Corona Virus strutted onto the global scene like a gangster, who was ready to take down the whole world. It became the newest and fastest spreading fear-demic the world had experienced by far, partly because of global inter-connectedness, and primarily because of the seeds of fear that had been sown for decades into the hearts of men.

These seeds had been planted using books, movies, news and global health scenarios each of which portrayed the worst possible outcome. News reports, books and movies that had used vivid imagery and sound to convey messages of utter misery, suffering and helplessness in the face of certain doom. The world was fertile ground for the fear of death to take root in and spread rapidly. And like a choking weed, in the face of the so-called pandemic, this fear spread far and wide. Almost the entire world became an out of control mob, panic-buying and locking themselves at home, while attacking those who did not do like they did or look like they did. The panic-stricken nodded in quiet acquiescence while new laws and regulations were put in place forbidding international movement, then local movement, then personal interactions, then personal hygiene mandates, then purchases of items deemed non-essential and waited with bated breath and almost universal approval for a cure – most probably a mandatory vaccine. All this happened in quick succession, once the world had inhaled the mind numbing gas of fear.

If we take a look back in time, we can find some interesting crumbs that can lead us to the truth, if we’re curious enough. By now you may know that a patent for an attenuated live virus was applied for in 2015 and issued in 2018 to the Pirbright Institute, which has as major stakeholders the WHO and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, among others. In February 2017, at the Munich Security Conference, Bill Gates said: “Whether it occurs by a quirk of nature or at the hand of a terrorist; epidemiologists say a fast-moving airborne pathogen could kill more than 30 million people in less than a year. And they say there is a reasonable probability the world will experience such an outbreak in the next 10 to 15 years.” In April 2018 at a discussion on epidemics, Bill Gates presented a simulation by the Institute of Disease Modelling showing a new flu could kill 30 million people within six months. In his speech he talked about how movies give the impression of preparedness that the world does not have, and he mentioned the movie Contagion, the series 24 and the movie Inferno, starring Tom Hanks who the very same day (12th March 2020) that I saw the 2018 Gates presentation online, I saw on Twitter that Hanks had announced that he and his wife had caught the Corona Virus and were quarantined in Australia’s Gold Coast and now they’re talking about using his blood to create a vaccine. Not a coincidence. I don’t believe in those. Incidentally, ‘Inferno’ is about a viral super-weapon (called Inferno) that was created by an unstable billionaire geneticist and has the capacity to wipe out half of the world’s population. On October, 2019, a few short months BEFORE the outbreak was announced, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation held a ‘high-level pandemic exercise’ in New York, ‘simulating an outbreak of a novel zoonotic corona-virus transmitted from bats to pigs to people…’ (just like the scenario in the movie Contagion) eventually becoming ‘transmissible from person to person, leading to a severe pandemic.’ In this table top simulation, the pandemic known as CAPS (Coronavirus Associated Pulmonary Syndrome) ‘killed’ 65 million people in a simulated 18-month period.

For those who have stopped to consider why there have been increasing numbers of ‘doomsday’ or ‘post apocalypse’ movies on the aftermath of a virus or nuclear fallout, you may want to start to think carefully about the power of movies to create subliminal impressions in the mind and to influence conscious thought and response.

As soon as the Corona Virus ‘outbreak’ was announced in China (the date of its start, the duration of its spread and the date of its announcement in China and later to the world, are all different), the race was on around the world to create a vaccine for it. In the movie Contagion a mandatory vaccine was what ‘saved the day.’ The question is why is a global mandatory vaccine the exclusive universally accepted ‘solution’ to the current Corona Virus situation? In a world of over 7 billion people made up of diverse cultures and ideas, you want to tell me that every single person agrees that there is only one way to end or manage this and that just happens to be a vaccine? No one had other ideas at all? For the spiritually inclined, this level of agreement seems a lot like the tower they built in Sychar now known as the Tower of Babel. If you have read our previous articles on vaccines, you will understand the inherent dangers contained in them.

Previous ‘pandemics’ that have taken place that have captured the world’s attention such as HIV/AIDS, Swine Flu and SARS display similar trends of global panic, global warnings about numbers expected to be impacted, and eventual outcomes that are far lower than predicted. If one searches with care, one can even find other issues impacting the globe that do have higher numbers than the Corona Virus, but have never received such a frenzied global response. We do know that new response measures are introduced each time there is a ‘crisis’, the question is, what is the cumulative effect of these responses on individual freedoms and national and international laws? Could there be a bigger web being woven that we have not yet spotted because of focusing on the micro

issues? Some responses require Governments to commit to increased resource allocation to global health emergencies, increased spending is made into vaccines and therapeutics, all countries are required to develop new capacities for areas like genome sequencing and reporting, R&D and the way people and communication are managed and monitored are also affected.

