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What is Education?


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What is Education?

Education can be defined under two paradigms, namely education of the west and the education according to the Afrikan cosmogony.

-In the education of the west we train an individual to live from the outward in (materialism) while in Afrikan education we train the individual to live from the inward out (Ubuntu).

– Education of the west trains people to master a certain skill(s) that can be used in the position of a job to perform a certain task/service with a return/reward of a paycheck or salary that enables one to pay for services/bills to survive. While the Afrikan education trains individuals to identify their gifts that can be of service to the society, and places the individual in a position to develop their gift and master it to the point where the individual becomes unemployable.

The individual is trained from a young age to answer the 5 Questions of life.


Where am I from? SOURCE

Why am I here? PURPOSE

What can I do? POTENTIAL

Where am I going? DESTINY

It frees the individual from the prison of a job to survive and makes him/her an asset to the society because of his/her unique abilities, and thus he/she helps people get what they want and he/she always has what he/she needs.

-In the education of the Afrikan, the educator or teacher knows that a human is a spirit that lives in an earth suit to experience physical life temporarily on earth, and uses life as an opportunity to grow/attain spiritual values. But in the education of the west the physical intellect/brain of the earth suit (body) is confused with the spirit, and the intellect/brain sees material success or achievements as an elevation or goal of life, putting the spirit to sleep while the brain takes control of the wheel of the car (body) and begins to engage in activities that are contrary to the values of the spirit. The brain/intellect becomes anti-spirit or better said the Anti-Christ. You thought the Anti-Christ was a person, but sadly you are one yourself.

-In the education of the Afrikan, the spirit is a priority and the spirit is in control of the car (body). The spirit comes with Spiritual fruits and uses the body to manifest them to the world. While in the education of the west the Spiritual values and fruits are replaced with carnal satisfactions of the flesh, love becomes a sexual feeling, joy becomes the happiness of having money, peace becomes the ability to be fine while others don’t have the same opportunity and continue to live in misery, you manipulate the market to keep others down while you have all the joy and happiness in the world #tag the top 1%.

-In the education of the west, YOLO (you live only once) is the concept of life, but in Afrikan education the spirit experiences/incarnates physical life several times to grow its spiritual maturity.

-In the education of the west all roads leads to Rome, cheat, steal, lie, kill if you want the grave is the final destination for everyone. In the education of Afrika, life is taken seriously and not all roads lead to Rome, some roads lead to Zimbabwe.

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-In the education of the west the end justifies the means, meaning, it doesn’t matter what you do now, it is how you end up that matters. In the Education of Afrika the present is a gift and one should take advantage of it to grow their Spiritual  maturity, for a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

-In the education of the west life is about me, me, I, I, mine, mine, but in Afrikan education life is about we, ours, together.

-In the education of the west, life is a race, but in Afrikan education life is a grace.

-In the Education of the west likes, views, and followers build your personality, but in Afrikan education human values are the trophies of life.

 -In the education of the west the code of identification and recognition is skin pigmentation, but in Afrikan education, LOVE IS THE TRUE IDENTITY.

Education is the formal or informal process for receiving and disseminating instruction. Education begins in the informal setting. The HOME.

Ireola Olaifa, Mkurugenzi Mtendaji (Executive Director), Maruge Kundi

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