One major reason we need to go back to our culture, is to understand how we viewed health, how we kept ourselves from dis-ease, and how we dealt with dis-ease when we got it.

In the Afrikan understanding, your body is not designed to be sick. It’s built to live long and be healthy. It is also highly intelligent, because it has undergone eons improving itself and making itself more robust. The user of the body is the one that, through mis-education and loss of culture, mixed with lack of self-control, does more harm than good to this vessel.

All diseases are lifestyle diseases. This classification of “lifestyle diseases” is not limited to diabetes, hypertension and obesity. No! Everything from cancer to fibroids, skin problems, autism disorders, depression, anemia, lupus, prostate cancer etc. You name it. All these diseases narrow down primarily to diet and environment. As the saying goes, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” But what food is healthy for us? Only that which was made by nature.That which was made by God. Dr. Sebi taught us that dis-ease cannot survive in an alkaline environment; that we have electric bodies, which demands that we only eat electric food. He told us repeatedly that unnatural food is mucus-forming. He said that ungodly foods are harmful to us because they create an acidic environment in our bodies, and acidic environments are the breeding grounds for dis-ease. Our bodies are not stupid. They were not designed to be sick. On the contrary, they are intelligent and robust. Our bodies naturally fight off dis-ease provided we give them proper nutrition based on healthy food.

But what is healthy food? We have sadly been mis-educated on this, so Afrika has been misled into embracing a fake nutrition guide, based on European culture. One that says that second hand proteins are healthy for you and prescribes certain dietary norms, which are based on European beliefs. Those of us who try to change to a more healthy diet do so without the compass of our culture, and so we often get ourselves into a worse position eating artificial or GMO food, processed foods, etc. Most vegans and vegetarians are really starch-arians, and they end up suffering the same issues that everyone else is suffering such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, etc. Conundrum.

You serve trash for supper and make a prayer asking God to bless it. God looks at you in a confused manner, knowing you will very soon be running to a doctor. You call it a generational curse or label it a hereditary or genetic disease, yet it’s you repeating learned dietary mistakes. 9/10 of us are eating trash on a regular basis, and so 9/10 of us will get lifestyle diseases. These 9/10 are the same people wearing masks everywhere, obsessively sanitizing their hands, but going home in the evening to destroy their immune systems with carefully prepared food, that is actually not as beneficial as one may think. Conundrum.

Most diseases are the result of an intelligent response by our bodies to the abuse that they’re being subjected to. Most symptoms are alarms they raise to say, “Enough is enough!” and to announce to us that they need to heal. But due to mis-education you have been programmed to rush to doctors to give you chemicals that shut the alarms off and that allow you to continue abusing your body. This approach does not deal with cause, but rather with consequence. Conundrum.

Doctors deal with symptoms and so much so that they give you chemicals (drugs) for each one. Funny enough, sometimes the side effects of these drugs are worse than the actual dis-eases! The doctors make you comfortable enough such that you can leave happy, but come back again to repeat the same cycle of indiscipline. More money for them, more drugs for you and more death to your immune system. As they say, “A cured patient is a lost customer.” It’s pure business and you can’t really blame them. Actually, most of them are not bad people. They’re just doing what they were trained to do. Just like you, they are victims of European culture. How can a blind man help another blind man cross a road? But oh, wait! One is professionally blind. Conundrum.

Staying healthy is your responsibility. Taking care of your body is the cure for all diseases, before they even happen. All you need to do is change your diet to what your ancestors ate and obey the cosmic arrangement that was set in place before you were born. Isn’t it funny that you need a personal doctor, yet the elephant in the wild does not need a vet? Why? The baby elephant eats what poppa and momma elephant were eating. Baby elephant does not think it’s any smarter than its parents because it went to an Ivy League school. Neither does it care for ‘modernism’ or European beliefs. Neither does it need a vaccine of any sort in order to lead a healthy life. This was the same for our ancestors, who understood the essence of obeying the cosmic arrangement followed by those before them. They understood that the right food is that which is spiritual. They also understood that for every disease, nature (God) provides a herb for it. But the European lied to us that their chemicals are superior to our plants, yet most of their drugs are based on plant extracts. Yet with all their drugs, diseases are on the rise, with new ones popping up every day. Conundrum!

Afrika will remain lost as long as it doesn’t understand its past. The phrase “Know thyself” cuts into every sphere of life. It’s the reason I’m not panicking over the current ‘pandemic’ and the reason I’m not waiting on any cure or vaccine. Especially not from a people that have done nothing but pillage and plunder, destroy and steal from my ancestors. I know that these predators are infants when it comes to grasping the workings of the universe. That they understand very little about health. I therefore cannot and will not follow their misunderstanding, for I have something far greater: the wisdom of God as used by my ancestors.

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Maagu Karuri

Maagu Karuri

Maagu Karuri is a software developer with a passion for Afrika. He considers himself a student of Afrikan culture, firmly believing that true emancipation only comes when one practices their own culture. He is constantly researching different aspects of day-to-day in order to obtain a holistic Afrikan mind.

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