Divide and conquer worked like “magic” with our forefathers… should the grandsons of those who colonized our forefathers now rule over us again through “Unite and Conquer”? God forbid! If it is anything to go by, certainly, Afrika and Afrikans are not living their best lives due to many factors not coming together. The purpose of Afrika as a cradle of humanity and from which life, wisdom and ancient knowledge emanates, is still being undermined by both foreign powers and most importantly, Afrikan leaders themselves. It makes me wonder what is really wrong with our Afrikan leaders who can’t seem to think things through for themselves over anything concerning their nations except when it comes to the chase after corruption that is basically meaningless. I say the chase after corruption is meaningless because it’s absolutely nonsense to say you are fighting corruption when you yourself are the king over the empire which the gains from corruption built. How sick is it that men deceive themselves in the name of being leaders and then think all other men are foolish. It’s in Afrika a common man who was raised to the position of leadership by the votes of citizens like himself suddenly becomes a god when he gets into position.

He treats his people like slaves and forgets the slum where he was picked from and when his people tell him of his bad choices, he uses the twisted laws and charges them with treason. But that in itself is foolishness, for nothing lasts forever. And he who thinks anything lasts forever has not really understood what life is.

Afrika is not and will never be considered poor. Not in this lifetime and not in the next. Why is that? Because she is blessed by the very hand of God that made all things before we ever came here. And concerning being tagged “poor continent” or “third world continent” Why is every government of the world looking for a space at the Afrikan table if really she is poor? Should there be a long queue of “world powers” at the door step of Afrika looking for a space in our land, while Afrika is still being considered poor? You think about that for a moment. I find it senseless that while our Afrikan leaders are running after the table of the west and of Europe, they are leaving unmanned their own table back home and the foreign powers are simply doing what they know how to do best – stealing from the very Afrika that the Afrikans themselves undermine.

The breaking of Afrika into small units in the nineteenth century caused by the scramble for Afrika began with a simple ideology and which I believe is still being used right now but much more subtly due to the advent of social media and mainstream media which have become weapons of mind control and culture shifts. Back then they simply created political and economic propaganda that says that anything Afrikan is worthless, and our forefathers believed it, lived out the realities of it and in no time, the very things that were considered worthless became the gold and treasures that built the nations of the West and Europe.

How mindless is it to think that our forefathers exchanged gold and diamonds for worthless mirrors? It’s strange indeed but the story has not changed after many years. For right now, our master’s degree and PhD Afrikan leaders are still giving out their “gold and diamonds” for worthless “mirrors of European and Western acceptance to the table of foreign nations”, which is not a table of equal wealth distribution but a table to Unite and Conquer Afrika. Concerning Afrika, they simply just do the very same thing our forefathers fell for. Make the African story reek of worthlessness, poverty, foreign aid, war, violence, terrorism etc, make a loud noise about it in the globalist controlled media, create make believe life stories to back up the propaganda of how backward Afrika is and our unthinking leaders fall for the “diamond for mirror” narrative and the next thing is, they are queuing in Europe, China, America, Japan looking for loans to fund their make believe developments which don’t come close to the ancient wisdom, knowledge and development the ancient forefathers of Afrika had. I long for the day God will raise true Afrikan leaders who are not afraid to see the lies and deceptions of foreign powers for what they are and then do something accurate with the true wealth Afrika already has.

Unite and Conquer

Anyone can think what they want to think and anyone can have an opinion of whatever they want to have, but the direction that Afrika is going towards as it concerns foreign loans for development, which is adding nothing but huge debts to the already stressed Afrikan economy, is not good at all. The early partitioners of Afrika used divide and conquer, but the new ones of today are using unite and conquer. For as long as the only time Afrikan leaders are united is when they meet at the table of greed set up by China, Russia, America, Japan for loans and stuff, no good will come out of the weak Afrikan Union. The question I ask myself is this, when are we going to have Rwanda/America Economic summit in Kigali, Rwanda?

When are we going to have Kenya/China Economic Summit in Nairobi, Kenya? When are we going to have South Africa/Russia Economic Summit in Cape Town? Summits where Afrika dictates the terms and conditions of the deals. Why should it always be leaders of Afrikan nations gathering at some summit in Europe to beg for loans when a large portion of the funds were taken from the same Afrika under the very watch of the Afrikan leaders.