Corona Virus plot twists

Unexpected things have happened during this current situation that may have caught a few people off guard – some of them seemed like they would never ever in living history take place. For the first time in my life, Afrika closed its doors to the world and said to Europeans and Americans and Chinese (eventually) and Middle Easterners and others, “Don’t come to Afrika!” There is now information out there that suggests that a virus is not what the world has commonly been told that it is. There is now more widely accepted information that states that Vitamin C and D are actually beneficial as treatment protocols and that the health of the immune system is a key factor, despite natural health advocates having been vilified for decades for such suggestions (though private sector censors are at work against this). Democrats in the US began openly clamoring for the use of aborted fetal tissue in research on vaccines, whereas before, despite it being a fact that aborted fetal tissue is used in vaccines, anyone sharing this information came under attack. The US defunded the World Health Organization because of its skewed handling of the Corona Virus pandemic, particularly with respect to China, revealing the existence of lobbying and political influence in the placement of officials in these global bodies, which was known but never dealt with before. There was the sudden realization that global and local supply chains are extremely vulnerable and that due to the effects of globalization and subsequent outsourcing of production of medication, technology and other necessities to China, the world’s nations were left exposed during this crisis.

It has also been discovered that public officials and company executives can take pay cuts, taxes can be reduced, fuel prices and communication costs slashed, businesses and other places of worship shut down, shoppers be told what is essential and non-essential to buy and prevented from accessing the latter, healthy people locked up in their homes, for ‘their own good’ etc.

The Origins and The Vaccine Push

What truths will come out concerning Corona Virus still remain to be seen, but there are strong indications that this was lab-originated and lab-driven, with the agenda of exerting some form of economic and political influence globally. These indications are supported by at least one of God’s prophets as well as some in the scientific community and various investigative journalists. They appear strong enough that the US is opening up investigations along these lines into the infamous lab in Wuhan, China. The mainstream media in the US are catching up to this almost two months after – again – those branded ‘conspiracy theorists’ first flagged this.

Whatever the source and whatever the agenda behind it, it certainly has exposed some ‘gems’ of human and societal behavior that will not soon be forgotten. Selfishness, greed and opportunism, the not-so delightful fruit of capitalism have been high on that list.

Quite predictably, the world is frantically looking for a Corona Virus vaccine and this is being pushed mostly by one man. The billionaire who made the predictions about the global health pandemic, who has close funding ties to the WHO (as the second largest contributor, or largest now if the US has fully pulled out), who is a major stakeholder and funder to in an institute that applied for a patent in 2015 (this institute is now at the forefront of ‘helping’ find a vaccine) and who is busy announcing how this Corona thing could go on for 18 months and how people will not be able to go back to work and will only be able to gather again in large numbers after a vaccine is dispensed… Bill Gates. He is behind the funding of multiple global vaccine programs and is now behind the development of ID2020, which is technology that will be implanted under the skin of the recipient, along with a vaccine, and used to track who has received a vaccine – or rather, who hasn’t. It is currently being tested with a Corona Virus vaccine.

What can Afrika do?

Wonderfully enough, Afrika was caught as flat-footed as the rest of the world in all this, and though the world looked to see the ‘horrors’ that would afflict Afrika in this situation, God spared us. Why? Because Afrika remains at the core of His redemptive purpose for the world. At the heart of Afrika remains what the world needs in order to find its footing in God once again and this is not just her physical raw materials or massive manpower base, but is actually more about her spiritual raw materials and what will happen when these are refined and put to God-use. What Afrikans tend to forget is this, Afrika has always been spiritually connected to the Creator God and because of this and despite the massive erosion in culture, we still believe we are created beings with an eternal destiny in God. Afrika is eternally connected to the Divine plan of God, having provided shelter to the nation He birthed, Israel i.e. through Abraham, Joseph and later Jacob and the rest of his 11 sons. Through providing shelter to the young Messiah when Herod sought to kill Him, through providing aid to the Messiah via the shoulders of Simon the Cyrene in bearing His cross to Golgotha, through crucifying Him in spiritual Egypt, through carrying the redemptive message via the Ethiopian eunuch and bearing Him up once again in these end times. We are the beginning and the end of things in the story of man on earth.

