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Nation in View: Mozambique

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Nation in View: Mozambique

Samuel Phillips


Afrikans, you are the bearers of the original seed of humanity and the incubating womb through which the seed will become a tree of the life of God by the wisdom of the ages found in you. Certainly, we are first Afrikans before we ever became citizens of any Afrikan countries created by the falsehood called colonial borders. We are not imaginary brothers; we are brothers by the original seed of humanity and by us shall all the world be set free from her pathway of destruction.

It is always a joyful thing for me to pen a few things about any country of choice that God will allow us feature in this magazine. So in this message to the nation of Mozambique, I will try, like always, to give it all my heart, first by paying close attention to what God has in mind. But even as I put these words together, I am also open to any words God may have given to someone else concerning this great nation. In as much as I have never been to Mozambique in all my life, Mozambique however happens to be one of the few nations in Afrika that I was shown a few things about some years ago. I will write from that space of what I was shown but will not necessarily give details of what it was that I was given, with the belief that he who reads will by the wisdom of God understand the mind of God concerning this beautiful coastal nation.

Wisdom began with God and wisdom in the Afrikan context is synonymous with eldership or the experience that comes with old age. And that’s why you hear people say in Afrika that grey hair is the sign of wisdom, meaning that people attached wisdom to age or experience. This is true to some extent but not always. In my own opinion wisdom does not necessarily come from old age or experience even though they can come by that. For there are those who are old and experienced with the things of life but who still make decisions and even live their lives devoid of true wisdom. For me, wisdom is not the collection of information in the head; it is the spirit of divine understanding found in the heart which can either come through practice or be given as a gift. So wisdom is heart based rather than head based and it is divine, because as scripture puts it, the very creative Spirit of God is called Wisdom. Wisdom in the head will likely come out of the mouth as data or articulated information, but the wisdom of the heart pours forth life and light for those who are instructed by it.

The vision

God gave me a vision about Mozambique some time in 2012 or thereabout. In this vision, I was seated in a place that I knew was Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. Yes, I said I have never been to Mozambique, but I knew in the vision where I was exactly. That was my first time ever to know a place existed called Maputo. As I sat and was looking at the various things going on around me, a group of Elders walked up to me and gathered around. I recognized them as the elders of the land. I started telling them things God would have them do for their nation and how to do them. It was certainly a strange vision for me back then, simply because I found it strange that God would be talking to me about a place in that nation I didn’t know existed at that time.

What this means

I do not so much believe the vision is about me going to Mozambique to tell them words from God or even that I am to share in this article what I was telling the elders in the vision. And even if wanted to, I do not remember clearly the details of what I was sharing with the elders. Since I can’t remember clearly, I sincerely wouldn’t want to give an inaccurate message. However, Mozambique is one nation I would love to visit for the fun of it, make new friends and take lots of photos for my Afrikan collection. Even though I can’t remember the exact word I gave them in that vision, I think the message is more of the truth that the leadership, eldership or government of Mozambique cannot resolve the situations in their nations using the wisdom of men or the experience of life and in governance.  It has become quite the norm to associate wisdom or the ability to offer solutions to a problem to college or university degrees. But we can see clearly what such wisdom has created in our world.

Only the wisdom of God found in the heart of God will solve the issues in Mozambique, whatever those issues may be.

Wisdom that comes by the fear of God

Scripture puts it that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” And in another place it says “the fear of the Lord, this is wisdom”. The salient point concerning wisdom seems to be the fear of the Lord. But what exactly is the fear of the Lord. What does it mean? I won’t go too much trying into explaining this, but let me show you a few instances in the bible that I believe will make us understand what the fear of the Lord is and how it is connected to wisdom.

“Then the king of Egypt spoke to the Hebrew midwives, of whom the name of one was Shiphrah and the name of the other Puah; and he said, “When you do the duties of a midwife for the Hebrew women, and see them on the birthstools, if it is a son, then you shall kill him; but if it is a daughter, then she shall live.” But the midwives feared God, and did not do as the king of Egypt commanded them, but saved the male children alive. Exodus 1:15-17

Sincerely, I too have often wondered what the concept of the fear of the Lord meant until I saw this scripture and then it all made sense. From the scripture above, the fear of the Lord simply means “when a man defends God’s purpose even to his or her own detriment”. Sounds simple right? Yes it is. It is not complex. For to be wise is to have access to the mind of God by which all things, all decisions, all policies, all laws of a nation can be made. He who fears God, by the submission of self-will and the defense of God’s purpose, will by such acts of love for God be given access into the very mind of God from which day to day wisdom for living will be granted.

Words for Mozambique

See Also

I do not know exactly what the situation in Mozambique is, but one thing I know is that, if God’s message for that nation is to seek His wisdom in dealing with the issues they have, then it is important that accurate attention is paid. God has a purpose for Mozambique and every nation in Afrika and He intends to bring those purposes to pass. But just like always, man thinks his ideas, his experience; his university degrees are good enough to resolve life’s issues. This is so far from the truth. So I say this to Mozambique, stop trying to figure it out with your limited ideas. If those ideas could work, they should have by now.

Do not try to do with the brain, what only the wisdom of God in the heart can do. The brain cannot handle the many dimensions of wisdom because they are not logically set. The logical mind is boxed and limited by the size of the brain. It cannot expand beyond the box of the head but the heart can expand into eternity. That’s why scripture says God placed eternity in the heart of man even though man does not know what God does from the beginning to the end. I believe the only reason why man doesn’t know the things God does from the beginning to the end is because he keeps trying to understand or break it down with his logical mind or brain or science, which is limited. If he tries to understand wisdom by the heart where God kept eternity, he will understand it.

The heart is the garden of the Spirit. We know all things by the Spirit.

My advice

My simple advice to the nation of Mozambique is this; bring together people that are not just intellectually capable but also who are connected to the wisdom of the mind of God. Joseph of the Bible created a famous national solution for the greatest ancient kingdom of Afrika {Egypt) in his days by using the things he learned at home, the things he learned at Potiphar’s house, things he learned in prison and combining them with the wisdom God gave him to interpret the king’s dream. So let the Mozambican government bring such people into places of decision making and also make room for them to thrive.

Mozambique, just like every Afrikan nation is set aside for the something big in the mind of God and in due season, it will manifest. In 2019, when Cyclone Idai hit the coast of Mozambique, I had asked the Lord why such a disaster was hitting that nation, especially when His daughter Heidi Baker has her ministry there. And His response was, how else should Heidi Baker express the love He generously poured into her? That was not the answer I was expecting I must say, but just like I have said earlier, wisdom is certainly deeper than logical reasoning. Logical reasoning will be like, should wisdom not have stopped the cyclone in the first place if it’s about expressing God’s love? Well, that’s why the wisdom of God cannot be understood by logical minds. Curiously, the name Idai, according to one climate scientist, is a Shona name meaning ‘to love’. Leave it to God to allow a scientist to name this cyclone, ‘to love’, while at the same time anticipating that this conversation with me, His son, would take place for this answer to be produced and shared with you today. This is what I mean by Mozambique, and indeed all the nations of Afrika and the world, inviting the creative and eternal Wisdom of God into every aspect of life and society, to help guide and direct us all towards the expected future in God’s mind. There is no other way.

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