Our educational system for me was programmed to create big headed but weak hearted Afrikan graduates. How can we say that after many decades of churning out millions of graduates from our universities, we still can’t build roads, bridges, dams, stadia without the input of Chinese, German construction companies? Should we not close down all the universities in Afrika if they are not producing what Afrika needs at this critical time? We certainly do not need more big headed Harvard trained persons who are servants to those who taught them, but more big hearted men who love this continent as themselves and are not afraid to give it all it takes to bring Afrika to where she needs to be.

As God would have it, on the same day I was writing this article, one of my sisters sent me a photo which captured the content of an article written by a Nigerian in diaspora called Prince-Will Odidi. The piece resonates directly with what I was writing so I will include it here.

“We had the China-Africa summit, we had the India-Africa summit, we had the Russia-Africa summit. In all meetings African leaders left everything they were doing at home to answer yes Sir to asingle foreign government. A total of 54 African Presidents all attended less 6. You will not find even this number of African leaders attending UN or African Union meetings, but when Russia, China and India called, they all answered. In droves as sheep to a slaughter house. They give us aid and turned around to determine our economic policies, determine the value of our currencies, tell us how to vote in international meetings, turn around to heap on us loans that cages us in a new form of colonialism and perpetual economic slavery. When will Africa grow up? It is not every time a man gives you a gift that you must collect. Why must we continue to be recipients of aid and public goodwill? This African leadership that represents the final vestiges of colonialism must go. We need a generation of new African leaders. We need leaders that will be brave enough to have a choice. A land with so much natural resources from gold to diamonds to crud[e] oil yet we always collecting aid and bowing to foreign interest. Why cant we see beyond the veil? We produce what we do not consume and consume so much of secondary goods we cannot produce. When will Africa grow up? Africa my Africa!” Princewill Odidi

Also included is a statement from President Paul kagame, it says:

“I would rather argue, that we need to mobilize the right mindsets, rather than more funding. After all, in Africa, we have everything we need, in real terms. Whatever is lacking, we have the means to acquire. And yet, we remain mentally married to the idea that nothing can get moving without external finance. We are even begging for things we already have. That is absolutely a failure of mindset.”

A change of Mindset

Almost every day and everywhere you hear the news of another tech company opened up somewhere in Afrika. A new tech hub, a new mega funding for some technological innovations, launching of an app or anything to do with technology and the gist has been the same for a while now. Technology is good, but I do have my reservations about the usage and how it affects our future and the future of our planet. I hear and read about these technological innovations and then wonder if we are really watching into the future to see what awaits us? Because for every new technology we create today, something in our way of life has been knocked out in the nearest future. You may choose to believe or not believe. But certainly, you don’t need a prophet to tell you that the more of artificial intelligence we create today, the more unemployment for humans in the nearest future. The more GMO food we allow today, the more humans with weak and dying immune systems, riddled with all manner of disease we will have tomorrow. The more of poisoned vaccinations we allow in our children today, the more of weak minded and brain damaged adults we are creating for tomorrow. For while men laud the various technological advancements, we must not forget that there is a God who promises to destroy those who destroy the earth. (See Rev 11:18) For as everyone is running towards building apps and all forms of technology, who is planting the uncontaminated food we will eat tomorrow. It is painful to know that the very system of Europe and the West or Asia that Afrika is rushing to emulate is already dying and will soon be completely gone. The governments of these foreign nations know the many issues in their lands but cover them all up with fantasies and vain pursuits. They know how depleted they are and how weak and dead their system is. They all are running to Afrika to create a sustainable source for their future while Afrika in whose land the source is, is on a begging spree at the table of lies and deceit. Let Afrika learn wisdom from her past and by that, let her prepare for the immediate future.


We must change our minds about how we deal with the Afrikan narrative. The way forward is not hate but love for the Afrikan brotherhood. We must go back to revive our indigenous Afrikan knowledge, medicine, philosophy, family patterns, brotherhood etc before it’s too late to turn back time.

Capitalism is a disease and a killer of men and society. It’s not our culture and never will be. There is a true Afrokonomics that is based on truth, love and the principle of Ubuntu which states that “I am because you are”. We must return to being Afrikans and not slaves to the avaricious and capitalist tendencies of the colonizers.

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Samuel Phillips

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