Looking for another source of vitamin C, folate, potassium, antioxidants that will also benefit your heart health and blood sugar? Strawberries are an excellent alternative. Some people may be allergic to them, so make sure to check first, if you’ve never consumed them. One great way to enjoy strawberries is in a smoothie.

Now, we’re just going to share a basic recipe here, but the only limit to the varieties of strawberry smoothies may just be whatever is in your cupboard, supermarket… or wallet. In other words, have fun trying out different combinations.


2 cups Frozen strawberries. *Organic are best. Strawberries’ thin skins allow them to absorb large amounts of pesticides. (Check for sweetness, this will affect your overall flavor. Fresh strawberries increase the water content in the smoothie and affect your consistency.)

1 ½ cups Natural (unsweetened) yoghurt or your preferred milk.

1 frozen banana. (Helps with making sure you get a thick smoothie rather than a runny one.)

2 tbsp Flaxseeds or chia seeds. These serve a double function of nutrition and provide some binding power. *Flaxseeds are high in an estrogenlike compound, so keep that in mind.

Honey to sweeten (if necessary)

*Quantities depend on how much you’re trying to make and how much strawberry-ness you’re looking for. Don’t stress out about it, you’ll find your perfect balance.


Pour in your liquids first to help prevent sticking

Add your fruit and seeds and honey (if you’re using it)

Blend until smooth

*If the consistency is not quite what you wanted, pop in an extra bit of banana.


Other combinations

You can also consider adding fresh mango, other berries, spinach or other fruit you’re keen to experiment with. Have fun with it.

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