There is that which God put or joined together in His mind from before the foundation of the earth. It is not marriage as we think of the union between male and female, but the coming together of eternal realities which were meant to be fully expressed upon the earth, which were placed in the union between a man and a woman. God sometimes hides things, not because they were meant to be hidden as it were, but because in the mind of God there is an aggregation of various strands of the same plan that must come together to create a whole picture upon the earth. Of marriage and divorce, Jesus said “What God has joined together, let no man put asunder.” We have used this statement over and over again within the context of marriage in which it was spoken, but I do believe it means more than that. The Apostle Paul most know something deeper when he said of marriage “This is a great mystery…”(Eph 5:32 NKJV)
This article is not about marriage or weddings or any form of human union, but about how God puts things together from eternity and then brings humans, male and female to bring such things to the physical plane. So for those who think that marriage is an ultimate goal after schooling or those who take their life’s definition from whom they marry, or how large and expensive their wedding ceremony was, physical marriage has no “eternal value” whatsoever in heaven. For even the Lord said, “In heaven, they neither marry nor are given in marriage.” Period.

Scripture speaks of entering boldly behind the veil where the forerunner Jesus had entered. The things or treasures behind the veil are not parcels or gifts of some sort that we receive from God after passing through the process of coming through the veil (it’s really bloody you know) but much more of what we become behind the veil. What God joined together from before the foundation of the earth; what Christ was killed for from eternity and on the cross, and the reason He sealed us with the Holy Spirit of Promise as Guarantee of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession (see Ephesians 1:13-14), was for us to come boldly behind the veil and then become the image and likeness of Christ, which is the completion of that which began in Eden when man failed. God is returning in the cool of the day, having taken us through the heat of the Sea of Glass Mingled with the Fire for refinement, to finish what He started when He said, “Let us make man in our image and in our likeness.” It’s in the completion of this that Christ will finally have His Bride and God will have His family. It is the coming together of the royal family of God even as we are transported into the fullness of the third day expression of the Mountain of the Lord’s House. It is the day that the expression ‘the cool of the day’ created by the lighted shadow of the presence of God will be manifested in full over man. In this day, God will not just come once in a while, but He will dwell eternally with us as a Father to a family. This is what God joined together and for which He brings male and female together in marriage, for them to live out an aspect of this eternal plan. Meaning that any marriage, no matter who the Bishop is who joined it, as long as it doesn’t have within it, an aspect of that which God joined together in Himself, is meaningless.
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This article is not about marriage or weddings or any form of human union, but about how God puts things together from eternity and then brings humans, male and female, to bring such things to the physical plane.

God is King and His kingdom was from before the heavens and the earth were formed or even planned. God had a kingdom with created spiritual beings, angels, and spirits as part of His kingdom from before time began. His kingdom was perfect in all ways and all things worked according to the dictates of the counsel of His mind. However, God the King of this kingdom that was before time began had a need. In the midst of all the created lights, the beauty and grandeur of heaven, God still had a space within Himself that poses as a need that only He can provide for Himself. God needed a family. But in His heart, this family would not be of angels, spiritual beings around the throne or of any among the living creatures in heaven, but this family would be made of Himself.
Fast forward to the story of creation, in the first three chapters of Genesis and we will see something very important which points us directly to that which God joined together in Himself. Scripture says God made all things from nothing, made animals, trees, lights and all we see. But the need of God was not necessarily all the various things created first, but that for which He created those things… His family. God said to His Word and His Spirit, “let Us create man in Our image and in Our likeness…” Meaning, let Us put into being that which we had in mind before anything was started. So God made man (male and female) out of the dust of the earth, breathed into the nostril of the lump of dust and man became a living soul. The plan of God had begun. However, I found a “holy discrepancy” in the mix, one which I could not but take a break to understand. God told His Companions, let Us make man in Our image but ended up making man out of dust. But God’s image is not dust but uncreated light. I find this quite curious and also believe it was a deliberate act of God. Could God have a plan within a plan? Yes, I believe so. It’s a plan that will make a discerning mind know how God thinks. Here is my meditation on this issue. When God made man in His image, but made him with dust (corruption) which is not the image of God, He put man in the garden with two trees, one to make him live and the other to make him die and then said to him “…but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.” (Genesis 2:17 NKJV) He then went ahead to give him a wife that by design, would surely make Adam eat of the forbidden fruit and die. Did God plan these events just the way they went? Did He have something in His mind when all this was going on? I believe the answer is yes.
For obviously the serpent didn’t make Eve eat the fruit. Nor did the serpent put in her the desire to eat the fruit. The words of the serpent only activated the desire that was already in her, placed there through the earth (corruption) from which Adam was made. The statement “for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die,” doesn’t sound like a warning to me. It sounded like a command that would activate something that was in the mind of God. I reasoned that the plan was to bring man to the reality of what God joined together, which is to make man the same as Himself in the earth, a creation which He, God, will call family. I reason that God’s plan was for man to eat that fruit, and then die before God when He, God came in the cool of the day, so that the mystery of John 12:24 could be activated, “Most assuredly I say to you, unless a grain of wheat (man) falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone (un-joined to the plan of God) but if it dies, it produces much grain.” (Paraphrase mine). For if God had prevented Adam and Eve from eating the forbidden fruit, they would have eaten the fruit from the tree of life and lived forever in their “glorified dust body” but with no more ability to become the image of God which is not made of dust but of Light.
Which proves to me that when God made man and allowed the corruption in him, God had a plan that a day was coming when He God would come into the garden in the cool of the day, and man would actually die and then be risen right in the presence of God, in order for that image which was started with dust to be completed in light. Why? Scripture says, as we behold Him, we are changed (see 2Cor 3:18). Adam and Eve failed woefully because they didn’t understand that what God joined together was not themselves or their marriage, but that which is in His heart for man to be His direct image and likeness. Adam and Eve were meant to simply live out the script that God wrote.
God is still giving men the things He joined together and most are failing each day because they think what God joined together is their marriage or union. They spend all their time running here and there doing all they can to protect, provide for their union and family but leaving unwatched that which God joined together and for which He God brought them. Let me say this, marriage is not about who brings in the money, food or whatever is needed in the house, nor is it about how many kids God brings or that you even adopt. There are eternal covenants with God that take care of such issues.
Also, it’s not about who is considered head or weaker vessel… it has never been and never will be. Most men pride themselves in being the head of the home just to boost their egos and then make sure their wives feel less than themselves. So unwise to do such.
Marriage is about the coming together of two spiritual entities (male and female) who have submitted their human wills to God and have become, individually, those who bring the heart, mind and counsel of God in all things. And it doesn’t matter if the counsel each one brings gives pleasure or hurt to either of them. They both have risen above the mundane and foolish things of the world that mere men call manliness or womanhood. They have become the flesh and bones of Jesus the true Husband. Ephesians 5:30 – 31 NKJV says, “For we are members of His body, of His flesh and of His bones. “For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.”As against Gen 2:23 – 24 “And Adam said: “This is now bone of my bones And flesh of my flesh; She shall be called Woman, Because she was taken out of Man.” Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.”

