Vaccination traces its roots to variolation, which was a process of infecting patients with a (hopefully) mild form of smallpox (variola) by blowing dried smallpox scabs into their nostrils to create a barrier against a worse infection. Variolation began in Asia, with evidence of the practice being tracked as far back as the 10th Century AD in China. Variolation was not perfect. Those infected were known to trigger epidemics, but it was also said that fewer people died among those variolated than those who were not.
The practice later spread to other parts of the world, eventually transforming into the practice of injecting the body in the late 1700s. Epidemics were triggered through this method as well, people died from the vaccines that were being used. This triggered what may have been the first anti-vaccine protests in the 1800s and those who refused to give or receive the vaccines, risked losing their homes and livelihoods – not unlike today in the West. Also, while the vaccine was given credit for stopping smallpox, some experts believe that quarantine and improved hygiene measures may have played a greater role.
It is from these beginnings that vaccines and vaccination then took a global hold, expanding into an availability of vaccines for almost anything under the sun. These vaccines are then rolled out to populations across the world, with little or no testing and little or no consequences to the manufacturers. Leaving those who have suffered adverse reactions from vaccines to flounder in confusion as medical practitioners are unable to identify the causes of chronic ailments affecting them or their family members… and leaving the pharmaceutical industry greatly enriched from treatment of those side effects.
However, in the last ten years or more, greater push back has been felt in the area of vaccinations, as parents the world over are registering alarm at their negative effects on their children and families. These were often overlooked before as no one could/would directly link the effect to the vaccine as a causative agent, but mounting evidence suggests that these vaccines are causing more harm than good in the lives that they are meant to protect. Effects such as death (including SIDS or cot death), disability, permanent brain damage, moderate or long-term seizures, infertility, deafness, autism, dementia, Parkinson’s, eczema, asthma, paralysis, lupus, among other serious health issues are said to be cropping up with alarming frequency, and the one common link is the vaccines.
What is causing the rise in deaths and chronic illnesses(some of which are experienced decades after the initial injection) are their various ingredients which have been proven to be toxic to the human body. Ingredients such as: aborted fetal tissue, mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, potassium chloride, among others. Aborted fetal tissue, for instance, is said to trigger autism, with autism rates increasing after 1988 when manufacturers switched to the use of genetic material from aborted babies. As if it wasn’t bad enough that babies are being aborted and we being made party to abortion through vaccines, those in the field of vaccines have chosen to use their tissues to culture vaccines and inject them into other humans. Think about it this way, if a donated human organ requires a person to take anti-rejection medication for the rest of their lives, then why would a scientist think that human DNA should find its way into millions of humans across the world and then expect that there would be no adverse effects? The other ingredients used in the manufacture of vaccines are deemed unfit for human consumption or can cause heart failure. Some of these include ingredients such as mercury, aluminum and potassium chloride. Yet these ingredients are used in massive quantities in new born babies, infants and young children. Quantities that are tens of thousands of times greater than the recommended levels for use.
These injections are being administered to children in increasing quantities and combinations over the years. Yet this doesn’t apply to children alone. If you
check the ingredients and side effects of tetanus, flu and even those yellow fever vaccines they keep insisting that you are up to date on when you travel, you would be horrified by what you find. But I cannot remember one single time when I was ever
warned about the possible side effects of the vaccines that I was told I have no choice but to take. Can you?
Not only that, but those vaccinated, similar to the days of variolation, have been known to spread infections and even trigger outbreaks through a process called ‘vaccine shedding’. Children or adults who have recently been vaccinated are actually a threat to other people for a few weeks and have even been known to trigger disease outbreaks (this happened in 2019 in America with outbreaks being traced back to the virus in the vaccines that people had been forced to take).
What is most shocking is that, with all that is known, all that has been experienced, instead of embracing prudence and taking a step back to evaluate what is really going on or what are the causes of increased chronic diseases globally, there is – instead – a current and active push towards global MANDATORY vaccinations as well as attempts to not only minimize the voices of those in opposition but to actually ridicule and silence them.
A growing global movement has begun to voice its objections to the use of vaccines and is facing increasing push back in some countries like the US where policy makers in certain states have begun to retaliate by banning unvaccinated children from schools, refusing them medical care unless their vaccine schedules are up-to-date, and even forcibly injecting children without parental authorization or removing them from their parents’ care in order to ensure that they get their scheduled vaccinations. Some states are even fighting to remove vaccine exemptions on the basis of health or religious reasons so as to ensure that all their citizens receive these injections.
This issue reached the point where the World Health Organization listed what they called ‘vaccine hesitancy’ as one of their ten threats to global health in 2019 (https://www.who.int/emergencies/ten-threats-toglobal-health-in-2019). Saying, in their words, not ours (we do not use our mouths to proclaim death and claim pandemics or diseases or illness over lands or nations and in fact we cancel all these in Jesus’ Most Holy Name. Amen.):
“Here are 10 of the many issues that will demand attention from WHO and health partners in 2019. Air pollution and climate change: Non-communicable
diseases; Global influenza pandemic; Fragile and vulnerable settings; Anti-microbial resistance; Ebola and other high-threat pathogens; Weak primary health care; Vaccine hesitancy; Dengue; HIV”
(The list above does not include
the descriptions that they gave per issue, you can see those at the link provided.)
Under ‘Vaccine hesitancy’, they say, “Vaccine hesitancy – the reluctance
or refusal to vaccinate despite the availability of vaccines – threatens to
reverse progress made in tackling vaccine-preventable diseases. Vaccination is one of the most cost-effective ways of avoiding disease – it currently prevents 2-3 million deaths a year, and a further 1.5 million could be avoided if global coverage of vaccinations improved. Measles, for example, has seen a 30% increase in cases globally. The reasons for this rise are complex, and not all of these cases are due to vaccine hesitancy. However, some countries that were close to eliminating the disease have seen a resurgence.
The reasons why people choose not to vaccinate are complex; a vaccines advisory group to WHO identified complacency, inconvenience in accessing vaccines, and lack of confidence are key reasons underlying hesitancy. Health workers, especially those in communities, remain the most trusted advisor and influencer of vaccination decisions, and they must be supported to provide trusted, credible information on vaccines.

