Celebrating our Contributors

Omooba Deji Irawo: Nigerian Media Practitioner and CRO, X2DTV

For our anniversary, we wanted you to get to know our contributors a little bit, so we sent them a few questions! This is Deji’s story.

Tell us about yourself and what you do, in
relation to the move for a truly liberated Afrika.

My name is Omooba Deji Irawo;
I am a media practitioner and chief responsibility officer of X2DTV and the Africa
Glowing TV brands. I am also a men’s resource technocrat, counselor and advocate.
Our media initiatives are geared towards creating Afrika’s media narrative and
ecosystems with the aim of excellently representing Afrika to herself at home and the

Say something about Msingi Afrika Magazine and how you feel about
contributing articles to it/ why you do it.

My work with men aims to build strong families with wholesome identities that are required for Afrika to live at full capacity.
Afrika needs strong, mature and responsible men to lead Afrika into her exciting destiny.

What’s your hope and aspiration for Afrika for the next ten years?

Msingi Afrika Magazine embodies my desire of a free, united Afrika living at full capacity and contributing her unique quota to make our world a prosperous place for humanity.

What ought Afrikans be doing now to ensure that we as a people and as
a continent truly realize Afrika’s great potential?

I believe Msingi Afrika Magazine, in the next ten years, will play a key role in facilitating the
much needed conversations across platforms for young people in Afrika to maximize their
full potentials.
Afrika needs to collaborate across all spheres of life with the aim of creating Afrocentric
ecosystems that achieve an Afrika that can maximize her full potentials as a people.

You can follow Deji’s work on
his website

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Msingi Afrika Team

Msingi Afrika Team

Passionate about getting God's message concerning Afrika and the end times to the world, in order to heal, restore and rebirth Afrika to her true purpose and destiny in God.

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