrikans.
  • Let them make policies that stop the demonizing of Indigenous knowledge and especially in the area of natural medicine.
  • To Afrikans, please preserve, protect and regrow (and share) seeds, herbs, plants and trees that you know have healing properties.

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