The date 02/02/2020 is a palindrome. Meaning if you read it either forwards or backwards it reads exactly the same. There are several things that are unique about this particular palindrome. First, it is universal across the world in that, whether you write your dates as day/month/year or month/day/year, the palindrome applies. This hasn’t happened for 909 years since 11/11/1111 and won’t happen again for 101 years on 12/12/2121, therefore it is unique to this century and comes with a mighty birthing expression connected to it i.e. the power and the force for change/emergence of something new. What’s more curious is that it happens in a month named after the Latin term ‘februum’ meaning ‘purification’ or ‘februare’ meaning ‘to purify’. February is the second month of the year, so keep in mind that the number two signifies witness and agreement. For some it also signifies, among other things, access and keys (Isaiah 22:22).
The information about this palindrome date came my way on 31st January and somehow just stuck with me. When I see indicators like that, I know it’s a highlight, so I asked God not to let the significance of this moment pass His people by and not to let us miss out on what He is doing in this time. Then I kept watching.
Early this morning, while dealing with things that were coming up as dreams and meditations in the night, a thought came to me that, ‘if you look at this date forwards or backwards nothing is different.’ So I said, “Lord, what does that even mean?” He said, “There is an opportunity for the Body of Christ to embrace a position where nothing from the past is loaded on them. None of the pains or the baggage or the mistakes, woundedness, heartbreak or bitterness, bile or unforgiveness, or fear… none of the loads of the entire journey up to this moment. Just a clean slate such that looking forward into the future I have promised and backward to the past of the journey is the same. Equal peace, expectation, hope, love, joy, friendship, brotherhood, even the promise of who I said you would become is all you would consider.”
I told my husband about my reflections and he asked me, “Are you talking about a reset?” And it all just came together…yes, this is time for a reset, letting go of the past and embracing the future in a decade where there is a multiplying of the restoration of God’s Divine Order. He said I should write it down so that we could share it. So we put this together for you to think about.

For the Body of Christ

Bringing it all together: the date is the same forwards and backwards, the name of the month signifies purification, the number of the month signifies agreement, access and keys, and the promise God made to the Body that today represents an opportunity to unburden and unload, embrace and become – under the power of the birthing of a new move of God. I believe that today is an opportune day to embrace and expect a major reset from the Lord. At the end of it what you will see ahead and what you will see behind is the same – equalized, purified… and you will be there in the middle, neutral, healed, blessed, expectant, hopeful, settled, purified, cleansed and established in the Lord. This will provide you with such a solid basis and pure foundation for moving forward that nothing can shake your confidence in who and what God says you are and in what God is calling you to become; and provide you with a launching pad from which to take on this month, year and decade, if you fully embrace this reset and all the possibilities it affords you and the Body of Christ.


We do not find any coincidences when things happen in this world. For nothing really happens in isolation of other things going on. January 31st 2020 happened and the UK came out of the European Union. This is the same day the information about the palindrome was revealed to us. This certainly feels like a reset for the UK in our own opinion. A time to re-evaluate how far they have come both positively and negatively and then make the necessary adjustments for the future.

Reset for Afrika?

To our most beloved Afrika we want to ask. Did you know that the idea of an European Union came from the original thoughts of Afrika’s Kwame Nkrumah, which was an idea he had proposed at the onset of the OAU, for Afrika to have a common currency, common army, common economy, common passport (African Citizenship) etc? Obviously, the Afrikan leaders at that time rejected the idea, each suddenly trying to protect their new “sovereign powers.” But I must tell you, Afrika has not been able to rise to her full potential since the rejection of that idea, which would have given Afrika a stronger place and voice in world affairs of today.

Now that is it the time of reset and now that Brexit has happened, will the original idea of a United Afrika now come to pass? For those asking themselves about reduced inflows of Aid from the UK now that Brexit has happened, perhaps a rethink is in order. Do we really need inflows of Aid anymore considering that most of Afrika is now entering 60 years post-independence? Isn’t it time to consider that perhaps – as Afrikans – we should be taking more steps to manage our own affairs without outside influence and input? That we are equal to the task?

Reset for the World

In a post-Brexit reality, would you even begin to say that the fruit of regionalization and globalization are positive and genuine? Many in Britain are quick to decry the process that led them to this position, but actually what it does is bring the whole world to a place of self-examination. Has the push towards large regional associations and affiliations such as the EU, the AU, NATO, OAS etc been fruitful? Relevant? Useful? Positive? Do they achieve their set out goals or have they all become tools for some other hidden agendas? What really should be the point and purpose for establishing some sense of global unity? Is it not that we should be looking to strengthen all that is beautiful about each individual and nation rather than strengthening the lines of division that separate us? Is it not about finding genuine solutions to the challenges that every nation faces – and every nation faces challenges – rather than nations finding ways to dominate or trick others in order to gain advantage one over another?

Perhaps it’s time to RESET.

About the author

Chioma Phillips

Chioma Phillips

Chioma Phillips is the Editor of Msingi Afrika Magazine. She is also the founder of the magazine's publisher, The Knowledge Consultancy Limited, which shares information, tools and insights to provoke thought and inspire movement... towards God.
Her perspective goes beyond national boundaries to see the full scope of what God is saying and doing for the continent of Africa and the world in these end times.

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  • This is so true . Something different happened in our church today during worship and also the preaching was about a form of elevation and a time of visitation by God. Luke 19: 32-44 and Zechariah 9:9-13. God bless you.

  • […] A few months ago, just around when the story of the pandemic started making rounds in China, I was shown something. It was like a movie scene playing in my heart but I knew it was an inner vision. In that vision, I saw myself in a huge control room. This huge control room had a control board with lots of switch buttons beeping like there was some kind of emergency. All the buttons were showing red lights. The feeling was that the entire system was going to collapse. Then I saw another button with the word “Reset” written on it. Somehow in the vision, I knew I was to push that button to reset the entire system. I went close and pushed the Reset button and immediately the entire system started shutting down. Everything went off and the system rebooted and came back alive. When the system came back on, I noticed all the buttons were showing green instead of red. The scene ended. I prayed about what I had seen, but because I had not been given a clear meaning to it, I just kept it to myself. A week or so later, my wife was sharing with me a few things she got from her dreams and meditations about the February 2nd 2020 palindrome and how she was trying to put them together. So I asked her if she was talking about a Reset. She instantly made a connection in that moment and it all made sense to her what she had in her spirit. We wrote an article about her experience and the intention of God to Reset the entire system of the world. (You can read that article about Reset here: https://www.msingiafrikamagazine.com/2020/02/the-reset/). […]