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Monetize! Monetize!! Monetize!!!


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Monetize! Monetize!! Monetize!!!

I can’t tell you how many times, over the years, I have heard the term monetize, concerning one’s gifts, talents, connections or skills. Especially lately in these days of what WHO called a pandemic. You have to monetize that. Someone needed help with a project and three or so people said, I can help at a professional fee.

Someone else was seeking mentors online to know how to cash in on a gift that they have… because you have to make money. Eish, money has grabbed some unwitting souls. So much so that when I see you, you say hello and ask me for help and the first thing out of my mouth is “It will cost you.” Not, “Who is this person? What help do they need? How does my purpose in life feed into theirs? What support does God desire I offer them and how?” Nooooo. It’s the cash conversation that rules the day and we don’t realize it, but we’re so much worse off for it than we understand. Cash?! The lowest form of human interaction is what you want to put on a gift or a talent that you found inside you and perhaps only pushed to refine? Even if you worked at something, you got the desire and heart from it from somewhere deeper than you can imagine. Do you know the value of the One Who put it in you? Do you understand the value that He places on it? What its true purpose in you even is?

When only one person knows how to make something and then someone asks to be taught that skill, the monetize philosophy demands that the owner of the skill profit off this knowledge by exacting a cash payment or that something of great value is accorded to them in return. When you love money and you seek it with all you can, it makes you predictable and this is why that is a challenge… because that is the instrument of control that will be turned against you to conform you to something you never thought you would agree to in your life.
Recently, we talked to someone who explained that the effects of chemical farming can affect the genetic information of an individual and their children, up to the 4th generation. This includes their fertility and that of their babies. Yet, when you try to explain the enormity of this crisis to people they tell you, “But farmers have to make money!” People are seeing their health adversely affected from the food they consume… but farmers have to make money. They even say that organic food is not commercially viable to produce or sell – which is a lie, just ask the growing numbers of organic farmers. I bet the chemical farmers never thought that they would be sacrificing the health and well-being of the present and future generations up to the 4th generation of people (that’s billions of people) all for the sake of money.

It’s like a government that steals money that was intended to help tens or hundreds of millions of people, just so two or three people can get rich, while those millions suffer or even die because of this choice. I bet those involved never thought of themselves as thieves, oppressors or murderers, yet there they are. Killing and tormenting others for money.

Some of the monetize hustlers think that this is the road to great riches and wealth, but those with the bulk of the cash didn’t get the money in their possession by monetizing their talent. More often than not it was given to them as a favor or in exchange for a favor, or it was inherited… and let’s not forget the ones who went to some mysterious altars somewhere and sacrificed something or someone to get money. Somehow, most people believe that the system works in the way that it is structured, despite knowing that people who have MBAs sometimes can’t even get jobs. Despite knowing that not everyone who goes for that marketing master class will get great results, but the guy who monetized his skill and convinced you to take his class is smiling, and hunting for his next cohort because otherwise he will run out of money and end up on the hunt like others are. With no new takers of the master class, the trainer also has to think of new ways in which to lure people to make more money off them.
They call this pivoting and adapting.

Have you ever stopped to consider that governments only print a finite amount of money anyway and that most of it is in the hands of very few people? So all you can ever hope to earn or gain is the remainder of that cash, a large portion of which you will give back to the government one way or another. This leaves you constantly hustling for a tiny percentage of the money in any system so that you can give it away at the end of the day and go back to hustle for some more. Around and around you go, believing that if you don’t have that elusive money, then you’re not working hard enough, doing the right things, talking to the right people, attending the right networking sessions etc. You will spend ages looking for that one lucrative contract that will take you to your intended goal or lucrative job opportunity. That one contract or job where they will ask you to compromise just a little bit of what you believe to retain the money they say they will put in your hands.

Then you will give some of that to your landlord, some of that to your bank, a large percentage to your taxman, and the rest to the power, water and internet companies. You may fuel or service your car, buy some food and hold your breath until the next allotment comes in. So you will push yourself that little bit harder, hustle some more, optimize your strategies and squeeze just a little more cash out of the system and – for a little while – your head will be above water. Then the government will increase the cost of fuel and everything around you will suddenly cost more… and you’re back in the rat race.

I can’t tell you how many people I know or know of who have run this race, followed the rules and at the end of the day are just managing to stay afloat; one crisis away from bankruptcy. But many will continue to eat their high-risk fruit and vegetables and toe the line, building a system that is extracting everything from them and that will discard them – as it has so many others – when they are unable to give it what it wants. It is a Ponzi scheme.

“What are the options?” You will ask (and probably feel a little irritated) after all, this is the way things are done! Well, I’m glad you asked. Focus. Pay off your debts as quickly as you can. Find yourself a quiet corner of the world and settle down, with a view to becoming self-sufficient.

Your primary needs are literally God, air, water, food, shelter and clothing (not in equal measure).

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Sort those out as a priority. Especially your relationship with God. Then make sure you and your family can eat, have clothes to wear and a safe place to stay. Find ways to produce healthy food from the land, find people you can engage in exchanges with in order to get what you need that you are not currently able to produce or resources you need that you don’t currently have.

Learn how to preserve food for the dry or hard seasons. Anything left over after that is a surplus which you can start to feed into your community, wider society, country, continent and the world.

As you can see, the question we are really dealing with here is, “Is the system we are working so hard to sustain one that makes sense or not?” The monetize conversation is merely another tactic to try to get as many people as possible busy pursuing the scraps at the bottom of the Ponzi scheme pyramid. To try to make it look like they are doing something meaningful so that they don’t get their heads clear of the money trap long enough to realize that they are going round in circles.

I put it to you that it does not make one iota of sense to have billions of people chasing after money instead of purpose, even though the actualization of purpose can also bring money as reward of some sort. I further suggest that it is insanity to program the lives of billions of people to pursue survival and the acquisition of things and status, instead of their eternal destinies in God.

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