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Arvy NgalaNgala

Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and all children of the nation of Afrika. Let’s talk a little about the current world order, “The way in which the world, our planet is being run”.

In the world that we live in there is a vision (paradigm) that carries this world.

The powerful of this world, those that have conquered this world on all international platforms, they have their vision which they are using to run the world in the actual moment.

The vision that is running the world and also that is organizing all the structures of our planet and communities is the “accumulation of riches”. Basically, how can a person get a lot of riches, how will the state get a lot of riches, how a group of people will get a lot of riches so they can create their own financial oligarchy. This is the entity summary of the vision that is running the world in the current time.

So, the actual vision of the current world, lies around the accumulation of riches, and in the process of the accumulation of riches it has given birth to conflicts of all sorts, from identity conflicts to civilization conflicts of all kinds. The current vision of the world is essentially carried by the western world.

It means life and the sense of life is the capacity of someone to maximize and fill up on material goods and rationalize where it needs to be produced so that at the end, he/she continuously moves on in life like they say ” from glory to glory and victory to victory”. It means a person’s satisfaction in life according to the above definition is measured by the enormous material riches/wealth they have.

Countless theories in economic science explain how and what people need to do to become all powerful accumulators of material riches. The market, in reality, should be a place that brings people together for a fair exchange of goods and services, but for these elites it is a place to see and make sure that if they go to the market, they should earn more than other people.

They say in their heart, “I should earn more, more than another country, more than another continent, I should impose my vision (paradigm)”.

See, my mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends and all children of the nation of Afrika, the kind of economy that is meeting at the market has become the engine of the development of a person.

It means it is in the exchange of or in your capacity to dribble another on the price, and be able to manipulate money for your own personal gain, that other people are called

developed and other people are called less developed or underdeveloped.

All of this is to look at how to be clever in the remuneration for work done, so that when a person performs his/her task, if you are a clever person you look for a way to pay him less, so that you can earn more and get joy and happiness in the world and in your nation.

So you see my mothers, fathers, and friends, this is the paradigm of the western world, the paradigm that has dominated the world for over 4,000 years since the fall of Egypt, where our ancestors led the world for 13,000 years after the great flood.

And for this paradigm to consolidate there is a need to organize the society in such a way that can perpetuate/drive this paradigm.

Political organizations are made to give a sense of syndicate to entrepreneurs, syndicate of salaries, social force, all this serves as a way to organize the society so that the economy should actually be the accumulation, repartition of material riches. And finally, the sense of the world, the sense of a person in the world is how he/she will get goods and services.

But the western world says we will not end here; we also have to travel to many territories across the earth to conquer those spaces.

This gave birth to the idea to build armies, and organize their armies to be able to defend themselves, and at the same time it had to be and still is a key instrument of destruction to anyone who opposes their agenda.

The army becomes an instrument for conquering the riches of the planet earth.

For this to happen there is a need to create all sorts of doctrines of all types, and they have also seen that the force/power of a person/people is in their capacity to have arms of war and also the capacity to impose his/her/their vision and ideas in the world. That is why today as we speak, the vision that is dominating the world currently is the vision of the accumulation of riches, and when you will accumulate these riches it places you in a position where you will be able to pass your ideas and you will be respected.

They have therefore organized the world into different categories: The engine/leading countries,  which are the countries of Europe, and North America, and the third world nations foolishly refer to them as “the deciding nations”.

Decisive in the sense and vision of their paradigm.

Other nations, precisely ‘third world nations’, are simply seen as reservoirs of earth’s primary materials.

Since these ‘third world nations’ (countries of Afrika) are seen and taken to be simply reservoirs of earth’s primary materials, they have organized these nations  in such a way that they should respond to their mission and  vision in the world. So that they can continue to be consumers or exploiters of the primary materials of those nations.

Inside the nations of Afrika that play the role of reservoirs of primary materials, they have organized it (with the help of puppet leaders/intellectuals) to serve their selfish goal, but in the ‘engine’ countries of Europe and North America they structure their political space in such a way that it remains stable, so that at all times it continues to play the role to accomplish their vision of mercantilism (an economic policy that is designed to maximize the exports and minimize the imports for an economy).

Around these States they will organize powers. These powers will make legislative laws and also run those states to cater for people’s needs. Legislative bodies will be made to monitor how laws will be controlled and applied in their spaces to finally create a judiciary power.

