BBI: Breaking Bridges Initiative

I am very concerned about the 7.5billion people living in our world. But much more than ever I am concerned about the 1.3billion Afrikans living in Afrika. My people still do not understand what it means to be destroyed for lack of knowledge. And that hurts badly. There are lots of things to talk about concerning Afrika, and sometimes it’s just hard to choose what to talk about. But I will focus on the closest things that need our quick attention.

Recently, the US placed a ban on Nigerian immigrants to America for some visa categories. At first it was assumed that this was a move that was unexpected by the Nigerian government, but it was later clarified that they were apprised of the ban even before it was implemented. What followed were some noises here and there and some people crying foul about the ban. In my head, I was thinking “So what?!” What really is the big deal about the US banning Nigeria or some Afrikan countries from migrating to the US? For me, it’s no big deal, but maybe it is for those who think their lives and destiny are tied to the dying America and the nearly dead Europe. Why should I worry over a ban when Kigali, Addis, Nairobi, Abuja and all of Afrika are sweet spots to live and also prosper in? So I laughed when the Nigerian government slashed the prices of visas for American citizens a few days after the ban was announced. Whether the slash was the result of the ban, I do not know. But in my mind I am like, when will my Afrikan people learn to burn some bridges? There are some bridges that should be built in order to secure the future, but there are also some bridges that must be burnt, so that the past will stop destroying the moment and by extension, the future. Burning bridges is as important as building bridges. Especially when the bridge that is being built is nothing but a Trojan horse set in the midst of the people to excite them, while the real selfish purpose of the bridge is kept secret. The initiative excites the people, they gather to rejoice over the new development, but when you ask them what it means, they have no clue. You ask them “so why are you here gathered in this hot sun”? Their answer is as dumb as the ignorance on their faces. They have no clue. And this has been the Afrikan narrative for decades. The big boys play their political games with the ignorance of the simple guys on the street, with nothing to show for it the long run.

For instance the UK is rushing to build bridges with Africa like a fox whose tail is on fire. The reason, however, is obvious enough even for a road side chapati seller. The break away from EU means that they have to urgently look for new markets and partnerships. And because my Afrikan people have not learnt to see clearly, they are excited and clearly have forgotten the chains and the slave ships that the first bridge brought with it. That too is a Trojan horse.

Let Afrikans pay attention

When it is said that the heart of man is deep and desperately wicked, it is not a lie. The entire world was being set up a long time ago for some certain destruction; time and season are just the delaying factors. For those who love the internet, but only know how to follow foolish trending things that make no particular sense, please start to pay attention to events from around the world. If you pay attention, then you will see that there is a specific script being acted out by every agency of world government, including the government of your nation, whether they are aware of it or not. That corona virus hit China and by extension the world exactly ten years after Bill Gates spoke about reducing the population of the world by fifteen percent, is not a coincidence. That the push for vaccines became stronger at the end of 2019, which is the end of that decade, is proof that there is a timeline the global script is playing by. Why? Vaccinate as many people as you can within a certain time frame, knowing that vaccination is not a tool for health but for the breaking down of your natural immune system, which, when that wall of natural defense is down, the body will no longer have the ability to defend itself against diseases. So for you guys advocating for vaccines, which are mostly bio-weapons packaged in fine words, you had better pay attention to global trends, or in another decade’s time, you will realize that you have sentenced your own people to an untimely death. So it’s not a coincidence that the corona virus hit at the beginning of this new decade. It was scripted and created to kill and also to push the vaccine agenda much more. So that the number of those expected to be vaccinated (poisoned) that were not reached in the last decade will be reached in the next. And why use such a deadly weapon called corona virus? It’s very easy to persuade every government on earth to make policies that will favor the use of vaccination, especially when they are led to believe that it’s for the good of their people. It’s equally easy to persuade a frightened people to accept these vaccines during a ‘global crisis’. It’s both a tool for population control and a huge money making agenda for those that think they have control of other people’s lives.
And if you want to think further, the United Nations has called 2030 the deadline for The Sustainable Development Goals. In their words “The Sustainable Development Goals are a first in human history—a global compact to create a future where nobody is left behind.” The second thing to keep in mind, in line with vaccination agenda, is that the World Health Organization has announced an initiative called “Immunization Agenda 2030: A Global Strategy to Leave No One Behind”, of which they say (in draft four, Apr 2 2020), “With the support of countries and partners, WHO is leading the co-creation of a new global vision and strategy to address these challenges [i.e. “insufficient access to vaccines”] over the next decade, to be endorsed by the World Health Assembly. IA 2030 envisions a world where everyone, everywhere, at every age, fully benefits from vaccines to improve health and well-being.” It all sounds like a pretty good agenda for global good, but you must pull your head out of that line of thought and begin to realize that whatever is in the script of the globalists is not for you, but for the one who is called the god of this world.

And for those who think that the United Nations is their friend or big brother, please think again. For the United Nations as an organization is nothing but an arm of the globalist machinery mandated with the facilitation of the creation of the ten super nations (the ten kings of Revelation) for the rule of the Antichrist to begin. You may hide your head in the sand or fill your ears with wool, or give this a religious definition but what is meant to be, will be, except God steps in to put a stop to the madness of the human heart.

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