In this period, as the (modern?) world grapples with the corona virus conundrum, all skeptics, doubters and believers have a live example of what life under the Antichrist would look like. If you have ever had a challenge visualizing what it would mean that you cannot buy or sell without the name, the number or the mark of the beast and thought, ‘hmm, what would that be like?’ You probably imagined some dystopian world in which wars had torn through nations, the sky was grey, the earth charred and the clothes the people were wearing, dull and ugly. At least that’s how things tend to be depicted in most of these apocalyptic movies.

Things literally changing by the minute, today you have to sanitize or wash your hands in order to buy and sell, tomorrow you have to wear a mask, and next you may not be able to travel without a Covid Certificate.

If you have a broader imagination, you may have imagined things as they are now. One day you were heading to the office, listening to your favorite radio station and hooting at the car in front of you, and the next day everything was on lock-down ‘for the greater good’. Things literally changing by the minute, today you have to sanitize or wash your hands in order to buy and sell, tomorrow you have to wear a mask – particularly in light of the signs outside supermarkets saying “You are prohibited to enter these premises unless you’re wearing a mask.” For the greater good.

Suddenly families are contemplating a future without a regular income, while others are facing it head on, having had a family member laid off recently. Churches are staring in dismay at empty coffers and governments are freaking out trying to figure out how to ‘keep things running’ while they make people earn less day by day. Suddenly supply chains are struggling in the face of increased restrictions and once assured imports of necessities and luxuries are called into question. Just like that, suddenly, the whole world changed – and it happened right before our eyes.

For the eye-rollers in the room, you’re probably saying to yourself, it’s just a global pandemic, or like the New York Governor, you’re saying God had nothing to do with the numbers coming down; it was simply a matter of following procedure. Everything will return to normal after this.

But will it?

This situation has had the global equivalent of a slap in the face by someone you trusted. The next time you have an interaction with them, you’re watching their hands to see what they’re doing with them. Suspiciously.

International relations have been strained with accusations and counter-accusations and one nation in particular in danger of losing its global manufacturing status as countries wake up to the vulnerability of globalization and outsourced production. Immigration policy has been challenged greatly by borders being shut down with visitors within national boundaries staying ‘beyond’ their visa periods. Obviously, the so-called almighty immigration officers who take joy in undermining anyone trying to step into their “sovereign” nation are all hiding behind face masks at home, running from an invisible virus, just like the rest of the world. Offices shut down. Prisons policy has been challenged by the sudden release of prisoners in various countries before their terms were up. Policy and security has been challenged by all this anonymity created by mandatory mask wearers. Personal freedoms have been challenged by locking up healthy and unhealthy people in their homes, arresting them for being outside even while alone and sending them into forced quarantine facilities even while healthy. Business policy has been challenged by (sometimes) hefty reductions in prices of products and services. Taxation has been challenged by the reduction in mandatory taxes charged to citizens. Companies have received financial stimuli in order not to shut down. Employers are taking pay cuts in order to sustain their work forces. Churches, mosques and temples have been challenged by a restriction on large public gatherings. Families have been challenged by actually having to spend all day with each other – or weeks apart due to quarantine and travel restrictions. Hollywood and the entertainment industry have experienced a major slow down in production. Live sports events have shut down. Travel and tour industries have – well, you know. Health sectors are choosing which patients should arrive at their facilities and when. Patients are refusing to go to hospitals. Politicians are unable to gather or travel unnecessarily as they are accustomed to. Parliament is gathered in masks and gloves. News media, well, they’re kind of doing what they usually do, trashing or supporting the incumbent leader depending on who owns them just that their content has shifted quite a lot from the norm. Neighbors have become spies, reporting on one another in case they see anyone flouting the new regulations that have been put in place. Informal traders have been shut down and suddenly the only place one can buy from are the big shops. And the world has acquired new definitions and new norms: quarantines, social distancing, flattening the curve, contact tracing.

And so the world has discovered that all the things that they have complained about could have been changed if there had only been sufficient cause or stimulus and that nothing – absolutely nothing – that man has created in society is actually set in stone. Surprise, surprise. Not.

Now there’s a man with an agenda pushing for an extension to social distancing and quarantine measures until the end of summer 2020 and suggesting that no one will be able to gather again as they did before UNLESS a MANDATORY vaccine is first given to all and every single person has a certificate proving that they got it.

The whole point of this article is this: the days of the Antichrist will not look weird or strange. No. This is how Daniel 11:21 puts it, there… shall arise a vile person, to whom they will not give the honor of royalty; but he shall come in peaceably, and seize the kingdom by intrigue. They will come upon the earth using a situation much like this one and everyone who is not aware or awake or prepared is going to cooperate with the idea of installing the Antichrist and the policies recommended by it because they were already preconditioned by situations like 911, H1N1, Ebola, Zika, Covid-19 and whatever else, to respond as follows:

1. Panic: This puts one in a highly receptive frame of mind where anything appears to be for ‘the greater good’ can be embraced.

2. Cooperate: Accept any changes to legislation, business or personal freedoms made that ensure that ‘the greater good’ can be ensured.

3. Report: Alert the authorities to anyone not complying with the set down regulations because it is for ‘the greater good’.

4. Comply: Act in accordance with any and all requirements that are set out to protect ‘the greater good’.

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s how easy it will be. And for those who are saying that the days of the tribulation will not find the Church on earth, sorry for you. God’s army will be stationed where it is needed most, so you need to get together in your heart what your responses will be, by observing your responses to this situation. It’s been a great test and it has revealed much. The question is, what are you going to do with it?

Options exist. You can make a determination here and now to ensure that you and your family are as independent from the globalist capitalist globalist system as possible by: producing your own food, installing and maintaining clean sources of water and energy that are not dependent on trading with the larger system, finding ways to produce your own clothing and other necessities, learning how to preserve your food for the long run, protecting yourself by carefully managing your online digital footprint, as much as possible breaking free from dependency on money and the industrial health system, learning how to prevent and care for illness by learning the use of and even growing medicinal herbs and plants and building a true sense of family and community in your neighborhood based on trust and love.

Or you could leave yourself and family in the hands of a system designed to enslave and imprison you. Your call.


Learn or unlearn, fix or unfix, understand, change or take a better look at our life, for what you do or not do in this stay at home season, will either be the strength you will need in the days after Covid-19 or it will be the choices you will regret you didn’t make. So stay at home, stay safe and most importantly stay creative.

Know for sure that life will not remain the same even after this crisis. So plan, review, evaluate how things are honestly and make the right decisions about the next phase of life on earth. If you need to build a house in the woods, make the plans now. If you need to relocate, plan for it now. If you need to completely quite a job and set up something personal that can give you easy movement in the days of trouble, plan for it now. Do not wait until the next alarm bells ring before you start to make moves.

Parents, while you wait desperately for schools to resume and for things to return to normal, take the time to prepare yourself and your kids for the days after Covid-19. Why? Nothing will return to normal and the days after Covid-19 and whatever it brings will be the new abnormal.

Train your kids in basic survival skills, impromptu decision making, how to relate more with nature and less with artificial living. Teach them to be ready for life. Post Covid-19 will not be business as usual.

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Chioma Phillips

Chioma Phillips

Chioma Phillips is the Editor of Msingi Afrika Magazine. She is also the founder of the magazine's publisher, The Knowledge Consultancy Limited, which shares information, tools and insights to provoke thought and inspire movement... towards God.
Her perspective goes beyond national boundaries to see the full scope of what God is saying and doing for the continent of Africa and the world in these end times.

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