The Afrika Opportunity

While the Corona Virus experience did expose the soft under-belly of Afrika’s true socio-economic state beyond GDP ratings, it also presented her with great opportunities to shift things in a dramatically different direction. Some of the things exposed were the glaring financial needs of Afrikans, as seen in daily wage and low-income earners who make up the majority in Afrikan countries. This dearth is actually what led to some countries not going into full lock down mode, because there would be no way to provide for those who live on a fixed daily income, while others chose to distribute food. Some in an orderly fashion, like Rwanda, while others embraced pure chaos and dishonor; treating their brethren worse than chickens on a farm causing stampedes and tossing sacks of food at crowds of people. This means that, in 2020, if an Afrikan country was to shut down entirely, either starvation or lawlessness or both would be swift outcomes that these governments would have to contend with.

That we have a huge number of people living on the edge of financial ruin is not new information to Afrikan governments. That these governments have done nothing about them for decades is not new information to the citizens. That it means that in a crisis those on the edge could be facing impending doom is also not new information to either the government or the citizens. The income gap in Afrika, coupled with the blatant wastage of resources on the part of national and local governments, the over-inflated salaries and lavish lifestyles of politicians and Afrikan leaders… not new, not strange. The potential impact of this, however, was again made glaringly evident during this period. Afrikan heads of state and government breathed a collective sigh of relief when they were promised funds, tools and equipment to help resolve this situation, again demonstrating the clear lack of preparedness on their part to manage issues within their borders. In 2020.Afrikan people, once again, took up the mantle and began to innovate, producing masks, hand sanitizers, automated taps and ventilators – demonstrating that they are not a bunch of dummies who need to depend on imports from any country, but are people with skills, willingness and drive to be able to solve problems if given the opportunity. Which means, as a priority, Afrika must re-look its entire approach to EVERYTHING that it does.


1. Understanding her role and destiny

The entire world has been trapped and imprisoned by its governments for a long time in a reality that has nothing to do with its welfare. The UN’s Agenda21 and 2030 are strategies that are intended to restrain and contain large populations of people in urban areas, centralize their food, water and air supplies, control all information inputs in terms of news and entertainment, control all earning methods and vaccinate the global population to the greatest extent possible. This will leave large swathes of land under government control, paving the way for global government or one world government. These plans are being put to the test using the Corona Virus situation to effectively gauge the world’s responses.

The freedom to move around Afrika was curtailed by the fake colonial era borders, so it’s a very short hop to imprisonment in cities, with the emptying out of rural areas, especially in these countries where policy is put into effect using mostly brute force and other Draconian measures. This is because – mentally and spiritually – people have already accepted abnormal restrictions as par for the course. As I write this, I’m sitting on the top floor of an apartment block, in a rapidly developing peri-urban area where apartment blocks and office blocks are popping up like unwanted acne, on land that not long ago used to be exclusively smallholder farmland. This trend is not isolated to the neighborhood or county I’m in either.

Afrika is the last stronghold of liberty and it is struggling with the shackles of an approach to ‘modernization’ that it never needed in the first place. This approach has affected mindset and self-perception, food, health and nutrition, social health, political and rulership robustness and accountability. We no longer seek to implement the counsel of God as a priority in anything we do, which is resulting in a separation from the critical flow of the wisdom we need in how we are intended to run our daily affairs.

This can no longer continue. Every man, woman and child connected to the God-given Afrikan destiny must now, quickly, find and connect with the pure wisdom of God, to know who they are and what they are placed here and now for. As. A. Priority. Go to God directly, you do not need a mediator, and you need this connection more than the air that you breathe.

2. Tear down and rebuild

Government, business and church are not working the way that we are told they are supposed to be working and this is a global reality. It is time to re-evaluate how Afrika was truly intended to function. We must consult God and under His guidance, make reference to relevant indigenous knowledge systems to carefully restructure our approach to living. If for the past 60 years (6 DECADES) Afrika has applied knowledge and wisdom from the west and the east and still remains in dire straits politically and economically – and the church, despite knowing the counsel of God, remains complicit in their evil-doing, because they value money more than the Lord, then something must be done.

Jeremiah 6:16 (NKJV) says,

“16 Thus says the Lord:

“Stand in the ways and see, And ask for the old paths, where the good way is, And walk in it; Then you will find rest for your souls.

But they said, ‘We will not walk in it.’