In 2019, WHO will ramp up work to eliminate cervical cancer worldwide by increasing coverage of the HPV vaccine, among other interventions. 2019 may also be the year when transmission of wild polio virus is stopped in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Last year, less than 30 cases were reported in both countries. WHO and partners are committed to supporting these countries to vaccinate every last child to eradicate this crippling disease for good.”

I, personally, find that their ‘English’ very deliberately minimizes the very real and very genuine concerns that parents have about what has happened to their children or other people’s children. Citing “complacency, inconvenience and lack of confidence” barely addresses the issue of death, disability and the various physical and mental effects that are being experienced daily, for some even hours after the injection is given. Films like Vaxxed I and Vaxxed II, which have put together carefully researched scientific data on the effects of vaccines in the US are being censored and deliberately ridiculed and demeaned. One has to ask, that if such societies are as open as they say they are in their own constitutions, then why not, at the very least LISTEN to the conversations and concerns being raised, with a view to ensuring that these issues are aired and carefully researched?

Vaccine testing and approval process
Did you know that:
• Most vaccines have not undergone carcinogenity testing?
• Their effects have not been studied in pregnant women?
• In terms of safety studies, a major issue is that most vaccine studies use another vaccine or the background substance of the vaccine, as the control placebo? That in a study where they used a true saline placebo, the results showed a higher rate of infections in the vaccinated?
• Vaccines interrupt the normal immune process in infants and can cause serious life-long problems?
• Trials include too few children in the age group that will be targeted?
• They only study healthy children without personal or family histories of vaccine reactions, autoimmunity, allergy, neurological disease or concurrent illness?
• Study outcomes dismiss serious health problems, injuries and deaths occurring during the trial as not related to the experimental vaccine without adequate research evidence-based support?
• There are a growing number of reports of research misconduct, biased reporting, conflicts of interest, and outright fraudulent activity by pharmaceutical companies
who produce the ever growing list of vaccines, bringing into question the accuracy of the vaccine manufacturers’ claims of safety and efficacy?
• You may be vaccine injured without knowing it and you probably think it’s just a condition you have to put up with that occurred naturally?
• There are connections between the gut, immune, and neurological issues often seen in vaccine injuries?
• They affect child development?
• By 2016 HPV vaccine had been introduced into 5 African countries with demonstration projects introduced in 15 more?
• A large majority of the Amish, a religious community living across the USA claim religious exemption to vaccination and as such the vast majority are not vaccinated. They had not reported a single case of measles between 1970 and 1987. At the same time, non‐Amish highly vaccinated communities still reported 2‐3 year epidemics?
• The consumer ‘watchdog’ in the US that is responsible for evaluation of new drugs before they are sold, relies on vaccine makers’ studies to determine safety and effectiveness of vaccines?
• Pharmaceutical companies can pay the ‘watchdog’ to speed up the approval process?
• American children are the most highly vaccinated in the world, the number of vaccines required for school entry has increased by approximately 260%. Children receive repeated shots for 16 separate illnesses. Counting vaccines administered during pregnancy and yearly flu shots, by the time they are 18 years old they have received up to 73 doses of vaccines? The long-term health effects of their vaccine program are inadequately studied and their regulatory bodies are conflicted. Childhood health epidemics have mushroomed along with the childhood vaccine schedule.
• Vaccination is voluntary in Japan and they not only have the healthiest children, they also have the highest “healthy life expectancy” among all age groups and the lowest vaccination rate in the entire world?

