It’s not out of place to say that we are living in the weirdest, most nonchalant, disrespectful, ungodly and selfish generation. A world where fakeness sells and realness is thrown out because it does not fit into the hyper-real world we have created. Truth is demonized while lie is given a front seat at the table of the chase for futile fame.

To be a celebrity in this age and time is not such an easy feat, especially when there are lots of people gunning for the same things. It is not a bad thing to be celebrated for whatever one does, but it has become one of the worst things that havehappened to our young people, especially when they are dealing with the influence of celebrities who have become influencers or heroes to them. It was supposed to be a good thing to be able to influence a generation of people, but such is no longer so because much of the influence is on the negative front.

From those days where to be a celebrity was considered a position of great authority through which society was shaped, to this modern day in which celebrities have somehow become the new face of lies, vain glory, vanity, fakeness, lack of self-control and the many negatives that come with the stardom hype. It is no longer an issue in our Afrikan society if a male “music star” has five baby-mamas, multiple kids even while unmarried. No one even blinks anymore about such. In fact, it has become the new add up to the stardom craze. It is no longer a thing to worry about when female celebrities change men like clothes and even call some Ben Ten (i.e. boy toys).

But listen to this Mr.Celebrity, while you run around in your newly acquired foreign toy, looking for the newest girl to sleep with and a pool of alcohol to swim in, and you Miss Celebrity, while you jump around looking for the newest shoes, wigs and bum job that is trending, just so you look like what God didn’t remember He created, do remember that millions of Afrikan children are dying of malnutrition, women are being subjected to all forms of abuse and hardship, death mongering foreign companies and NGO’s are busy injecting millions of Afrikan girls with death and disease causing vaccines?

Right under your unresponsive watch, things are happening that can alter the very destiny of Afrikans negatively into the future. Our people need information and directions about the things that are going on in our world and you happen to have huge fan bases from where you can reach out to them not just with your music or movies, but with the much needed accurate information. Remember, you are not a star or celebrity because you are able to celebrate yourself and neither were you born with stardom or fame like a crown on your head. Time and the goodness of God happened to you. For without the people who buy your music, movies; those who buy your concert tickets and make you enough money to get a life, you will just be one of the many numbers on the dusty streets looking for how to get the next meal. I know many of you will say you too rose from those dusty streets through hard work and resilience, and I do appreciate that. But how is it that you forgot so soon the very dusty road you were raised from and then turned your back on the things that matter for the emancipation of Afrika?

The Foolishness of Fighting Each Other

I read about some artistes, producers etc fighting themselves about who owns copyrights of songs, melodiesand beats. Sincerely in my own opinion, I really don’t see the wisdom in that. What really is the big deal about your Afrikan brother or sister using your music beat, melody, song or even video concept? I may be wrong in my opinion, but I think it’s just a mindset of lack that says there is not enough to go round. But the Afrika that I know is not that of lack, it is that of abundance. Afrikans certainly don’t need such unnecessary fights. We have loads of things on our plates to find solutions for and fighting among ourselves is nothing but a huge distraction. As a singer, song-writer, and content creator myself, let me ask you: where do songs, tunes, poems, music, melody, video concepts, arts come from? You think it comes from you? You must be joking to think they come from your brains. All good and perfect gifts come from heaven, just as rain falls from heaven to both the good and the bad. So no one can really lay claim to creativity when they don’t even know or control where it comes from.

Real Issues Demand Real Responses

If there is any crop of people that have become the worst forms of influence for our young adults and even children, it is those that are in the spotlight either because they are music or movie celebrities or in other professions. Meaning that there are things that will not change until those with influence get involved to make such changes. Celebrities can’t keep going about running after the things that fulfill just their weird egos and nasty desires; more sex, more drugs, more alcohol, more fancy toys called cars, more beef between each other.

The question I want to ask is this, will heaven fall down if you Mr.Superstarorganize a free no-music conference where Afrikans within your range of influence can sit and talk about the many issues in Afrika and how to solve them? Most of you have access to the presidency of your nations, mega CEO’s in your countries, but what do you do with such access except take mindless selfies, get positions and endorsements for more money to continue fueling your irresponsible lifestyles? Of what use really is your stardom if it doesn’t give light and direction to anyone? Or are you not aware that sailors use the positions of the stars to navigate the massive ocean?  When will you look yourself in the mirror and realize that you being in the position of a celebrity is not for your own selfish gain but to be a positive influence to those that look up to you for direction. And if you cannot do reach-out conferences or community work, you can at least live your life in ways that the next generation can have something good to emulate. You owe that much to the next generation.

Remember this, stars do fade and stardom does end. But while you still have time, do something meaningful with yourselves.

Be responsible for the lifting of Afrikans and just maybe posterity will remember you for something good.


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Samuel Phillips

Samuel Phillips

A passionate photographer who is inspired by the Unseen to capture the seen.
A singer/songwriter and gospel music minister; a bruised reed I will not break, and a smoking flax I will not quench. A Messenger of Hope, The Hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast in God.

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