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Mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers of Afrika receive our patriotic salutations.  This is a special article, because you are going to re-discover the History of the Evolution of Humanity. It is important for you all that have been called for the restoration of our land of Afrika in this age, to know the structure of creation, what is creation and what happens in the above kingdoms or intermediary kingdoms to finally guide the entire humanity especially the children of God to an appropriate process that will drive us in the coming centuries to the peak of the reign of peace on earth (The Millennium). That is why it is important that servants of light at this end of time bring light to the structure of creation to enable servants of goodwill to join their hands together.

Today, in this in this article, we have come again to briefly brush you up on the evolution of humanity, because you need to place Afrika and the true children of Israel (Bantu), in line with their true history to have a right comprehension of the events as they unfolded. This will permit you to recapitulate on certain things which are norms today, but in reality it is the wrong interpretation of history. The Illuminati took total charge and control of this information to distract the entire humanity about the true identity of the true Israelites.

Ladies and Gentlemen we will see in 5 stages how humanity evolved.

Stage 1

So, there is creation and God by the intervention of primordial spirits that surround his house, they sent brains of energy so they could form the universe. The plan was received by the essentials, and it means the beings of nature who then placed the foundation bricks to construct the entire universe. It is these essential beings (genius creators) of nature that constructed all the tissues in chosen spaces. They created everything as small as atoms, oxygen and all the elements that Sir Dmitri Mendeleev placed on his periodic table.

Note: Dimitri Ivanovich Mendeleev was a Russian chemist and inventor. He is best remembered for formulating the Periodic Law and creating a farsighted version of the periodic table of elements. (Born 8 February 1834, Died 2 February 1907) source: Wikipedia

And from these tissues there were other essentials beings that were working to elaborate the minerals of the earth, such as the wind, air, fire, and water, etc. And for the combination of these elements, there were also other genius creators that the Kongo ancestors call the simbi that create trees; they enter trees or stay on the outside of the trees to push the trees up in a chosen space, in the cosmos and later they formed nature. It’s not a lesson of science that we are teaching you here, but to be brief the visible nature and the invisible nature as we will explain better later of the 7 cosmic communities found in Revelation chapter 2-3 coded in an initiation symbolic language were constructed by the simbi. They were constructed by the genius creators of the universe that are known as the army of the Lord in ancient texts, confused by religious people to mean angels. These genius creators of the universe encapsulated all the brains of energy and they created a lot of things in the universe. Today in science many scientists are beginning to discover atomic quantum physics and brains of energies, but back in the day humanity had only stopped at protons and electrons, if you remember from chemistry class, but today as we have advanced in science we have found out that there are Quantum energies and atoms and so on and so forth.

So, this means that spirituality is not in contradiction with good science. Good science built on truth, built on good comprehension of energy has to normally be aligned with spirituality, because spirituality is advanced as compared to science and science moves step by step to catch up with spirituality. Now, on the 7th level of this, post-creation, all the elements created unite to form the ecosystem or nature so that humanity can finally carry out its experience.

Finally, the gems of spirits descended into the post-creation coded in scriptures to say, “And God breathed into their nostrils the breath of life, and men became living beings”. The innovation here is that the gems of spirits arrived from the subtle planet of the spiritual creation and they passed by 6 other planets/kingdoms of light that are subtler than here where they were enveloped by a shell/envelope/house of that universe. They wore the clothes that are making our morphology best known in the east as the 7 chakras or 7 centres of energies found in our human anatomy that serves as a door or location of where each universe is. For anyone today, a human has a spiritual nucleus, a fire/energy will of the Holy Spirit (God the Creator), and in this spiritual nucleus is found a human’s spiritual potential also known as fruits of the spirit mentioned in Galatians 5:22. We arrived on earth by passing through different universes, various universes, 6 in total, up to when we arrived here on the earth.

Stage 2

Now the question is how did we arrive here? Our first ancestors that the bible calls in a coded language Adam and Eve (the adamic and eve civilization). How were they created? They came from heaven and came out as people on earth? Who made them wear this animal skin? The bible says they were in the garden and after they sinned they discovered they were guilty and God killed an animal to dress them up, but chased them out of the garden, Genesis 3:21. Was the garden of Eden here on earth? Or was it a spiritual place? If it was a spiritual place and not on earth, how could they sin in the spiritual kingdom? Or did they themselves feel the need to leave the spiritual kingdom to experience life physically on earth? Does this contradict the text that says, “God chased them out?”, these are existential questions we need to ask ourselves. This is your assignment to solve. Let’s move on.

