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Honorables with no Honor


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Honorables with no Honor

When We Give Power To Indisciplined People

One of the problems with adopting a foreign culture, without understanding either its roots or how it connects to your own culture and refining it to suit that, is that the things embraced from the foreign culture take on nothing more than ritualistic symbolism. That is why we ended up with the ludicrous wig-wearing lawyers and judges in Afrika, who may or may not have been aware that this awkward piece of fashion originated from people trying to conceal their Syphilis-induced patches of baldness. Don’t laugh at them, oh ye wearers of sunglasses – the same history exists for those ‘stylish fashion symbols’ you seek to adorn yourself with. One of the symptoms of Syphilis was an extreme sensitivity to light. So, there you go.

Likewise, the honorifics used in many countries in Afrika, following their exposure to colonialism. Titles like Honorable, Venerable, Right Honorable, Excellency, Lord, that are empty of everything except the hot air of pride that they aim to fill people’s heads with. They lack meaning and truth. Titles that were originally handed out by so-called royalty to other so-called royalty, or those deemed suitable to be ranked among the ‘elite’, not so much because of an excellency of character or comportment. In other words, it’s just an empty title and the kind of title that was created to create elitism not to determine true honor or character… and it is part of a system that enforces and enhances exactly that.

So, with the foolishness of the foundation of these titles, men and women stepped (or step) into positions of power, not because they are the best people for the jobs but because somebody somewhere wanted them on their side and in a place of influence for when they are needed. This could be a private company or individual that sponsored their campaign, or someone who was running for a higher office who wanted to ensure that they had a team of people in places like parliament or the senate or a gubernatorial position who they could turn to during the moments when they needed the political mileage to push a policy or a law through – or shield themselves from impeachment. Meaning that they stepped into these jobs not for the purpose of public service, to the constituents and citizens who had voted them in, but for purposes of awaiting that day when a favor was going to be called in. They are puppets in the hands of puppeteers and not useful for the betterment of their people. Their stomachs are their gods.

They do it not to serve a people or a purpose greater than themselves, they do it not to transform and improve their societies or communities, they do it to secure their positions and titles for as long as they possibly can, knowing that they are as dispensable as toilet paper. To their minds, their only value is their ability to say yes, toe the party line and leverage that for what they consider to be a suitable exchange; i.e., the price of their souls.

So, to their list of ‘honorable achievements’ we can add the following true and painful stories:

  • Shooting innocent civilians because they can;
  • Impregnating women outside of their marriages and then arranging for their murders;
  • Stealing money from public funds;
  • Passing bills and laws that put citizens under great – yet avoidable – financial stress;
  • Murdering people and stealing their land;
  • Creating hours of horrible traffic jams for their people, because they are on the move and need the paths clear for themselves;
  • Refusing to take responsibility for crimes committed by their officials under their watch, choosing instead to point fingers and act like helpless victims;
  • Allowing their citizens to be ruled by foreign agents, by passing policies that have come due to duress that they would rather not do the work to fight off;
  • Blaming their citizens for the problems in the country;
  • Licensing fast food companies and their products which affect the health of their citizens negatively;
  • Cutting deals with foreign governments that put their own countries and citizens at major disadvantage;
  • Raping their constituents;
  • Allowing their constituents to be raped;
  • Endorsing and/or turning a blind eye to violence used against citizens by instruments of state;
  • Using crises as opportunities to self-promote and self-advance, I mean, why put your name and face on sanitary towels for girls who cannot afford them, really?;
  • Allowing their friends to rob their countries’ coffers and then turning a blind eye or pretending they do not know who did it;
  • Using state instruments to threaten judges as well as private citizens – or using the ‘justice’ system to jail and intimidate political rivals or private citizens;
  • Using the media to spread lies about their political rivals in order to manipulate the minds of millions;
  • Jailing and torturing political rivals or innocent civilians who challenge them;
  • Allowing criminals to run free and to murder and terrorize their constituencies because they want to gain some kind of political mileage from it;
  • Allowing their citizens to be poisoned by pharmaceutical and agricultural products, and turning a blind eye, while lining their pockets with bribes from those with interests in pushing these products in their countries;
  • Using cars and choppers that are more expensive than the money needed to repair the roads and the schools of the very people they say they represent;

The list goes on and on, but in summary, they are liars in fine clothes and corruption lies in their bosom at all times…

These people are guilty of committing selfish, short-sighted, evil, hateful and murderous acts against the very people they are sworn to serve, empower and uplift. Taking shortcuts to benefit themselves and their families and then daring to go back to the electorate every four or five years to seek another term in office for them to continue raping and pillaging or permitting the raping and pillaging of their nations. No shame, no guilt, no remorse! They are men and women without HONOR.

A man who is in honor”, says the bible, “yet does not understand, Is like the beasts that perish.” (See Psalm 49:20.)

These people who have chosen the low road, who have chosen to abuse their offices, abuse their authority and abuse their mandate are no worse than beasts. Animals. They are mindless, lacking in wisdom or even the most basic form of understanding or knowledge because they have taken what was deserving of respect, i.e., the trust of their positions of honor, and they have made a rubbish of them. Making a public display of their own dishonor towards their people and the positions that they were entrusted with, they have stated with their lives, to those watching that they think nothing of them and that they will continue in foolishness because they think that they are superior to others. Hiding their stench of evil under wigs of public pretense and sunglasses of deception, when the insides of their hearts are nothing but disease-riddled, death-filled organs.

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They are without honor because they lack the understanding of why they are in position and their hearts and purposes for seeking leadership positions were never about service, but about self-enrichment and pride. They love the praises of self and worship that they get from men. They run around like overfed babies in dirty diapers, feeling cool that they are “leaders”, but they are actually unfruitful to the people that elected them and thus they are fools in fine suits. The shame of the members of parliament and members of the senate and other organs of government, who sit at the helm of affairs of our beautiful Afrika.

They think that they cannot be seen or that they are untouchable, they think that they are deserving of those seats because they bought them through the money they spent on bags of flour and sugar that they doled out during campaign seasons, or through cooperating with the party line handed down by their party leader. The sense of entitlement that they walk around with is stifling and they spread that death around to their nations and regions, blinded to the truth that they are nothing but carriers of death, and not life.

They have chosen to live like beasts. They are fully aware of their compromise but instead choose to mask it with fake donations made only for the purposes of photo opportunities and tweets to create the appearance of loving, caring, hardworking and effective public service. It was never about love and compassion. It was about personal glorification and honor. It is all an act, a carefully laid out conmanship, designed to win public favor and more leverage. A terrifying choice indeed befitting of men and women WITHOUT HONOR.

But the thing is, such stories of indisciplined and dishonorable men and women who paint themselves with the make-up of “leaders” don’t usually end well, for where there is corruption, there is disease and death. For the laws of nature do not lie and whatever a man sows, the same thing shall they reap…and MORE.

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