How did vaccination become the dominant approach?
It would be important to know why, in a diverse world such as this, the majority of countries have so eagerly and even religiously embraced this one solution, as opposed to considering other options. Are we saying that there are no other options for health and disease protection other than breaching the human body’s natural defense system and compromising it with drugs that do not even last beyond 5 to 10 years but actually cause long term immunity issues as a result?
Let’s take a few steps back in time, a few hundred years. There are two theories that exist on causes of diseases, germ theory and terrain theory. Germ theory (simply put) says that diseases are caused by infectious agents or germs, whereas terrain theory says that the quality of our internal environment and the elements it faces are what make us susceptible to diseases. A healthy terrain can put to flight foreign pathogenic microorganisms whereas a weak one is more vulnerable. Healthy terrain is maintained by nutrition, mindset, detoxification, proper pH, ventilation, hygiene, environment and so on. These two opposing views were held by Louis Pasteur (remember him?) a proponent of germ theory and Antoine Béchamp – a proponent of terrain theory. Pasteur’s work was largely publicized and he and his proponents and gained widespread acceptance. Béchamp’s work was not, though it was supported by the likes of Florence Nightingale. Western medicine was founded on Pasteur’s work and vaccination is based on germ theory. The rest is history. Western medicine still fiercely protects the germ theory of disease and is the most fiercely embraced approach to disease management worldwide.
Asian and Afrikan indigenous medicine look at sickness from a different perspective though. For today’s purposes we will look at our own approaches. Afrikan indigenous medicine looks at sickness from a holistic perspective. Dr. Jack Githae, who
we recently interviewed, had this to say about treating sickness, “…sickness is an indication of sluggish immunity, because our body is made to cope with whatever challenges are in the ecosystem, wherever we live. It is when we are weak because we don’t eat well, because emotionally we are not stable, that it gives in to infection. So we use that holistic approach.” He also added that, “We remove the germs, correct the nutritional deficiency, stimulate the body and enhance the immunity so that once you recover you don’t get the same or other diseases because the defense system has been enhanced. Conventional clinicians don’t make any drugs, they administer drugs made by others and they administer them the way they are told to do, with very little understanding of what it is, except what they are told. With us, we prospect for the therapeutic material, whatever they are, wherever they are available and we procure the material.”
Concerning vaccinations, he had this to say, “The other concern I have is too many
vaccinations. Vaccines are attenuated germs made weaker. If a child can get five, six, seven vaccinations within a given time, it will not work. There will be conflict. And is it necessary? If we have academicians who are passionate about researching and coming out with new innovations, the first innovation should be why elephants in Mt. Kenya don’t get the diseases our cattle have. They don’t die out. The zebras which are like our donkeys are healthier than our donkeys. The way to prevent diseases in our children is dietary and lifestyle. Not vaccination.”

How God designed us
In the book “Vaccines: Preventative Medicine or Sacred Dogma?” authored by The Truth About Vaccines, some powerful points are made:

