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Heaven’s CAPITAL NO. Afrika is not cursed and will never be.

To say that Afrika is cursed is to say the entire world and the people in it are cursed. Why? Afrika is the beginning and the Motherland of every race on earth and if she is cursed, then by virtue of her position as MOTHER of all MANKIND, which her original name ALKEBULAN means, and as the WOMB OF SOUL, which her current name AFRIKA means, all races of the earth are also cursed by association of who she is. Because, if her blessing of natural resources has for many generations been the blessing of the entire world, then if truly she is cursed, her curse should also be global, since she is the mother of them all. But as we can see, the false narrative of a cursed people does not seem to affect the other races on earth. So, why is Afrika the way she is in comparison to other nations and continents of the earth? Well, there are many answers, and even arguments, as to what could be the issue. But one thing that comes to mind, quickly, is this, AS A PEOPLE THINK ABOUT THEMSELVES SO SHALL THEY BE. AS THEY STOP THINKING ABOUT THEMSELVES SO THEY WILL ALSO CHANGE.

Meaning that the problem of Afrika is not a curse, either from God the Creator, or from the Afrikan forefathers, but a deep-seated case of self-hate, self-sabotaging acts by some few who are too greedy to see and live for the greater good, lack of self-worth, which stems from mental devaluation, Afrikan disunity, which stems from the false borders which created false sovereign nations (which are really not sovereign when put at par with global policy-making) and then the many other things that have put down the Afrikan people to the level of servants and not kings.

And like someone said, “As long as Africa remains divided, as long as we are forced to compete for foreign capital and to accept economic ties to foreign powers because in our separate entities we are too small, weak and unviable to ‘go it alone’, we’ll be unable to break the economic pattern of exploitation.”

It looks as if the preaching of an Afrika that is laden with wrong mindsets and negative thinking patterns has been overflogged for decades by those who got conscious early on about the many scams targeted at Afrikans; but I do not think much has changed up to now. But now, more Afrikans are beginning to wake up to the reality of how the world works and how the entire system of the world is set up to only accommodate Afrika as the bread basket of the world, but as a slave who is only allowed to eat the crumbs that fall from the table of the very bread she supplied.

Sadly, this reality has been in place for generation upon generation, and no one seems to know what to do about it. Could a CURSE really be at work? Could there be an anger from God that has spread from the Afrikan forefathers up until now and which is still ravaging the Afrikan people? Or could it be there is actually a planned agenda to put a veil of foolishness on the faces of Afrikans, which creates a blindfold by which they cannot see themselves as God intended ,and which is also not allowing them break free from the mental cages within? I think the latter is the case.

For, if the claim that life began in Afrika with Afrikans, as proven by Afrikan folklore, science and the Bible, which most Afrikans believe in is true – and it is, then to whom did God speak when He said:

“Then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”?

To the very Afrikans who are the beginning of mankind on earth. Meaning that the narrative of an Afrika that is cursed in nonsense.

The Scam

I recently found a post on a Whatsapp group I belonged to which dealt with, to some extent, the issue of the Afrikan people. On the surface, some parts of the post seemed blasphemous or like some kind of attack against the God of the Bible or the reality of the Christ, but a closer look shows a deeper understanding of the issues of the Afrikan people. In one statement, I will put it as “WE JUST DON”T LOVE BEING AFRIKANS.”

Below is what the author wrote:

“Do you want to know what a scam is?

 A scam is having the Bible translated into Swahili, Igbo, Yoruba, Zulu, Tswana, Ndebele and every other African language, but having zero scientific book translated into a single African language. That, is a conspiracy. That, is a trap. And that, is a scam. Someone who can be scammed with the same trick over and over again for decades upon decades, is considered a fool and their gullibility and lack of critical thinking make them willing participants in their own demise.

I have walked into different libraries and I’ve seen University Science Books translated into Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, French, German, Spanish and so forth. I’ve seen,  Think And Grow Rich by Napolean Hill translated into French. I’ve seen the Japanese version of A Man’s Search For Meaning. I’ve seen a Spanish version of The Alchemist. I’ve seen the Korean version of The Art of War. All of these books, I’ve seen them in various languages but NOT in any African language.