All the nations of the western world have a similar structure of organization. Though there are variants, where others have kings, others presidents or prime ministers and also others have various ways they organize their justice system, but in brief the common goal or end goal is how the state can be an instrument of the vision of “accumulation of riches of nations”.

This is where certain families or a certain group of individuals will know how to pilot the economy of  the world, the economy of the entire planet around an enterprise based on capital, to govern the entire world. And all the people that will work in the workplaces they provide, they will give them perhaps good salaries in the western world to keep them in control and motivated to continue to acquire “riches’ needs” for them.

But in poor countries the organization of the state will be made similar to what they have made in the metropolitan nations, but the goal and finality is that these nations of Afrika, their organization and alimentation will at all times be run/controlled by the deciding nations or the western world.

Mothers, Fathers, brothers, sisters and friends see where Afrikans since the 1960’s, with all the conferences held in the continent and abroad by Afrikan political classes or Afrikan intellectuals across the continent have placed our continent in a situation of: how we are going to continue being the supplier of primary materials, so that west can be able to accumulate riches, and maintain the entire Afrikan population in the state of extraordinary poverty.

Mothers, Fathers, sisters, brothers and friends voila!! The paradigm of the western world that has dominated the world for over 5 centuries. A paradigm that we all have entered into and is the source of all our political crisis and social crisis that we are in today. Sadly, we are all looking for how to play a role in this paradigm. Because, all our education systems which, by the way, were brought to us by the west; serve as a tool for reforming, designing and brainwashing our mental, spiritual, religious selves so as to respond to the need of the market, a need that returns to the vision of how a person can enrich himself.

Mothers, Fathers and Friends you have seen the western world paradigm that dominated the world and continues to dominate the world.

But we, in Afrika before the western world brought that paradigm (vision of accumulation of riches), Afrikans had their own way of seeing the world.  How did Afrika see the world?

In Afrikan cosmology, a person and the sense of life of a human being was not “to have”, it was not the accumulation of resources and not to run to other people’s territories to exploit or conquer them and manipulate the market to empty them of their resources, No! Afrika did not have this concept of life. As Afrika, that was not our vision of the world. How then did Afrika see the world?

Afrikan ancestors knew that we came into the world to grow our Ki-Muntu-Ki-Bomoto (Humanity). It means we came from the nation of our Father, and Father gave us this earth so that we can become the image and resemblance of our Father.

They believed that we came into the world to give birth to qualities of Zola (Love), and also give birth to Knowledge that is inside of us. And the place where we will live, we should live in Bopeto (peace), and this will require us to be wise in the way that we organize ourselves, how we will live and in our work so that we can be able to attain these existential objectives.

For this cause they organized their lives in a way that enabled them to attain their paradigm of growth in knowledge and showed how to become Moto (Human), a being that is in the image and resemblance of our Creator. They organized their society around a structure and state where they had a temple, a temple that was the guardian of the character of traditions of God-The-Father-Creator.

The temple was in charge of forming people that would rule the state. If someone has the will to rule the state, he/she will get the formation/training from the priest. So that he can learn in his mind, heart and his roots that the world that he/she wants to run, the essential goal of the people that live in this world is to learn the laws of God-The-Father-Creator. So the leader cannot lead or rule if he/she does not know and live by the laws of God-The-Father-Creator. The Afrikan ancestors walked the world in the laws of God-The-Father-Creator that they cultivated from nature. They cultivated the laws of God-The-Father-Creator into political traditions, cultural traditions, and all sorts of just laws that exist in Afrikan cosmology. There is a great need for a ruler to know these laws so that he/she can be the guardian of these traditions. And the woman that a male ruler will marry, she needs to be a woman that will be the guardian of the sacred flame that will help the man all the time to be in proximity to the light of God-The-Father-Creator. So that he and his ministers are able to do a good job. And the people can learn by initiation the laws of God-The-Father-Creator and later show their Ki-Moto (Image of God) into the world.

Ladies and gentlemen as you can analyze for yourself you can see that this paradigm has nothing to do with the European paradigm at all. A man according to the Afrikan paradigm, the ancient paradigm, the paradigm of light when Afrika had no contact with the western world placed man in a social, cultural, ecological space where he can realize his goal and purpose of life with his neighbor, and that goal is to become Muntu (Image and resemblance of God). The goal of a human is to become the Christos of God, and this is in summary the paradigm that Afrikans had.