“Truly, our very existence is a miracle in itself. The divine breath of God is the only thing that makes life possible. No one can fathom the mind of God, but creation illustrates His power and wisdom.” They go on to describe the immune system that God gave us, “…God equipped the human body with an extraordinary immune system. A system designed to respond to every pathogenic challenge it is likely to encounter. As we encounter new pathogens, our natural immunity is strengthened. When disease successfully penetrates our body’s natural defenses, an elaborately programmed plan swings into action. Our immune system studies the inner workings of the invading threat in order to teach the rest of the body how to avoid succumbing to it more than once – or at least less severely in the future.” They add that, “And yet, somewhere along the way, mankind bought into the belief that it’s possible to beat the immune system at its own game, or improve upon it through artificial means. Such an ideology was born in response to the many instances throughout history in which disease epidemics killed millions of people. Over the past couple of hundred years, the medical industry has convinced itself – and us – that allowing the immune system to run its natural course is no longer a viable option because it puts public health at risk. In order to eradic r [sic] infectious diseases, so we’re told, it’s important that the public be artificially and repeatedly immunized against these threats.”
Over and above the physical aspects, though, there is a need to understand that sickness goes beyond merely the physical realm. So much like Béchamp spoke of aspects beyond germs and looked to a holistic approach; I believe that this must also incorporate a spiritual aspect. In Middle Eastern and Afrikan cultures, sickness was never addressed based on the physical realm alone. In Ancient Egypt, the healing process always involved a priest, and I believe that was the same in other Afrikan cultures. In the Bible we see that disease and healing are activated from spiritual planes, which are connected directly to the core aspect of our relationship with God and what we allow to be our authority i.e. God or darkness. Jesus’ spent much time relieving the demonic oppressions of the people He encountered, which often manifested as physical conditions. Holistic is not holistic without a look at what God is saying and what His desire is in a situation. Like The Truth About Vaccines, I believe that we did allow an artificial solution to dictate our physical well-being, but I believe that the biggest problem was that we did what people have been doing that keeps landing them in trouble. We failed to consult the Maker.
So, Afrika?
How did we end up here, eating foods and drinking things that are not indigenous to us, preparing them in ways we never used to, using oils and other ingredients that are suspect such as GMOs and hybrids and calling that progress and development? How did we turn our backs on and reject the very things that God gave us for health and healing (Genesis 1 and Revelation 21). The end result being the sprouting of cancer cases and centers and what they call ‘lifestyle diseases’ …?

According to a ‘senior’ we spoke to recently, we didn’t start getting sick until we ‘got saved’ and were told we needed to go to hospitals. According to Dr. Githae, traditional healing methods were vilified by the colonialists and the practice called witchcraft, even by purveyors of Christianity and yet our methods of healing were far superior to those of the colonialists AND come without the unpleasant side effects.

We cannot pretend that the version of Christianity that was brought to Afrika was not corrupted by the colonialists to engender a form of domination over Afrikans by the ruthless invaders. It also does not mean that Jesus is not who He says He is, it means that we were sold a version of a belief system that eroded that which God Himself had put in Afrikans from before time. Worse yet, we were led to believe that we did not have a connection to our Creator and whatever God had entrusted to us, we then dumped by the wayside and vilified it along with the white dominators. That was how they became masters. They managed to disconnect us from our true identity in Christ – and because we complied, boom! Our foundation was broken. (Read Jesus in Afrika’s Story in this issue of Msingi Afrika Magazine!)

What was eroded is what we have to seek once again with the guidance of God Himself. He is very clear in Jeremiah 6:16 about what the benefit of seeking ‘the old paths where the good way is and walking in it is’ i.e. we will find rest for our souls. I personally don’t believe that Afrika or any country in the world truly has rest for its souls at the moment (speaking at the country/continent level for now). And it’s not for lack of trying. But all this trying without seeking AND FOLLOWING guidance from Jesus, will be a total fail.

Drawing again from Dr. Githae’s interview, he told us that of all the people groups in the world, Africoids have been around the longest. He said that “We should revisit those dynamics that have made us live that long, made us survive where weaker people perished and develop that to recapture our identity, our lost reputation, dignity and integrity.”

The worst thing we have done to ourselves and to each other is not stopping to interrogate things anymore because of fear of offending someone or getting in trouble. In the meantime we are subjecting ourselves and future generations to harm and decay because of our own complacency. I think that’s completely unfair to foist this wickedness on the next generation, especially when we have voices and can begin to ask questions. We have to stop being cowardly in the face of opposition from policy makers and the law. They are both set in place as servants to the people, not the other way around.

