By Kiki Asonibe

A Pandemic
A pandemic they call it
A word from study and intelligence
A description from the place of fear
A blanket generalization of reasoning
A situation beyond human control.

A Pandemic
Sees a crown virus mutating
Sees a death toll along its way
Sees a snatching away of organized life
Sees a sinking of hopes set on miry clay
Sees a place of control from wicked spirits.

A Pandemic
A cry for help
A realization of weakness
An understanding of limitations
In the boast of human power and weapons
When the war is against an unseen enemy.

A Pandemic
Opportunity for a reset
A world that is growing beyond itself
Drawn into deep dungeons of darkness
Hearts running speedily away from its maker
Racing towards eternal damnation.

A Pandemic
Love from the heart of a caring Father
Holding unto His own for a moment of thought
Values and choices that demeans it existence
Far from the will of its creator
Being in the image and likeness of the Father.

A Pandemic
A race of return
Like the prodigal son
To the arms of a hopeful Father
Waiting with richly adornments
A feast of joy for all who made it.

About the author

Msingi Afrika Team

Msingi Afrika Team

Passionate about getting God's message concerning Afrika and the end times to the world, in order to heal, restore and rebirth Afrika to her true purpose and destiny in God.

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