What about the market? A place of exchange is no longer a space of domination or trying to accumulate riches, but a space of exchange of goods and services and not only that, the market is of the goal that not every person can produce everything, instead the society is organized into casts, one cast will produce this and another cast will specialize in a different thing.

Then all the different groups of people meet at the market to see how to exchange their goods and services in a just manner, so that everyone can have the satisfaction of his goods for temporary consumption. The goods of temporary consumption were not exaggerated, the goal of life was not for us to make sky-scrapers and to exaggerate the consumption of goods. The goal of life of course was to gain these goods of consumption, but through the gaining of these goods we learn how to live in love, purity and justice with one another. In the Afrikan paradigm the family was of capital importance. The role of a father, the role of a mother, the role of a child, the role of uncles, aunties and even in the society, village or community the roles were given all so that a person can be helped to become in the world.

They built societies of peace, non-aggression societies, societies that had an essential goal of promoting excellence of beauty and spirituality. These are the cultures that perpetuated across history, matic traditions and this was the paradigm of us Afrikans. 

Mothers, Fathers, Friends, and Children of Afrika you can see the two paradigms; On one side how to accumulate riches, a person is defined by how many accounts he has in big banks and when he has these accounts then he is a person of value and importance. He will hide his funds in the Panama Papers and many other places. The state needs to have strong armies or else another state will come and attack it. So you have to be strong in the military, and you have to dominate and rule other people so that you can get your paradigm and accumulate riches to define that where you are, you live well, but where others in the ‘third world’ should continue to be providers of primary materials. And if they will organize themselves to get the minimum then it’s ok and if not that is their problem. If they will not be able to accept the minimum, the person or persons who will rule them should at all costs respond to their paradigm. But in Afrikan cosmology when foreigners came to visit, the Afrikan ancestors gave them wisdom and knowledge so that when they returned to their nation they should also work and become Batu (People who have the image of God-The-Father-Creator).

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 Mothers, Fathers, Friends here you see two visions that are at the center of the Congolese and Afrikan crisis, a mercantile vision where many of us are and we are trying hard to get out of this vision, but not knowing in actual sense we come from the other vision of Afrikan cosmology. So during the ongoing shock of meetings, the European paradigm was based on violence and it managed to take over by force, because as for us when they came we never thought that people would come to visit other people and kill them and harm them. We did not place ourselves in a defensive situation because we never thought that people in this world that God-The-Father created could live in that manner.

This resulted in them colonizing us. They brought and introduced us into slavery and sold us, destroyed our social tissue and with mental colonization they removed in our children in over 5 centuries our way (vision) of seeing the world. They removed the Afrikan cosmology vision by reformatting our minds inside western schools. So republic western schools across Afrika and universities are simply tools of perpetuation and reformation of Afrikans to the vision or way of seeing life. The Afrikan has a huge difficulty, the Afrikan does not know any more how to get out of this civilization that has designed his mind for over 5 centuries. Unknowingly he has placed himself in a position where he is looking for a solution again through the same western world that is responsible for the situation that he is in by being the provider and supplier of primary materials in Europe. Mothers, Fathers, Friends see the two visions that are inside the world. But at the moment only one of these visions exist, because the vision I just explained of Afrikan cosmology does not exist any more. The Europeans have done all even in the terms of religion and in all sorts of areas that the approach of conserving the world and design of a person should be in such a way that only depends on accumulating riches.

There was a need to make the Afrikan hate his own language, and place in his head that he can only be developed or seen as developed if he is speaking the language of foreigners. A person that is seen teaching in his own local language is seen as a person who is not intelligent and whatever he is saying is not right. But if another person comes and speaks in a European language there! the black formatted mind is happy. A black man takes words of wisdom from a western person and posts them in his publications, but words of wisdom of Afrikan wise men he will disregard saying they are not educated. He will feel shy to put out there the ideas of Afrikans because he does not know it and is formatted in the water of foreigners. See the pain of black people!

