Said to be a good source of energy, fiber, sugar, vitamins and minerals and to be beneficial to the brain, eyes, heart, provide a boost of iron and aid in digestion… among other things. Consume in moderation.


Said to be great for brain health, loaded with omega 6, lowers blood pressure, blood glucose and reduces risk of diabetes.


Large amounts of fats and moderate amounts of proteins and carbohydrates. Highest omega 6 to omega 3 ratio among the nuts. Eat in moderation, it has qualities that may block absorption of nutrients.


Said to have positive benefits for cardiovascular issues and is low in omega 6 in case you’re working on balancing your omegas. Low carbs, low proteins not very loaded with nutrients.


Made from green seedless grapes. Have fiber, potassium, sugar and antioxidants. Can improve digestive health, blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation and blood pressure.

General Benefits of Nuts and Dried Fruits

Did you know nuts are actually fruits? They’re described as hard-shelled dry fruits or seeds with a rind or hard shell that can separate from the kernel. Nuts – in addition to tasting great – reportedly also balance cholesterol, increase heart health, boost immunity, help in weight loss, balance blood pressure, skin health, cognitive function and help protect against viral and fungal infections, to name but a few benefits. They are a very handy snack and combined with dried fruit can give you a much needed energy and nutritional kick when managed carefully.

Dried fruits are rich in flavor, vitamins, minerals fiber and sugar. So while great for boosting energy, they can also cause you to gain weight so you have to watch your portions. Dried fruits are a lot smaller in size than fresh fruits so don’t let your eyes fool you into serving more than you need.

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