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African Medicine vs. European Medicine


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African Medicine vs. European Medicine

Arvy NgalaNgala


Bio means *life*.

Anti means *against*

Most of the chemicals we consume today by the name of drugs created by pharmaceutical companies are Antibiotics meaning they go against life. As much as we consume them to kill the germs in us, they also destroy other necessary functions of life in the body. The paradigm that we are currently in places more focus and value on money than on life. A hospital today is a business, and all medical professionals are trained under the paradigm of rationalization. A few individuals have polluted the earth in a race to get rich quick. Now they know the earth is useless, ice caps are melting, summer in India is hell. And they are stealing billions of taxpayers’ money to fund Elon Musk projects of finding life on other planets so they can escape and leave us behind. If you think I am bluffing watch the movie Elysium starring Matt Damon. My dear brothers and sister, if we do not wake up from this deep sleep, one day you will wake and will struggle to breathe because all our oxygen factories (trees) would have been destroyed. There are certain people who we see as humans but they have no soul. Their utmost goal is to destroy humanity, while your daughters are twerking on Instagram and your sons are looking for more views on YouTube; platforms they strategically designed to keep you and me busy while they plan our destruction.

Medicine is a sector that is making a lot of money in the world. Pharmaceutical industries, societies, and great pharmaceutical groups inside the world are making a lot of money and it’s bringing up a lot of millionaires, but sickness is not ending. Lots of medication is now required to be taken for survival.

Top pharma companies in the world’s net worth’s: Roche – $49.23bn, Novartis – $47.45bn, Merck & Co. – $46.84bn, GlaxoSmithKline – $44.27bn, Sanofi – $40.46bn, AbbVie – $33.26bn, Takeda – $30.52bn.

If someone has Arterial hypertension (high blood pressure) they will prescribe medication for him/her that he/she will need to take for their entire life span.  If someone has high sugar levels inside his/her blood, they will prescribe medication that he/she will need to take for their entire life span. If you do not want to take medication for life, they will have a look at the organ that is the source of the sickness in your body. Then if they find that organ can no longer perform its intended function, they may suggest its removal. They may suggest the removal of one of your kidneys. Reasoning that “there are two kidneys, and a person can live with one kidney”. If they see that your binary vesicles are of no use, they will suggest the removal of your binary vesicles. This is the nature of the medicine that we are currently relying on, the so-called modern medicine. African people are grateful “oh father God has given us grace” because they have experienced the nature of this western medicine. Believing there’s a reason to rejoice because the life expectancy of the people practicing this medicine in the west is increasing. 

Life expectancy rates (2017) from World Development Indicators, US 78.54 yrs., Japan 84.1 yrs., South Africa 63.54 yrs. Genesis 5:27, “And all the days of Methuselah were nine hundred and sixty-nine years”, and we are amazed by how people lived longer back in the day.

The pharmaceutical companies have developed medicine that has consequences, mostly known as “side effects”. For example, after the prescribed treatment, you will see a person begin to scratch, or a person begins to develop the sickness of Parkinson’s (a progressive nervous system disorder that affects movement and a person starts shaking). A person will start to have Alzheimer’s disease with troubles in the head. The cells of the human body begin to proliferate in an anarchic (uncontrolled/abnormal growth) that people call cancer or tumour when that proliferation is only at a particular point. That is why today with the guidance of our African ancestors we have come to add a little knowledge to this nature of healing/treatment.

Ladies and gentlemen, a brief overview of the treatment of the west. If you go to see a doctor in the west, he/she will ask you a few questions, and after the questions, he will have the necessary information to either have a look at your current condition by checking your tension, or how your heart is beating. He will check your temperature and all these external parameters will be considered, and he may also demand that they take a sample of your blood, so that they can see in the blood if any infection is present. He will send the sample of your blood to the laboratory for testing. The laboratory specialists will take a look at the blood sample with the use of several instruments and then after, they will send your blood test results back to the doctor. If need be, they will explain in comparison and say, “see the compositions of the blood sample you sent for check-up”, but look at the composition of a normal person. Others may make you go through a CT “computerized tomography” scan or MRI “Magnetic resonance imaging” scan. Then later, the doctor can give his diagnosis. This is the basic outline of how the process of medicine in the west goes. And when the doctor has given his diagnosis, he will suggest a way to bring you back to your normal state.

He may do this by either prescribing a good nutritious diet, or he will look for chemicals or drugs that will go and destroy the virus/parasite that is in your body. He will try to destroy it through chemistry, through antibiotics, but if it has already caused severe damage to the extent that the body that cannot be cured by drugs, he will do repairs by surgery. He will cut you to remove/replace/repair the organs that are damaged. 

