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Issue 8 Sept-Oct 2020


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Issue 8 Sept-Oct 2020

Even as we welcome the arrival of Lazarus Chakwera as the new president of Malawi, we also acknowledge that, as Shakespeare said, “Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.” Thankfully, as he himself has said, he knows that his journey is by grace. Furthermore, the power in the name Lazarus (God has helped, My God is Helper – see Abarim publications) means that his Help is close by to ensure the big thing that has climbed/arisen (Chakwera) shall fulfil its purpose.

The new face of Afrika is represented by what God has done and is doing in Malawi and in and through Lazarus Chakwera and his coalition who are targeting to take Tonse (all of us) along the path to ‘Tsogolo labwino’ i.e. a better future.

Such a great announcement, coming at this time, declaring that Jesus Christ (Grace) has brought His Help to all of Afrika and to take us to a better future as the place of authority found in our mouths (read the article on Malawi) so that the something great/big He has in store for us can finally be seen is mind-blowing. It is one that must resound in our hearts mixed with faith and from our mouths into our homes, neighbourhoods and lands and continent and unto the nations. Because God does not waste an announcement and neither should you or I.

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We welcome You, Christ our King! Do as You have planned.

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