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The story behind the book:

Chioma Phillips

A People Called Afrika

The other day I was typing the words, dark continent in lower case on the computer. Within moments, the words were underlined in green, as one terminology, not as separate words. Microsoft Word told me that what I had done was grammatically incorrect, that the accurate capitalization ought to be Dark Continent. No points for guessing which continent they are referring to. But doesn’t that help you see the depths of the indoctrination and propaganda surrounding Afrika? Dark Continent is considered a proper name. The English language can be very revealing about global history, perspectives and attitudes and this without much effort, as several recent searches have revealed.

For far too long, Afrika and her people have believed lie upon lie about themselves, their history and their heritage. This heartbreaking yet deliberate deception has been perpetrated by those who have interests in keeping Afrika under this fakery in order to sink their claws of control deeper into Afrika and her resources.

We realized that while the rest of the world is on a path of decline in economic performance, health, population, political stability, Afrika, who has been kept ‘downtrodden’ is the only continent left that can offer life and solutions to the world. You see, what was meant for her downfall was actually used by God to keep her free from the entanglements that the world has enmeshed itself in. Yes, there has been some cultural erosion and some losses in the area of pollution of food, water, air and our indigenous knowledge systems, but all in all, simply because Afrika was left on the sidelines of global ‘development’ for the most part, it has remained mostly unsullied and able to pull away from the direction of destruction the world is headed in, in order to chart a whole new course for itself as an example to the rest of the world.

Having understood that the Afrikan narrative was distorted and has influenced a distortion in self-perception among her people and that this distortion only begets confusion, despair and corruption all over the place, we knew that the only way for Afrikans to disentangle themselves would be if the story was told correctly, all over again. But not only that, it would be irresponsible of us to simply leave things at the place of a correction of the historical narrative alone. That would only serve to continue to engender the feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, resentment and the victimhood that Afrika has worn as a cloak. It was, therefore, incumbent upon us to also present an accurate lens for the present, demonstrating the responsibility of each individual for their current state and mapping out possible solutions for how to heal and rebuild our beautiful land.

This has resulted in, what we believe to be, the first honest look at our history, present and future that seeks to rebuild not from hatred but from the confidence of our God-given identity. Through the book, we are seeking to build bridges in the understanding of our people, between the accurate past, present and future, that will be a clear linkage, particularly during this epoch-delineating season that was heralded by the Covid-19, to the great opportunities that have suddenly opened up for Afrika.

There is none, not one, of our brothers or sisters in Afrika who is low or filthy. We see the potential and promise of God in each one. The issue is to restore identity and understanding of purpose such that each one can ascend to the heights that they are intended to – and by so doing, raise Afrika along with them.

A People Called Afrika are the individuals and collectives who have within them the seed of ideas and purpose that are far greater than Afrika has achieved to date. Who, not seeking to prove anything to anyone, not operating from inferiority or superiority complex, are simply eager and keen to ensure that they and their people and continent finally see the seed of greatness within come to life and bear much fruit for the glory of God.

This book emerged from a passionate desire for everyone, even our oppressors, to view life and themselves and others from a lens that they have never considered before. Because, the Afrika that has answers for the whole world is not the politically unstable, uncertain and unwholesome environment that elements from outside and within the continent are trying to push for. No. The Afrika that will lead the world out of darkness and despair is the healed, restored and rebirthed Afrika. The Afrika of our dreams. And rebuilding her will take the time, effort and devotion of the many and the one.

This is why it is our prayer that you would read this book, ask us questions and use it to guide your understanding of Afrika and her people and therefore the positive decisions that you make to build her. Use it to help your children understand that the lies they have been told are just that, lies, but they do not have to live down to the expectations of the wicked. They never did. You and I never did.

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So let’s rebuild Afrika, together. The way she was intended to be.

God bless you.

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