The question is therefore to know are we going to continue like this?, With the following mind-set!, “oh they have said, the western powers have set their eyes upon such a person”, “oh now the international deciders have said this”, “oh let’s promote democracy”, “if on this law we say this, the deciders will not see us well, so let’s be careful”, “let’s get together so we can find solutions under the surveillance of the international community”, such kind of foolish speeches made by Afrikan leaders. Where are we going to end with this kind of vision and mind-set? “Ah we are the opposition, ah we are opposing”, “We are the ones in power, they want to take our power and we do not want that”, “I heard this person is of the same tribe as me, so I am with him”, “another says, oh for me their democracy is not alright, let us rise up and get the power by force so that I can become the leader in this country.” 

Everything revolves around the foolishness of the periphery paradigm that the western powers placed in Afrikans and with this kind of foolishness it is difficult for Afrikans to be free, because the mind is formatted and designed to function with those kinds of reflections. A lot if intellect eminent personalities are full of pain and grief to see Afrika in that way, but they too are reflecting through the lenses of the western paradigm to see which place Afrika will be while playing the role of supplier of primary materials.

So in summary Afrika is reserved as a source of primary materials. But in the ancient paradigm, Afrika was trying to look at his children so they could achieve spiritual ascension. Afrikan ancestors knew why we came into the world, and that the goal of life is Zola (Love). All temporary activities are assuring to the temporary needs and people we cannot exaggerate about  it because it is not the finality of existence and those needs need to be redistributed to all people. The goal was how to organize our societies so that love, justice and purity reigns inside and among us. What then will we do Mothers, Fathers and Friends because the entire Afrikan political class currently is designed to the thinking of the western paradigm?

Voila! Mothers, Fathers, Friends the profound reflection to enable those that want to contribute to the research of the solutions of this crisis so we can all come together, but I would like to give 4 stages to attain maturity, so that we can be able succeed and get out of this mess. Firstly, we need to do an awakening and wake up the consciousness. The Afrikan really needs to be reborn in a new birth. There is a need for consciousness awakening of personnel, so that they can help the people to wake up and to be reconciled to their history. Because the current solutions that are being taken are solutions that do not take account of the history of Afrikan people and have made the Afrikan to live in syncretism. An Afrikan has become a hybrid, and in that hybridization he has devalued himself completely. Afrikan intellectuals are a shame, they will speak foreign languages all day and make mention of all types of things, but have no vision of their history and worse if he is told of his history he looks at it with hate and disregard. 

Every time something of Afrikan paradigm is mentioned it is seen to be nothing but witchcraft, see the foolishness of the temple-mind-set of Europe. Not knowing that the temple of Afrika was a temple of brotherhood and sisterhood relations.

So the first stage we have to think about how we are going to organize the awakening and the waking up of the Afrikan consciousness.

Second step, in the waking up of the consciousness we shall constitute a new Elite body. We will see how in the movement of this awakening up we can be able to organize a new body for the struggle. And when we say movement of awakening and wake up we do not mean a fighting movement, popular uprising, ‘put such a person in such a place, I will give you this and that’ we speak not of this, instead we speak of a return to a paradigm that centers love, justice, purity in development of a person. And for that we need to reconcile ourselves to our history and we need to constitute a new elite group that is grained in the history of pure spirituality.

Third step, we shall have a political, economic transition. As we are in the paradigm of the west we will not do a revolution as they have arms and a lot of interests. We will see what sort of approach we should take and we will talk between us and also speak to them in a way that we can negotiate a transition of civilization.

We will let go of a barbaric civilization and move to the civilization of reign of peace on earth, but it will be in a transitional phase. There is a need for elders who have done that, a sort of political elite to be able to see off and negotiate that transition. The people will be made aware of this and also the force of progress in the western world.

And at the last the fourth step. We will enter into the emerging new civilization. These thereby are my reflections in 4 steps I have spoken to you of the current dominating paradigm that is an accident of history because the paradigm that drove history over a long time was the paradigm of our Afrikan ancestors, the paradigm that the Son of Man came to restore. I also spoke to you on the difficulty of Afrika on the paradigm that he seems not to find a way out, because the current political class available, their way of seeing things and their university designed mind-set is responding to the paradigm of keeping us as the source of primary materials and this will not get us out of the situation we are in. I have given you 4 steps to be able to get out of this situation.

1. Wake up the consciousness and spirituality,

2. Constitution of an elite according to that wake up,

3. Create a situation of transition of civilization as the people begin to take charge of their lives and see how to negotiate with the civilization of violence, so that finally,

4. We can make a reign of peace on earth.


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