The pharmaceutical companies are the ones who are the specialists/producers of the drugs that the doctor prescribes to you. I weigh by words when I say that the medicines that we consume in Europe are drugs. Those drugs are processes of chemicals that they use to make molecules to resolve a problem inside the body. Those molecules will be tested on rats, they will be tested on other living things apart from humans, so they can be sure that they are responding well. If someone has the sickness of sleep, they will create a molecular drug and place it in a rat to see if the rat is reacting well. They will check if the rat had sleep, but it no longer has sleep after giving it that sickness in an artificial manner. If it no longer has sleep, they will check to see if there is still equilibrium inside the blood of the rat. 

Now see this when they create trial samples of the drug to test on wide groups of people represented in different categories of age, race and society, to be able to see if the injection of that product has no fatal effects. They will ask those people to be volunteers and respond to different questionnaires in regard to the test. And if the test results are positive, later they will come to massively produce the drug and give permission to hospital doctors to prescribe those drugs to many people around the globe.

Mainly this drug will remove the clinical symptoms and this means that if someone struggled with staying awake, there is no more sleep. However, sadly ladies and gentlemen, for the most part, these drugs also bring a lot of secondary effects. The chemistry inside the body of a person reacts depending on the recipient (e.g. one of the volunteers of the covid-19 vaccines who was paid $1,000 to try the drug, collapsed a few minutes after taking the drug), or if a woman is pregnant or is not pregnant, persons of a certain blood group, and this is really a struggle inside the western pharmaceutical industries.

This is the science that is taught to most of our doctors today, and most medical universities are of this science that we call rationalization in the medical world. This means to return to equilibrium, the medical specialists are prescribing substances of drugs to patients that can go and kill the disequilibrium at the level of the cells or other areas of the body so that a person can return to equilibrium.If we cannot return him/her to equilibrium in that case, we can go forward with the intervention of surgery on the person so that we can remove/repair/replace the cause of disequilibrium in the body.

Those medicines, those drugs of the west have caused a lot of problems. It works for a certain period of time and the body adapts and produces some resistance but you will see that it will destroy other functions of other organs; it gives you hepatic disease or hepatic disequilibrium of all sorts. And that is how the medicine in the west is functioning, the medicine that African people are applauding believing they have found the solution for their diseases and sicknesses.

Ladies and gentlemen let me speak to you on African medicine, it has already died. We have not financed it, we have not given it the chance to evolve, but we all entered and threw ourselves ignorantly like small children into the medicine of the west. 

How did Africa treat diseases/sickness before the encounter with the western world? Before I tell you how first I should tell you how Africa saw a human being. Why should I tell you first how Africa used to see a person? In the medicine of the west, a person is an animal and is functioning as an animal. So then if we know how the animal functions, we can be able to help. However, in African cosmology, a person is not an animal but wears an animal. He did not literally wear an animal, if we go in deep precision; he wore the body of an animal. The human is a spirit that came from the Father in Heaven and is born inside the body of an animal so that he lives out his experience of life on earth. Genesis 2:7 “Then the LORD God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.” Therefore, if a person wears the body of an animal, it means then that the animal body was made/created. And who exactly made that body? Here I am telling you the concept of African cosmology.

The ones that made that body are the invisible servants of God that exist inside the world; the Kongo ancestors called them the “Simbiya Kisemi”. The “genius creators” the Ngala’s tribe in Kongo call them “Elima” and several tribes and cultures call them according to their roots. In Europe when they still had the concept of the Godship of Africa, they called them the “beings of nature” the essentials, because they knew it. They knew that inside this world, we have vegetation reign, mineral reign and we also have animal reign. So, whether it is trees or stones, everything inside the world was made. It did not spontaneously come about occurring without apparent external cause or intervention. There were Simbi/essential beings of nature great servants of God the creator, the engineers of this creation that created this world starting from the soil, to stones, to organic reign, to vegetation, it was them that created it. 

These beings of nature stay in the forest, underwater, in the air and also below the earth. Our ancestors knew this. They also knew that a human is a spirit that came into the body of an animal. That this animal body came from the evolving earth, stones, and trees, up to the point where it gave the earthly body. The body of the animal is a product of evolution. It is well explained in the bible, but in an initiation language and metaphor for only the wise to understand. Genesis 1:11 Then God said, “Let the land produce vegetation, Genesis 1:12 the land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees, Genesis 1:24 And God said, “Let the land produce living creatures according to their kinds. So, a human entered into this body that has 5 senses, so that he can be able to do his/her experience on earth. Genesis 2:27 He breathed the breath of life into the man’s nostrils, and the man became a living person.

Ladies and gentlemen! That body can have problems that body at times may not function well. That body can demand or show a need for healing or treatment. It should eat properly, and indulge in things that will reinforce the way that it needs to be functioning. That’s why our ancestors knew that instead of killing rats to know how to treat the body, they instead needed to ask the beings that created it. The creatures that created it that live in the forest, underwater, in the air, and in the stones. They will get in contact with them, they are the ones that made them wear the body, and it is their specialty. That is why during the time of our ancestors when an epidemic or new sickness arose, their Nganga or spiritual doctors, in other words, their wise men that they used to call back in the days in Kikongo language of Kongo: “the-Ndoki”. The translation of the name Ndoki today after western mental slavery is taken to mean a “sorcerer/witch doctor. But that is not the real ancestral root of the name. A Sorcerer in Kikongo means Kadiapemba (a person with an evil heart). But “Ndoki or Ndoka” translated to Kitetela (another local language of Kongo) is a wise person that is able to get in contact with the beings of nature, the Simbis who have made this world of stones, air, soil, trees, and animals. They were able to show a wise person that in this disequilibrium situation/sickness if you take this tree and mix it with such a tree and you dry it off and you place it in a dark place and give the person to drink it 3 times a day, you will see that the sickness will end. They would explain to him the curing process and also explain to him why they have given him that particular recipe, so that principle can cure//help the person.

