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Nature Needs No Human Assistance


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Nature Needs No Human Assistance

Generally we are told that our climate is changing and our food crops are unable to cope with the climate changes. For this reason it is punted that human [scientific] intervention is required to create hybrids and GMO seeds to adapt to the climate change and increase agricultural yields for our growing population.

It is further asserted that crop production has become a science, requiring constant human intervention and synthetic products to assist nature to produce and flourish. This is the conventional and prevailing wisdom of our time. Something referred to as best practice insight.

What About Weeds
For a moment I believed this contemporary perspective. Until I started wondering: Why is it that weeds and other wild plants continue to grow in this changing climate without cultivation, ground preparation, pesticides, fertilizers, irrigation or human intervention?

How is it that these weeds and grasses can grow even out of concrete or tar, humans struggling to control them? They can crack the foundations and walls of buildings within a very short period of buildings being neglected. How come they can be this robust without human intervention or being affected by climate change like edible crops are?

Vegetables Growing Wild
As if nature was responding to my curiosity. Walking along a small stream in a bush near my neighborhood earlier this year. I came across a vegetable and delicacy we call Tsunga in Zimbabwe and one South Africans call m’china growing wild and abundantly on the sides of the river bank.
Here is a delicate vegetable growing lushly in the wild without cultivation, irrigation, fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide, manure or any human intervention in a water scarce country like South Africa. How does one explain this? We are three months into winter and the last rains we had were in April but this veg is growing beautifully and reproducing in the wild.

Naturally I picked the crop and cooked it. It tasted amazing but more importantly it detoxed my bowel better than any other veg I have eaten before. Now I no longer go and buy muriwo/morogo in town, I just go to the bush and pick it since February.

Observation Science
I think we could be building to a scientific observation, hypothesis and conclusion here. Even edible crops (like their wild plant cousins) can grow naturally and multiply fruitfully without fertilizer, herbicide, soil tillage, irrigation, protection from winter, human science or intervention. It would seem nature adapts very well to climate changes.

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Hybrids Are Weak
It actually looks like the hybrids and GMOs they are imposing on us, which require herbicides, fertilizers, chemicals and human intervention to grow effectively. Are actually weaker, less adaptive versions of the OPV [Natural/Open Variety] crops which can grow in the harsh wild.

Why GMOs?
So why are they selling us GMOs and Hybrids? To weaken our food seed genetics to make them more reliant on human intervention and bio-chemical products?

To add to that most GMOs can’t reproduce because of GERT [Genetic Use Restriction Technology] which bio-chemical companies use to protect their patented seeds.

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