You will never find a church in Africa where the English speaking preacher would not have a native translator next to them doing the translation.

Here’s where the scam comes in: you also will never find a school in Africa where the English speaking teacher WILL be having a native translator next to them translating Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Geography, Economics etc to the students.

I’ve seen many Science Books translated into various languages but NONE in any African language. The Chinese are taught Mathematics in Chinese. The Japanese are taught Engineering in Japanese. They’re all taught Finance, Astrophysics, Medicine, Accounting, Geology, Management, Government and so on in their languages. The ONLY book that Africans have in their language IS THE BIBLE. And the ONLY time Africans have something translated to them in their language IS IN A CHURCH.

*Important Historical Facts*


The Black African, the wretched of the earth, is the only member of the human race who has been brainwashed to think that his ancestors bequeathed him with a curse that has prevented him from attaining aspired goals and life desires. Almost every misfortune he encounters on earth is the fault of some ancestors… who must be bound and cast with the fire of the Holy Ghost in the name of Jesus.

The white people don’t have terrible ancestors who have done terrible things. No. It’s only the black ancestor. Over the years, the black ancestor has been so vilified by Christians they pay tithes, stay up all night, fast and pray to destroy the African ancestor in the name of Jesus. The black ancestor is so wicked he cursed his own kids.

Having cursed his ancestor who gave him life, the black man is roaming around the world like a tortoise without a shell. He has no backbone. Zero identity. Thus no race respects him. He’s lynched in Malaysia, incarcerated in Cambodia. He’s shot like a dog in the streets of America. In Europe, he cleans the white man’s shit. And they spit on him. Why won’t they? A man who hates himself and despises his roots deserves no respect whatsoever.

John Hawkins was a foremost English slave trader, a thief, and by contemporary moral standards he can as well be called a terrorist. John Hawkins made three trips to West Africa in the 1560s, and stole Africans whom he sold to the Spanish in America. On returning to England after the first trip, his profit was so handsome that Queen Elizabeth I became interested in directly participating in his next venture; and she provided for that purpose a ship named JESUS. Hawkins left with JESUS to steal some more Africans, and he returned to England with such dividends that Queen Elizabeth made him a knight. Hawkins chose as his coat of arms the representation of an African in chains.

Today the generations of Hawkins and Queen Elizabeth I are alive and enjoying life from the proceeds of their Evil ancestors. They don’t demonise their ancestors despite their active involvement in the greatest evil humanity has ever witnessed. Both individuals sanctioned rape, kidnapping and mass murder, but their children don’t bear “ancestral curses” like black Africans. You’d be hard pressed to see a member of the British elite publicly denounce slavery.

Isn’t it time to emancipate yourself from mental slavery oh ye Negro? If ancestral curse exists, who should suffer from it? The ancestor who kidnapped and raped and murdered and pillaged and stole and enslaved his fellow man, or the man whose freedom was taken from him? Surely, the man who threw pregnant Negro women to sharks at Sea because they were too weak, deserves his future generations to suffer and not the man whose society was so pure they had no prisons to punish offenders.

Do these Black Africans who will go to church today binding and casting “ancestral curses”, know that almost all the top British politicians from the 17th century till the 19th century were proud slave merchants? It is on record that 15 Lord Mayors of London, 25 sheriffs and 38 aldermen of the City of London were shareholders in the Royal Africa Company (RAC) between 1660-1690. The RAC alone was responsible for trafficking over 1.5million Negroes to Britain and twice that number to the Caribbean.

David and Alexander Barclay were active participants in the kidnapping and enslavement of millions of black Africans. As was standard practice at the time, the risky and long-term nature of transatlantic slave trading required new banking houses that could offer credits to prospective slave traders, for periods of between one and a half to three years. One bank that provided this service was run by Alexander and David Barclay. Their bank still carries their name. The Barclay’s Bank is also a proud sponsor of the English Premier league that me and you are fanatical fans of Chelsea and Arsenal and Man United today.