Ladies and gentlemen, dear men and women of goodwill. This medicine that we call “organic medicine” the west did not want it, this medicine helped Africa for thousands of years. Our ancestors in Egypt & Ethiopia reigned with this medicine for 13,000 years during the golden age. It helped the world for thousands of years if the world continues to exist till today it is because your African ancestors knew this medicine.

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My mothers, fathers and children of Africa, let me surprise you! This medicine did not have any secondary effects. This medicine in the principle of its functioning is not an antibiotic but is built up of organic principles that come to reinforce your natural strength and humanitarian system. The strength of the body increases when a person is taking the Kongo Kololo (a very common organic medicine in Kongo). Also, our ancestors were eating foods that were creating positive outcomes in their body, healthy food. It is sad my mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, the western food we are eating is not all good for our bodies. We consume genetically modified food just so that one CEO somewhere and the Board of directors can put money in their pockets.

Our ancestors did not necessarily eat for the sweetness of the food, the food that they ate was a necessity that protected and strengthened their bodies. The Nganga of Kongo “the wise doctors”, when they wanted to consult the beings of nature, it required that they be in purity. It required them to vibrate in love, purity and justice. This is because if you did not have purity in your heart, and no purity in your thoughts, words and actions, you would not be able to see those beings. So, the Nganga were a people who were spiritually elevated. When there was an issue in the community, they would call them. Before the Nganga even entered the forest he would begin to speak to those beings, “it’s me so and so I have come with an issue/crisis to you, the Simbi of trees-Simbiya Minti, of soil-Simbiya Ntonto, of animals-Simbiya Bibulu, Simbi of water-Simbiya Massa, Simbi of air-Simbiya Mupepe, genius creators Simbi of Kisemi. I have come so that you can take a look at the crisis we are facing. We have this so and so sickness and it’s doing this and that, look at its principles and look at its clinical effects, the person is experiencing this please help us!”. When he will enter in their midst because the Nganga/wise doctor is a spiritual person, his/her eyes will open and he will get in contact with the Simbi’s. For 2-3 days, they will show him how to heal that sickness and when he will come out, he will come out with appropriate bushes/leaves for the sickness or fever.

A well-known organic medicine for fever passed on from generation to generation in Kongo is to take the leaves of an avocado and place them in water, or boiled water. Then the person is covered in a blanket and eventually, they will heal from the fever, it will destroy the virus of the fever that is inside that person’s body. Our fathers knew it, and it was not something to hide, as compared to western medicine today where we consume the medicine in blind faith not knowing the compositions. When the west came and found our people had a different paradigm and way of thinking or seeing the world, they called it Satan. It is the white man, the west that called these practices Satanic practices! It is the white foreigners that banned these things, and they became things of hiding, but it was not something of hiding when our ancestors walked the earth.

Our mothers knew the kind of trees from the forest to use to take care of us as we grew. It was passed on from generation to generation through initiation, and it was something natural. My mothers, fathers, and children of Afrika! When the west came and brought Christianity, they said the essential beings are satanic evil spirits. After violently conquering our ancestors they educated their children and they removed the African cosmology of their fathers from their minds so that they can introduce their medicine of treating us like animals and killing rats in labs.

Look at where we are now my mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers! We now have a lot of sicknesses, like I told you in the beginning; we now have a pharmacy that does not heal/treat any more. It is aiding you, to keep spending plenty of money when one day you could wake up and all your cells will be unable to function as they were created to.

Mothers, fathers and children of Kongo and Africa, your ancestry has an enormous wealth way more than what is happening in the west. The lack of knowledge will be the end of us, Hosea 4:6. Nevertheless, Zola Bantu, Msingi Afrika Magazine & TV and many others have taken the mantle and duty to help awaken the conscience of Africans and black people spread across the globe. When we regain our maturity, we will invest in our own pharmacy faculties so that we can go back to the pharma-code that is the lobiko (healing) of the entire world.

Ahsante! Zikomo! Tatenda! Shukriya! Merci! Thank you! Ngiyabonga! Dankie! Gracias! Obrigado! Matondo!


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Influencers: PLO Lumumba, Dr. Sebi, Dr. Umar Johnson, Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao, King Joshua Maponga, Dr. Mumbi Seraki, Mrs. Chioma Phillips, Zack Mwekassa, Julius Malema.

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