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The Possibility of a Positive “Racism”?


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The Possibility of a Positive “Racism”?

Year 2020 certainly is a very interesting year in the history of mankind. This is so, not because we have not had more weird years or seasons on earth in this modern era, but because the events that have happened within the first half of this year are re-writing so many things for the future. Talk about the issue of Covid-19 and the many who lost their lives, the crumbling global economies due to the shutdown, the racist issues that led to the killing of George Floyd and the violent and almost unexpected reactions that followed globally. So basically, there are lots of things to talk about concerning the first half of 2020, but let me talk about racism.

…what is the black man busy believing
about himself, his home in Afrika and
his Afrikan brothers and sisters?

Samuel Phillips

Racism against the black community by the white race is as old and popular as Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in Afrika. Racism against blacks has created all forms of atrocities against the black race, even from before the trans-Atlantic slave trade that Afrika has not been able to wake up from. And I really wish Afrika would wake up from this bad dream.

But what really is racism and is there any good that we can glean out of it?


There are quite a lot of definitions of racism online and many to choose from, but I will use the definition, which says:

“Racism is a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to dominate others or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.”

From the above definition and from the various definitions online, it is clear that racism stems from belief and mindset which target colors that are different from one’s own and by which feelings of being superior are projected towards (or against) the same. The white race has oppressed the black race for centuries, based on their skin color, and I think Afrikans should be tired of it by now and also be ready to take a very different approach to things.

Having said that, is it also possible to see racism from a very different and much more radical perspective that will create a new Afrikan narrative of love and acceptance for black skin, especially by the blacks themselves?

Look at it this way. Racism as a form of oppression and feeling of superiority over other races works by the power of belief, that is, a belief that has become a lifestyle or a system of judging a man based on his skin color rather than his heart or life’s ideology. The question now is this, while the white race is busy believing this twisted idea that the black man is inferior to him and is doing everything to undermine and subject him to himself, what is the black man busy believing about himself, his home in Afrika and his Afrikan brothers and sisters?

To put it another way, what if the black man can shake off that feeling of inferiority that makes him freak out at the presence of the white man, take a deep look into himself, lay hold of that “Life Seed” at his core that makes him the custodian of life on earth (Afrika is the cradle of humanity), understand how that “Life Seed” works and begin to apply it to every aspect of his life? Think about that.

I personally believe that if the white man’s superiority complex is based on his own belief system, which has worked for him for a long time, then the black man by the same principle of belief, can lay hold of his own true identity, understand how it works, flaunt it for the world to see, but not from the place of a feeling of superiority or competition against anyone, but because he has found himself and he is living out his own reality without permission from anyone.

I am trying to paint a picture, so please bear with me however this painting comes out. It will make sense somehow, I believe.

Here is something in my mind that I will use to explain my perspective about turning the negative influence of racism to the positive.

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Using myself as an example, is it possible for me to come to that place in my life as a black man, that when the white man or any other race sees me doing something, they will be like “because he is a black man and because he carries in him the “Life Seed” of humanity, then what he is doing will surely succeed”? Instead of the usual nose-raising, he-is-too-inferior-to-do-it attitude they have towards me because I am black.

You get my point?

Taking it further, can we as Afrikans get to the point in our lifetime where our skin color becomes the reason we are respected, just because we have finally come to understand and embrace the power of self-discovery and the authority found in our black melanin? Because it carries with it power, authority, life and wisdom for life and living. Can we get to the point in our lifetime where our skin color and our genuine Afrikan ideology becomes the reason that nations of the world will come to Afrika to learn how life is really supposed to be and by that we dictate the terms of engagement?  Can we get to the point in our lifetime where the color of our skin becomes the reason why a white man or any race will say “because he is black then all will be well”? If Afrika is the motherhood of life on earth and if Afrika is the cradle of humanity, as even science proves, don’t you think the reason the world will not leave Afrika alone to thrive is also because she is the nest of nurture, care and safety for the world? Mothers’ milk will always satisfy the hungry child, no matter where he has been. Yes, I believe so and that’s exactly my point in this article.

There is no hope for the world without Afrika. The west knows this, Europe knows this, China is aware of it also, but does the black man know?

The white man in his pride and knowledgeable ignorance dances in the garment of his feelings of superiority over the black man because he feels that going to the moon (if that was actually true) is an achievement worth dancing over. Because in my mind, he is not thinking that, by his own supposed advanced technology, he is destroying the only home God gave him, while fighting to go to the moon where he is not permitted, by nature, to live on. Some people just need to climb down from their high horses before it’s too late. The balance in nature is already tilting and many will be thrown off.

Afrika’s superiority is not found in some prideful and arrogant attitudes towards others, even though she has the ability to do that because of her massive wealth that keeps the whole world going. Her “superiority” is found in her God-given responsibility to uphold the “Life Seed”, nourish it with the water of wisdom until it blossoms and fills the earth with goodness; a thing which is backed by science, since the Afrikan woman is the only one with the ability to birth every race on earth. This is made possible by the Eve Gene which only the black woman has.

So while many fight over the issue of racism and how it has become Afrika’s most painful wound, can we just take a few steps back, relook our own reality of what it means to be black, just maybe we will see and embrace that “Life Seed” for which our black skin will become the key that opens the world’s door instead of the signal to close it.

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