Their children don’t bind and cast their ancestral evil, rather it is the Negro whose ancestors were dehumanised and tortured and enslaved, that keeps praying against “ancestral curses.”

The Bank of England was also involved in the slave trade. Sir Richard Neaves, who was the director of the bank for 48 years, was also the chairman of the Society of West India Merchants. A group of vile men who stole Africans and made handsome profits by selling them on to farmers who needed them to work in their sugar and tobacco plantations in the West Indies.

Today Liverpool Football club will be playing Tottenham Hotspur in the Barclay’s premier League. Pay attention. How many of you who are Liverpool supporters today know that the initial founders of that football club were retired slave traders, whom in 1892, with slavery outlawed, decided to invest their money in a football club that will reap future rewards for their generations to come via a bank called Arthur Heywood and Sons & Co.. That bank would be absorbed in turn by the Bank of Liverpool, Martin’s Bank and Barclay’s Bank.

See Also

You watch them and shout in ecstasy when they score. But a pastor somewhere will tell you the reason you’re poor is because your ancestors committed evil, hence the reason you experience ill luck. And you will believe and start casting and binding rubbish!

For your information, Liverpool was a major port for the transatlantic slave trade. Slave ships were often built or repaired in Liverpool. Nearly one and a half million Africans were forcibly transported across the Atlantic in Liverpool ships. The ‘Liverpool Merchant’ was the first recorded slave ship to sail from Liverpool. She set sail on 3 October 1699 and arrived in Barbados on 18 September 1700 with a cargo of 220 enslaved Africans. Part owner Sir Thomas Johnson is known as the ‘founder of modern Liverpool’.

Liverpool city wouldn’t be what it is today without the trade in black Africans. The personal and civic wealth gained from slaving cemented the foundations for the Liverpool’s future growth.

The children and grandchildren and great grand children of the perpetrators of this monstrosity against the black Man enjoy heaven here on earth, and live in more stable environment. They have managed to stabilise their society and solve their problem and live in relative peace.

But the Negro ancestors, the wretched of the earth, who was kidnapped and his freedom forcefully taken away from him; he was sentenced to a plantation for the rest of his life. It is this ancestor an bed many others who is demonized by Christians as having bequeathed their offsprings with “curses”.

This is a historical fact our African brothers and sisters should be aware of.”

End of quote.

The Afrikan Renaissance

I am not against the Bible, neither am I against Christianity or going to Church, but I am definitely against mindsets that makes a person “heavenly conscious but earthly useless”. New things are beginning to emerge out of Afrika, even as more Afrikan people, especially the young ones, take a more cursory look at the many issues on ground and how to solve them. There is a lot to do but we must begin with really defining the core of our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves. For he who sees himself as a slave or as cursed should not expect himself to be a bearer of blessings. It begins with the mind.

Mother Afrika now speaks

Don’t look down on me because I am Afrika. Yes I am Afrika and I know it, but my Afrikanness is not a curse, but a gift. A gift of love and faithfulness to the entire world and the entire race of men. As Motherland Afrika, my blackness is not a sign of backwardness or servitude but the reality of the womb and the back of a mother that has carried the entire human race, nurtured it with her pain, even when her milk is being exploited and her skin ravaged.

Did you know it is only the Afrikan woman who has the genetic ability to give birth to every race and color in the world? It is called the Eve Gene and she has been for more than 200,000 years and she is the mother of all races and colors on the earth. She is both modern and ancient.

So, when you look at me in my Afrikanness and when you look upon my cracked palms and feet, and when you look upon my bent back, do not despise me, for I have been busy being a mother to you all and like every good mother who expects the best from her children, it is time for you all to rise up and by your good works of love, forgiveness, mindfulness prove that my labor of love is not in vain. For when a child of Afrika is killed anywhere in the world, mother Afrika cries too, and her pain runs deep.

I have had my own share of 400 years of slavery, both of body and of the mind. But no more shall this continue, for it’s time to let my children go.

Afrika is BLESSED and not cursed.

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