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On Stage

Everything in the world is a stage and all the life therein is a stage play. Day unto day adds up to history and we should leave ours in the record if we brought anything original into it truly.

Nevertheless, the world challenges our understanding to sort out the genuine souls from the fake. The world is also therefore an examination hall to test the ground of our understanding whether it is deep or shallow and whether it is a spiritual foundation or a material vanity.

Invariably, we should know not to expect foreknowledge of the question the stage of time has set to examine us on and to prove our faith by a fight of fate. Only fools ignorant of truth anticipate a fair world.

The world is only fair by being the examiner it is designed to be by default —– Satan is Chief Examination Officer and testifier before God unto reward and appropriate placement of the tested. In the end, hope is justified as the life beyond powers of failure.

There is no hope in the world. And any soul who desires hope needs go to the market of heaven where hope is sold without price but presence. Hope is eternal life. The hungry soul longing for eternal life will need the love and time of wisdom.

Love will disregard anything for purpose and time will prioritize for purpose. The wisdom of love and time towards purpose is faithful and always reliable. To survive, give attention to the only importance which is the eternal.

Therefore, the knowledge of eternal value is key to freedom and peace without fear of the fate that terminates all in the manner of life of flesh. The life of blood is a corruptible life but the way of the water is imperishable. Live for Immortality to immortalize your soul and be in brilliant uniform with stars of renown in the sky forever.

The world is an examination hall. Anyone expecting to have foreknowledge of the examiner’s questions challenging understanding cannot be fair. The world may only be unfair if it tests us beyond course of our destiny. Therefore, let us wake up to our originally bestowed self and quit saying the world is not fair. To say the world is not fair is allusive to saying the Creator of the world is unfair. That’s blasphemy against God.

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