Recently, in Kenya, the issue of the rise in cancer cases began to be highlighted because of deaths of prominent people and also because it was discovered that the food industry uses poisonous toxins as preservatives, among other things. The whole country was in a bit of a panic also having recently discovered that an Afrikan American man had won a court case against Monsanto for cancer caused by the use of one of their products, a weed killer, which was discovered to be widely used in Kenya and to have been so for decades. People started to try to understand what they have been consuming and why and that a huge violation of trust that had taken place. What fruit this will yield in the long run, we will see. However, considering that they have recently embraced Malaria vaccine trials and a rollout of HPV vaccines for girls from as young as the age of ten, with the expectation that the impact will be seen 3 DECADES from now, I put it to you that unless they quickly change tack – sadly – lessons are going to continue being learnt and they may be painful ones in nature. Why do I say this? The issue of cancer in Kenya simply suggests to me that nobody ever interrogated the actual efficacy, effects, side-effects of farming using chemicals as weed killers or fertilizers on the body, or the environment and now have to backtrack (I pray they do) to find a solution that does not harm their people (which is strange considering how much of this information is freely available).
I believe the approach to medical care and vaccination and diet and culture has been embraced in similar fashion. What the white man says is taken as heaven and earth therefore it is embraced in totality, no questions asked. Never mind that on multiple occasions the Catholic Church has risen to warn them not only to reject the polio vaccine, but the HPV vaccine as well because of their potential effects on fertility of women and girls. What’s the rush to implement these things without pausing to consider the warnings that have been given over and over? (https://greatergoodmovie.org/news-views/hpv-vaccines-why-oh-why-are-they-on-the-market-at-all/) Why hurry to inject unknowns into your people whose welfare is supposed to be your primary concern? Especially when it is known that vaccine testing is not conducted with the same rigor as other pharmaceuticals – which also have their issues? And you take your babies to be jabbed or have drops of unknown substances dropped into their mouths? A recent article in a Los Angeles newspaper quoted women from Uganda complaining that vaccines did not deliver on their promise of protection, but instead landed their children in hospitals, while their fellow women who did not vaccinate remained at home.
The True Agenda is not Health and Healing
There is a quote by Bill Gates doing the rounds online from a video of a TED Talk he gave saying, “Now the world today has 6.8 billion people, that’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15%.”

Ask yourself, why would improved vaccines, health care and reproductive health services result in a reduction of the world’s population by 10 or 15%? Why is ‘vaccination hesitancy’ one of the top ten threats to global health according to the WHO? Why is one of the measures of success of the Global Vaccine Action Plan, for the Decade of Vaccines (2011 – 2020) which Afrikan Governments have endorsed “By 2020, coverage of target populations should reach at least 90% national vaccination coverage and at least 80% vaccination coverage in every district or equivalent administrative unit for all vaccines in national immunization programmes”?

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, dropped the bombshell in a video. This is a portion of what he said, “vaccines are now being spiked with a sterilization chemical, this is the report from Lifesite News based on a doctor out of Kenya who noticed that the so-called tetanus vaccination campaign was being given only to young women of child-bearing age and that it would include 5 doses of tetanus over more than two years, which is not what tetanus normally requires.
So they had the samples sent off to a lab in South Africa and it turns out that the samples of this vaccine which is provided by the United Nations and the World Health Organization contained HCG, a chemical designed for population reduction. What this chemical does is it causes a woman’s body to form antibodies that attack and kill the mother’s own baby. This is a chemical that turns a mother’s body into a killer of her own unborn child, causes spontaneous abortions and of course it results in long-term sterilization.
These women are targeted and selected because of their country of origin and their skin color and their race. They are Kenyan women and they have been targeted because they are black and because they are from Kenya. The World Health Organization doesn’t do this to white women in Norway, for example, this is very specifically targeted based on race and country of origin and your genetic profile and dark skin color. So this is a race based medical crime against women in Kenya.”

Oh, and might I point out at this juncture, that there are vaccines that are developed specifically for Afrika and Afrikans? As bad as this all is, and this is all very bad, the actual agenda behind vaccines lies beyond the physical realm. Yes, there are very wicked human beings literally pushing poison into the arms and bodies of tiny little babies and full grown adults, over and over again merely for financial profit. And they are profiting heavily from sales of vaccines and the medical treatments for the resultant illnesses. Something else is driving them that they may or may not be aware of and that is an agenda of darkness that is focused on robbing the world of those who shall withstand in the end. And make no mistake, we are in the end.

Afrika and Afrikans need to now urgently take the time to protect themselves and their homes, by pushing their governments to actively look into the vaccines that are being pushed on them by the WHO and others who say that they have come to Afrika to ‘help’. We need look into it for ourselves if these governments will not make the choice to stop the vaccines and undertake independent and detailed investigations into all the evidence that exists about all these key issues. This is how Afrika got colonized before. They refused to ask why these ‘gifts’ were being brought and what the real agenda was or to find out what they were losing in the exchange. Take back your power to at the very least look into it and start to ask questions. Go back and seek ways to heal and restore your bodies, before it is too late.

Is the risk of continuing to vaccinate worth it?
Find out more for yourself. These links are some of the reference points used for this article and are just but a FRACTION of what you will find if you seriously start looking into this for yourself. You can start here or search elsewhere, but for the sake of the present and future generations, please do not stick your head in the sand by just reading this article and being shocked and nothing else. I can assure you that if you glance through even HALF of these links, you will wonder why the WHO has taken the position that it has, instead of actively and urgently looking into vaccine safety as a primary concern and major contributor to so called ‘hesitancy’.


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