How were they made? How did the human appear? Quote, “and man became a living being”. All this happened in the heart of the equator in Ntimasi in Afrika. There came a time, a chosen time in the animal reign when a special primate evolved. It evolved because it was prepared for the next project. When these primates matured, during their last act of procreation (sex) before maturing instead of making a call (having sex), to a soul of the species of the family of those apes in the higher kingdoms, there was instead a cosmic turn (“And God breathed into their nostrils the breath of life, and men became living beings”.). When we say a cosmic turn, it means something new has entered into the universe. When these primates arrived at maturation, instead of the soul groups of animals that constitute the characteristics of primates to come and encapsulate in the female flesh (womb) of these animals, God allowed (God breathed into their nostrils) his highest allowed through a mathematical and high guidance that the gems of spirits should enter into the animal flesh.

When we say a human is an animal, we do not mean animals in the sense that we have the spirit/soul of an animal inside of us, no! It means that when two primates mate through sexual intercourse, habitually they were calling the soul of the animal that corresponded to that race to continue the procreation, but this time around there was a cosmic turn, when two chosen primates would mate and form the envelope (infant in the womb of the female) instead of the soul of the animal incarnating that pregnancy, a gem of spirit incarnated.

The bible says God breathed in the breath of life, into man and man became a living being, Genesis 2:7. This happened so that the gem of spirit, the human be introduced for the first time in creation. A human came from the spiritual world in the garden of Eden and they made him wear the skin of an animal so that he could live well on earth. And all this happened for the first time at the centre and basket of Afrika.

Where do we get this information? What are our sources? Well, 1. From the “archives of the Mwela Kongo” found in the 4th kingdom of the Spiritual world, 2. The revelation of the Lord our Creator through our Afrikan ancestors, and 3. From the lecture/study and decoding of the word of God in the sacred texts such as Quaran, Bible, Surat, Egyptian book of the Dead, Ethiopian Bible, Buddhist and Hindu texts, etc.

We always think Egypt is the cradle of mathematics because it has been seen in the writings, but the cradle of medicine and that mathematics was from us in Katiopa/Ethiopia in the centre of Afrika right there in Kongo, a beautiful civilization reigned there.

Arvy Ngala-Ngala

Man came out of Afrika for the first time. When the first humans arrived on earth, it was due to the thousands of primates, that God prepared. God prepared this evolution of the animal reign, until such a time as – among the animals – specific primates were chosen.  Our ancestors called them children of the soil, Bana Ba Ntonto. The children of the soil, got married to the children of the Zulu (stars). The children of the soil are the animal primates evolved from the soil, the plants, the mineral reign, that the essentials beings of nature elaborated. Genesis 1:24, “And God said, “Let the land produce living creatures according to their kinds””. Proof and evidence right there in the scriptures that animals came from the soil. So when the scripture says, “And God formed man from the dust of the ground,” it does not mean that He formed man using the soil like sculpture artist, no. It simply means these essential creators of the universe with the guidance of God, guided this incarnation of the children of God into the bodies of the chosen primates.

Among the children of the soil, Bana ba Ntonto, and Bana ba Zulu (gems of spirits), a marriage happened. This does not mean that the humans came to have sexual intercourse with the daughters of men, like it mentioned in the old testament in Genesis 6 quote, “oh the sons saw the daughters of men and took them as wives”, that text we will explain later, it is coded, we will decode it at a later time for better understanding. But here we are at the beginning of creation, but that text is an early text of around 15,000 B.C.

It means instead at the peak of the evolution of the children of the soil, the gems of spirits incarnated them. It is like Master Yeshua, when Mary was pregnant a divine nucleus came and entered into the envelope that Mary was carrying, and had prepared during her pregnancy. It is also a cosmic turn, because a divine being entered into the skin of a human. And well before this cosmic turn there was the first cosmic turn where the spirit entered in the flesh of the animal. It was then at the base and basket of central Afrika that the first humans needed to master the first envelope that they wore. To begin an evolution of their envelope.

Science speaks of Australophitcus Afarensis to Homo Habilis, to Homo Erectus, and to Homo Sapien the modern man we have today. So in the first time of the dispensation/dimension of unconsciousness there was a need for man to first develop the aptitude of his body, and this took millions of years. Many came, it was not easy, some died immediately, because they had to master nature. The animals of the time were furious dangerous animals that brought them misery, nonetheless there was combat in nature up to when man became a Homo Sapien and knew who he was and that he came from a different place, 150,000 years before.