We cannot waste another minute in pursuit of things that do not matter. We must build what works and do it now. This means that we must focus on what pleases God, which includes faith (i.e. hearing Him), looking after the widows and the orphans, the poor, the hungry and the sick, dealing with injustice and so on.

We must plant crops and herbs that heal and restore us and the earth using methods that strengthen us and the earth. We must cook and eat in ways that heal, restore and strengthen our bodies. We must pursue each others’ welfare instead of blindly pursuing profit. Forget the fake GDP measures and put in place lifestyle measures that evaluate individual and social health, standards of living, quality of air, water, soil, food etc as priorities over money.

We must do away with government policies, laws, regulations and people who are self-serving and destructive.

We must change the way we perceive Afrika. We must replace the colonial borders with free movement within Afrika that encourages and facilitates true Afrikan brotherhood.

We must eliminate unfair and crushing tax regulations and shift to make room for people to be able to earn and build without pressure from regimes that misappropriate funds on a regular basis, yet without consequence.

Most importantly, we must connect to God personally and collectively, from a genuine and sincere place, outside of the institutions that have failed to prepare us to deal effectively with what is ahead and we must heed His Word spoken to us to guide our way forward.

3. Afrika First and Indigenous, Needs-Led Production

We must fix internal trade in Afrika. Corona Virus has presented us with a beautiful opportunity to close or keep closed our external borders for a little while, but to open up borders within Afrika for our people to travel and trade freely with each other and without restrictions once again.

We must produce, yes, but we need to produce what is beneficial to Afrika in ways that are beneficial. We must produce what is NEEDED by Afrika, not excess for mindless consumption like capitalists do. We need to produce what is needed to help Afrika rise: Homes that do not pollute i.e using materials and methods that are sustainable and non-toxic; energy that does not destroy or pollute; agriculture that restores health and strength to the land so that it produces plants and animals that restore health and strength to the people.

We must share indigenous seeds and seedlings across Afrika in order to enable our people to plant, identify and know how to use plants and herbs for healing and health. Our education system must empower our children and adults to know how to interact with their environment in ways that are beneficial to all.

We must heal the land from the corruption and death that we have sown; the bloodshed and the evil deeds that we have done have corrupted the earth. The chemicals that have been sprayed that have turned into pollutants that poison our soil and air and water and bodies. Our water itself is polluted with chemicals from factories and from treatment processes that are actually poisoning us. We must stop.

Stop trading in used clothing and vehicles and give people an opportunity to create what is beneficial for the continent. Let’s give our people the best quality possible, and that includes not exporting our best foods, but providing nutrient dense high quality foods to our people, so that our people grow in health and strength from generation to generation. Surely that is what a government is meant to do – nurture and protect its people first? And if the government won’t do it for us, it means we need to do it for ourselves.

Afrikans in the Diaspora must return and share the expertise and insights they have gathered in their time in other lands in order to turn it in favor of what Afrika now needs as the new global solution for every sector.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I put it to you that Capitalism is not a viable solution for Afrika. Capitalism is one of the most wicked, heartless systems ever to exist. It takes no prisoners and even if you conform to it, there are no guarantees that you will thrive in it. If you do not meet its criteria, it spits you out with no mercy. It demands and even creates an ever-widening gap between rich and poor and calls the former successful and latter, failures. It is failing the world over.

The modern healthcare system is a nuisance and a shambles. Our only consolation is that this time the politicians did not have anywhere to run and had to face the medical system they had neglected, so some effort was made.

The education system is a joke and apparently doesn’t produce anyone who can actually transform things… either that or the system is so oppressive that it effectively kills off anyone who can actually bring transformative changes to it. It boggles the mind that the generation of Afrikans that went to Cairo, Accra, Lagos, Makerere, Dar and all the other illustrious universities and polytechnics in Afrika, plus those who were flown to the US and Russia – and the generations that followed them – seem to have failed to solve the issue of how to ensure that no Afrikan is left struggling with one dollar between them and abject despair.

Darling Afrika, we cannot continue to deceive ourselves. The things that trouble Afrika are evident and right under our noses; something is wrong and we must move with haste to address it now. And if your government won’t do it, nothing is preventing you from stepping up and being the solution that Afrika is looking for now.

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Chioma Phillips

Chioma Phillips

Chioma Phillips is the Editor of Msingi Afrika Magazine. She is also the founder of the magazine's publisher, The Knowledge Consultancy Limited, which shares information, tools and insights to provoke thought and inspire movement... towards God.
Her perspective goes beyond national boundaries to see the full scope of what God is saying and doing for the continent of Africa and the world in these end times.

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