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Kyesubire Greigg: Kenyan Storyteller/Scribe

For our anniversary, we wanted you to get to know our contributors a little bit, so we sent them a few questions! This is Kyesubire’s story.

Tell us about yourself and what you do, in relation to the move for a truly liberated Afrika.

My name is Kyesubire Greigg but I prefer using Kyesubire. Kyesubire means hope expected… a guarantee that hope will come no matter what. Many people ask me for a simpler name for them to use, meaning easy English name, and I believe that if we can take the time to learn German or Russian names we must do the same for Afrikan names, no matter how hard.

I have a curious mind, so I question everything, and I am designed to restore Divine order as a storyteller, scribe and encourager. It took a while to figure out who I am, because of the training from the world to define ourselves by what we do. In this journey I have understood that I must first change my personal narrative and then I can be in a position to help change the narratives of those around me.

The way to change how we function as Afrikans is to understand the root of our mindsets. We were trained to think that we are inadequate and that our traditions were backward, yet this is the continent that gave Christ shelter. If we were so useless then surely we would have fallen off the face of the earth by now because nature doesn’t allow the existence of useless things.

I believe that the liberation of Afrika starts in the hearts and minds of her people, once they understand their true roots in the mind of God and thus, their purpose. This makes me more determined to build on the things God has said and is saying about Afrika.

Say something about Msingi Afrika Magazine and how you feel about contributing articles to it or why you do it.

I had always wanted to write for a publication that not just allows, but encourages, the expression of perspectives learnt from our faith walk and Msingi Afrika Magazine is just. It is a space where one can share the things that God is saying, without fear of being forced to fit into certain social narratives. This is a dream come true.

What’s your hope and aspiration for Afrika for the next ten years?

I see Afrika at the helm of the world. There is a reality that everything happens in the spirit before the physical and Afrika is a land of deeply spiritual people. In the next ten years, I see the rise of a community of true believers who are connected and committed to the word God has spoken over Afrika, who will call it into being and diligently work to bring it to pass. This will open doors for unique product and service innovations, as well as unique spaces of expression that will bring healing to the bleeding hearts of her people first, and then the whole world.

I see Afrika at the heart of everything; the hub in the wheel that is the world.

What ought Afrikans be doing now to ensure that we as a people and as a continent truly realize Afrika’s great potential?

My people, we need to begin asking a new set of questions around who we are and why we were created. We must realize that our strength is in our unity and our unity cannot be based on greed. We must care for the vulnerable with the clear intention of teaching them to rise up and raise others too. Our focus must be on shifting our hearts and minds to the truth of who we are, then becoming that people. Resources are never a challenge when the heart is right.

You can follow Kyesubire’s work on her website:

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Msingi Afrika Team

Msingi Afrika Team

Passionate about getting God's message concerning Afrika and the end times to the world, in order to heal, restore and rebirth Afrika to her true purpose and destiny in God.

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