According to scriptures, the interest of God is not just the redemption of man alone back to Himself, but also the release of all creation from the futility which He, God subjected it to in hope. Creation has been waiting in hope for the manifestation of the Sons of God on the earth, for God put the liberation of creation in the liberty of the sons of God. But the lives of the sons of God can only be effective to free creation, to the degree to which they themselves are changed into the image and likeness of God, which was the plan from the beginning. See these scriptures for clarity. Romans 8:18-25 (NKJV)
Revelation 5:9-10 speaks of a scroll in the hands of God but which He gave to the Lamb. Of a truth, the scroll in the hand of the Lamb contains hidden mysteries which have been kept in God from before the beginning of time until now. The question I asked myself then is this. If the scroll contains hidden secrets and mysteries in God, who then or what is the scroll itself? The answer is simple. We are the scroll in the hand of the Lamb, written within and without, sealed with the seven seals (Seven Spirits of God) and made ready to be revealed on the earth in this season and age.
In conclusion, the minute the mystery of Adam dying before God in order to complete him as God’s image in the garden failed, another mystery, which is the mystery of Jesus being the first born among the dead was activated. What God joined or put together from before the foundation of the earth is the mystery of godliness in which God comes, dwells and manifests Himself in man on earth. This is what He came to do in the cool of the day in the garden with Adam and Eve, but they hid behind a tree.
This is what He wanted to do with Israel at the foot of Mount Sinai, but they ran away. This is also what He wanted to show the children of Israel throughthe shining face of Moses, but Moses covered his face with a veil. This is what Jesus came to the earth to do, but he was rejected and killed by the Jews, a thing which fulfills the very plan of God. This is the same thing God has now determined to do once more in this age. For there remains a rest for God’s people.
God’s rest in a man’s life is the manifestation of the mystery of godliness in which “Let Us make man in Our image and likeness” will now be fulfilled. This is what God joined together and which no man or devil can put asunder. This is why Jesus was killed from before the foundations of the earth, for God knew before time that man will record lots of failures before the final day of reconciliation comes.
This is why the angels asked “What is man that You are mindful of him, And the son of man that You visit him?” God intends to walk on the earth like man, dance on the
earth, sing on the earth, eat on the earth, play with His family of sons and daughters on the earth, tell us stories of how He created everything from nothing just like a grandfather will gather his grandchildren around him, telling them stories under the moon-lit night. God wants to dwell with us as His living tabernacles. (See Revelation 21) This is what God joined together.
Marriage, single-hood, or any other thing that God mandates a man to do on earth is just a platform of bringing to manifestation that which God joined together. So for those who are married, the question is, what aspect of what God joined together is your union manifesting? And to the singles or about to marry, the question remains, what aspect of what God joined together has He given you to manifest for Him? Knowing the answer will set you and your marriage free.

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