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Letter to our Frontliners


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Letter to our Frontliners

Certainly, we are at war. We are at war with things we see and things we don’t see. And in every war, there are those who step into the battle first ahead of others and with hope that they stay alive till it’s over. They are the frontliners of our societies. In this Covid-19 war and all the other things in between, we say thank you to our courageous government officials, our compassionate medical doctors, heroic nurses, the unseen but highly effective African medical practitioners, hospital caregivers, the ambulance drivers, cleaners, the military, the police force, the shop-keepers and supermarket workers, the delivery guys who risk their lives to deliver groceries to locked-down homes, the public transport drivers who still keep the duty going on even with the risks involved, the teachers doing online teaching sessions for our kids, the pastors and spiritual leaders keeping the spirit alive and to everyone too numerous to mention, we say thank you for your selfless hearts. You light up the paths even when darkness seems to want to have its way.

To every Dad and Mum on lock down at home, we see you and we appreciate you also. You have always been the first frontliners of every generation of beautiful gems. Moms who wake up at 4am to get the kids ready for school and dads who don’t sleep just to keep something on the family table. You are loved beyond words.

And for those who are like me, yes like me, who from your little hidden spaces never cease to keep the flames of hope and strength burning, God sees you and we appreciate you.

And to our beautiful gems, the young and next generation of frontliners for the future, born and yet to be born, you are the best gifts to our world from our loving heavenly Father. God bless and keep you.

To God, the Ultimate Frontliner, our Father, we love you. Thank You. Some say you don’t exist, well they will eat their words in due time.

So in all, we ask God to bless and keep every frontliner, watch over them, teach and show them what it means that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Thank you frontliners… you are the greatest.

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