Stage 3

Dear servants of God, ignoring this is like having potholes in your theology. Creation does not exclude evolution. When you have a child, the child is not born automatically auto-conscient and becomes a man, there is a need of evolution from his young age up to when he comes to an age of adulthood. Thus it is the same thing, but on greater ladders on the level of the evolution of the human. All this happened in central Afrika. Central Afrika was not solely the theatre of evolution up to the evolution of Homo Sapien, and then he went to Europe no. We built the first civilization in the centre of Afrika, in the centre of Katiopa now called Ethiopia. This civilization arrived at a great peak and history confirms it. When you study Ishango Bone 20-22,000 years before Master Yeshua (check where we see great sources of mathematics). It means that we, the true Israelites, the Bantu people, knew mathematics in the first civilization. It was a civilization that evolved massively.

It was a civilization that was guided in the first period of time, God sent a great archangel with other many beings of light and angels to help humanity specifically to master nature. To master the evolution of the human body. This great archangel’s name was Lucifer. Lucifer was the carrier of light of the time, he was charged by the Highest to help humanity so that humanity could build a society of light (Society that lives in Love, Purity & Justice). A society to the glory of God and we did it for the first time. For the first time my dear servants of God there was a great civilization at the heart of central Afrika. Humans lived in a harmonic relationship with God, stop being a child by thinking that right from the beginning the first man fell, those are typologies. The first civilization was well lightened. The first civilization produced sophisticated technologies, how come we the Bena-Kongo-Israelites call a car Mutuka if we never made it? How come we call a train Egunduka where did we get that name? How come we call a plane Pepo if we did not know it?

So in the first civilization that was destroyed it reached a peak higher than what you see today, you are impressed because of what is happening in the west, nonetheless you don’t know your history. But for more than 50,0000 years we made it and we made more. It was a civilization that had the master of nuclear technologies. It was a civilization that reached the peak. But sadly men moved away from the voice of God, and through the coded story of the fall of the first civilization where the woman (feminine activity of helper), the serpent (Lucifer), the fruit (egocentrism) by the use of symbolic language, Genesis 2:19. It is said she was seduced, her who was called to be the guardian of the sacred flame and helper of humanity. She became egocentric and she wanted everything to be consecrated to her that led to a lot catastrophies that we will not speak of in here. The responsibility is shared, she gave to her man (the masculine activity) and he ate also. And from this responsibility thermo-nuclear wars took place in the civilization of the time. It was a thermos nuclear destruction where the tectonic plates were cut, do you know these things? South America was attached to Afrika. There were no continents we were all in one place. All got separated due to this thermonuclear war. Do you know that this earth had two moons, another moon fell and it made the land mass that we know today as Australia? You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free,

When we tell you that you are the light of the world you will not believe us, saying we are people of some mystical science, no we are the servants of God. Light is an initiation language to mean love, purity and justice. John 1:4 says, ‘In him was life and that life was the light of all mankind, the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it’. A person who serves God is above science, he/she is advanced, compared to science. The First Civilization came to an end around 22-20,000 years before master Yeshua before the time of the Pisces (time of the fish). The world divided, the land separated, the consequences of the thermonuclear energy affected people, and many of our brothers who were left in central Afrika began to give birth to short people that you call pygmies. People were giants before that, big in form; let’s say in the language of Christian Adam and Eve, the Adamic generation. Tall humans, well built, and they lived long up to 800 years, they had strong bones. But because of the manipulation of the laws of creation and egocentrism, make note of this term… A servant/child of God if you are always me, me, me, it is the beginning of your fall.

Stage 4

God the father came to speak to our ancestor Nimi Kongo-Noah and said to him go down there to Egypt because the north was towards South Afrika, South Afrika is North Africa the white has lied to you at a despicable level. It is the Europeans who are in the south. But we will not teach on that today. God said to Nimi Kongo, “Go down to a country called Egypt, your brothers have gone everywhere due to the destruction of tectonic plates. Others have found themselves in what we call Europe today, others in Asia and South America. Genetic mutation happened; glaciation and life became difficult and people died. People died my dear brothers and sisters, you think “oh God is a God is merciful God”, which He is but if you do not respect the laws of creation you will not be spared, you will be punished. See where our fathers left Kasai, Katiopa, Kenya, base of Kisangani, and they came to Kingipiti/Egypt so they could try again a 2nd major civilization.

