These are my words to the Afrikan Child. These are my thoughts to the sons and daughters of my forefathers. These are my words to you blessed Afrikan child whose past and future was foreknown by God and whose today is great. Irrespective of where you may be in the world. They said your forefathers lived on trees and dined with monkeys in the jungles of Afrika. But that is not true, for your forefathers lived in the green gardens that God purposed for them to live. They lied that your forefathers are illiterates and that education began with the white man. That is a blatant lie. For your forefathers were the creators of mathematics, they created geometry, astronomy, chemistry, arts, music and the rarest forms of science etc. They said your forefathers lived in caves, but did you know your forefathers had the greatest architectural designs and built ancient civilizations that are still considered impossible in this age of modern science? The internet is full of such magnificent stories of the true Afrika.

Dear Afrikan child, you have been lied to, deceived by the educational system which was created to blanket you and blind you to your true identity. Your history was blinded, cloaked with lies and deception to hide from you not just the truth of your identity but also the stinky inferiority complex of the oppressors of your forefathers. They hid their fears and inferiority complex in the oppression of your people and the narrative that your forefathers were not civilized. Oh dear Afrikan child.

Behind you in your history is not a jungle of uncivilized men and women, but a story of greatness and the beauty of the continent known as the cradle of humanity. The true Afrikan is not just known by what they do on the outside but who they are on the inside. You have been told that the white man’s land is green pasture, but that is a lie. Take a look around you oh Afrikan Child and take a look within your heart and you will see the truth…the truth that Afrika is the land of constant greenness and your heart is the garden of greenness where life flows from and from where the fragrance of God the Creator encompasses the earth.

Remember this, dear Afrikan child, that The One who made you, made you as an Afrikan and He knew from the beginning that someday you will become a true Afrikan man or woman through whom the greatness, beauty, grandiose, the true civilization of Afrika wil be restored. I speak to you Afrikan child. Rise up and stop believing everything they told you about your homeland of Afrika. As a young Afrikan teenager, young adult or just a child, you may be walking on the streets of America or hanging out with friends in some corners in the UK or anywhere else in the world. It’s time for you to stop for a minute and think. Think about why your history was so skewed by those who try to blanket the truth in it. Think about why you are so hated by the ones who say they are civilized. What do they know about you and your dear Afrika that gives them shivers all the time. Why do they say Afrika is a third world continent and yet they won’t stop coming to exploit her? Take time to ask questions. For in the very question you ask lies the answer that will set you free.

Understand this dear Afrikan Child. Creativity started with your forefathers in this cradle of humanity. Creativity went full circle around the globe and now creativity is coming back home to you Afrikan child. Your heart is the garden of God and your hands are His creative tools. So do not believe what they told you that you are dull, good-for-nothing and that you came from the lineage of backward people. As an Afrikan child reading this, you, your fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, have been made to look weak, unreliable, primitive, dull, unintelligent by those who think your forefathers lived on trees. But that was a lie and will never be true. For you, as an Afrikan child, came from a long lineage of kings, queens, warriors, emperors, army generals, scientists, geniuses, unrivaled architects, poets, musicians, wealthy tillers of the earth and its resources; those who the kings of other nations outside Afrika bowed to in honor and fear. And because the Afrikan blood is rich and bold, it means you are also a king, queen, emperor, empress, wealthy and not some aid-begging, drug peddling, internet scamming, roadside thug and compromising individual. This is true.

God bless you dear Afrikan child. You are great by design and greatness is your birthright.

Samuel Phillips

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Samuel Phillips

Samuel Phillips

A passionate photographer who is inspired by the Unseen to capture the seen.
A singer/songwriter and gospel music minister; a bruised reed I will not break, and a smoking flax I will not quench. A Messenger of Hope, The Hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast in God.

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