We always think Egypt is the cradle of mathematics because it has been seen in the writings, but the cradle of medicine and that mathematics was from us in Katiopa/Ethiopia in the centre of Afrika right there in Kongo, a beautiful civilization reigned there. And so people went down to Egypt and built the nation according to the heart of God, because when God blesses a nation he gives them riches, he gives them science, he gives them everything so that people progress well. People came from everywhere, where their skin pigmentation changed, others became albinos, others became whites, and others red like Indians, others yellow like Asians. They came to Egypt. The Sumerians, and Phoenicians back in the days were black people. They extracted knowledge on how to lead the world, on how to lead the world in purity.

The episode of Egypt that is mentioned in the bible, it is a sad/trafficked episode, but Egypt was not like that.  Egypt had 15,000 years of civilization, up to when they came to colonize their own brothers and sisters. It was not people who came from afar. Abraham never left Mesopotamia to go towards Egypt,

Abraham was in the north, this side on our side, by Cameroon then he came to Egypt. The true Israelites did not cross over the red sea, as a matter of fact, this carnal that Napoleon made the Suez Canal it did not exist at that time. Afrika was attached to the Middle East and the Suez Canal was created recently in the 18th century. Moses was not a fool to know that there was dry land over there and he instead went towards the red sea. It is because you do not understand history.

Egypt uplifted the world and conflicts came starting with those brothers and sisters who came from Kongo, Cameroon in the heart of Afrika. Our ancestors heard that Egypt was now a powerful and rich nation; the God that had sent them to Egypt through the leadership of Nimi Kongo/Noah had blessed Egypt so they came to look for food, Genesis 41:55. See how they lived there and conflicts came about.

Later some of the Bena-Kongo/The true-Israelites left Egypt with Massa/Moses and when they left Egypt they did not cross over the red sea, because at that time the Suez Canal (where water was divided so that ships cannot waste resources by rotating all around Afrika to arrive towards the Indian ocean, water was divided by the Mediterranean, around the 18th century during the time of Napoleon this project took place) there was no water there, it was dry ground. So they crossed over that dry ground and went to the other side and it was a colony (Goshen) a protectorate of Egypt, Genesis 47. The Egyptians who gave them this land were their own brothers in terms of race, thoughts and acts. There where the same people, the same culture, but different families.

Nimi Kongo when he came to Egypt, our ancestor he gave birth to 3 sons, and together with the 12 Bena-Kongo sons who are the children of Nelu Kongo (Jacob). They went to the Middle East (Goshen) and they gave them a space by their brothers in Egypt in the love of God the father, so they could begin a new way of living, it did not even last. The first king Saul, let’s use the language of foreigners, then King David, then Solomon and it ends there from Rehoboam. He did not follow the ways of God and Jeroboam took over the nation divided it up to when we arrived to King Jehoakim, all these were black people, brothers and sister of Afrika read the bible with joy it is your story black people wake up.

See Also

And then they returned to central Afrika the great exile journey of the book of Exile. Others remained like the tribe of Benjamin and Judah who refused to join their brothers and sisters in the promised land, but chose to stay behind the Jordan River. In the days of Macbeth they fought with the whites who came from Greece, Ptolemy Dynasty 2, here we are at 330 B.C during the time of the Pisces. Up to when Messiah came there for the lost tribe of Israel black people. The Bena-Kongo, the true Israelites the, Bantu’s killed their own brother who came to help them. See where our pain began.

God said let us return to central Afrika he will build a new civilization there, but at the meantime he punished us. To punish does not mean he began to make us suffer; our own evil and karmas came on us. We moved onto a long exile and became fools in the world. Our enemies sold us, they raped women, they did all that they wanted, my brothers and sisters it was painful, so painful, and it was difficult.

When God said, salvation (spiritual healing) became an individual matter at that time. The saviour of humanity was killed and there was darkness all over the earth mentioned in Luke 23:44. We entered into a period coded in the parable of the 10 virgins; everyone had to carry their lamp, Matthew chapter 25. Some were wise they grouped themselves in groups called the Church waiting for the Groom.

It became that you yourself should protect your womanhood or your manhood because there was no nation that had the light of God the father. After the death of Master Yeshua I repeat! There was darkness on the earth, and if you read the parable of the ten virgins, each virgin has to carry their own lamp, and wait for the groom. This meant people gathered themselves in groups called churches to maintain their relationship with God, but wake up! The groom came; the friend of the groom is here already calling on the virgins to come to the large banquet (The reign of a thousand years).

The good things that the nations, the gentiles took in Egypt they have misused it. They have a made a civilization based on ‘to have’. Life today is about having large accounts of money in the bank that is what measures the wealth and value of a person. We even started to make atomic bombs and many other things. The race of our little brothers and sisters which lost the melanin, evil spirits entered some of them and they trafficked and falsified history, and came to colonize us. They made us feel dominated, and some among us where ignorant enough to think they came only for the wealth of Afrika. But their primary goal is to destroy the Bena-Kongo, the true Israelites, the-bantu-people.

Stage 5

We were dispersed all over the world, some came to Europe and America, so painful, so sad. We started praying to Mfumu Yeshu calling him Jesus, we now consider him as a white man, but he was our brother. We no longer know our history, and we are completely destroyed. People have entered into theology (the study of God); many have been taught foolish things like dogmas and precepts, busy discussing things they do not know. See my mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters the source of our pain. Others have emerged as prophets based on such lies. They do not know history; they do not know anything at all. And darkness was all over the world, darkness entered the world. Nonetheless you rejected the helper of God the father. The religious leaders called ‘elders of Zion’ took upon this information coded it in texts entitled, “the protocols of the elders of Zion”. They cooked this information with what they learnt in Egypt and they created their churches/religions and there are doing crazy adventures in there locking people in mental prisons and they have dominated the world.

They created democracies, they have liberalized a woman, she dresses this way and dresses that way. A woman has become a sexual object and they call it modernity. Worse of all even the Bena-Kongo, the Bantu people have entered into this foolishness in trends like twerking, feminism etc.  Women today will say, “It is my body, my life”. You will see a Bantu woman all her thighs outside, and she says “it is my liberty, my life”.

See the pain of the children of Afrika. The children of Afrika are suffering, in pain, completely destroyed.

See therefore my mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers; I am exalting the historiographical line of human history. A people that ignore its history are a useless people and will always be at the mercy of the domination of other people. It is you at the beginning you were at the peak of humanity, see today where you arrived!

If you win the US lottery, here you are dancing in happiness, you get a nationality of Europe, you say “oh father God has blessed me” you hold a party at your house! What about a Bantu melinated gold nationality? The most noble nationality in the history of the world, a people who built the world and showed their behaviour and perfect lifestyle to the entire world. We have started to hate ourselves, we no longer love one another, the Bena-Kongo, the Bantu it is a shame.


We end here because we want to be short. God the father in this reign he is putting an end to the barbaric and savage reign of the nations. He wants to raise you again for the 3rd time. The rise of Afrika that will lead you to the reign of peace on earth, the reign of a thousand years. So that you can be an example for the nations, so that you can save the world from the foolishness that is happening now, please think. Stop this gospel you are teaching, go to the world and tell everyone and make them my disciples, it is over that gospel. All these churches today, the time of the church is over, we are in a period of transition of civilization, where the sons and daughters of God will be the ones that will take control of Kongo and Afrika. They will take control of the science of Kongo and Afrika; they will take control of the spirituality of Kongo and Afrika. We will reform all; all that the father did not plant will be uprooted. Let me announce to you the good news, you are the people of God. Everyone is a man and woman of God, but God will construct somewhere in the heart of Afrika and from there a good people will be born. Those that built and uplifted the world will again return and Zola Bantu is here today to prepare the land. It is a mission that is very difficult. There my mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers is the line of history, a great line, because we have spoken to wise people. Our ancestors say to be given knowledge they need to find knowledge in you, he who has will be given more, if wisdom is inside you, you will understand these things.

Thank you be blessed!

Ahsante! Zikomo! Tatenda! Shukriya! Merci! Thank you! Ngiyabonga! Dankie! Gracias! Obrigado! Matondo!

Sources: Ekumani Wetshi: Ekumani Lumiere teachings, Cheik Anta Diop: “The African Origin of Civilization Myth or Reality”, “Precolonial Black Africa”, Civilization or Barbarism “, The Holy Bible: Several books and Authors, Henry Ford : The International Jew” 4 Volume work book: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion or The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion, Arthur Koestler: “The 13th Tribe, Colonel John Owen Beaty: “The Iron Curtain over America”, Colonel Curtis B Dall: “Israelis 5 trillion dollar secret”, Freddy Tshikeva: “Kimbangu Nzambe teachings”,

Influencers: Plo Lumumba, Dr. Sebi, Dr. Umar Johnson, Dr. Arikana Chihombori, King Joshua Maponga, Dr. Mumbi Seraki, Mrs.Chioma Phillips, Zack Mwekassa, Julius Malema.

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