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Issue 17 November 2021


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Issue 17 November 2021

Angola is blessed, and as the part, so is the whole. Afrika is indeed very blessed. Not because of her rich resources in land and mineral wealth, not because she has the youngest population in the world and therefore nurtures some of the greatest future potential… Afrika is blessed because of her identity, role and purpose as the custodian of life. Life being more than the physical embodiment of beings moving upon the face of the earth – but being the spiritual dynamic that causes everything around to be touched and transformed by the knowledge, understanding and wisdom of the Divine, that connects it back to its original identity and purpose.

When you consider the wealth and depth of Afrikan proverbs, as captured in Norbert Mporoto’s article in this issue, or the compassion and communality captured in both Mporoto’s and Abel Merawi’s articles, you understand that these gentlemen drew from a well of deep wisdom that emanates from a past and a history that is both rich and true. A history that is much needed in Afrika’s present in order to steer a course away from the dangers that we face in what has been called a ‘modern and progressive’ world. One that seems set on its
own destruction.

Ladies and gentlemen, Afrika is at a crossroads. The multiplication of social ills points at a sickness within the individual and collective that if not remedied with urgency, will destroy
us – as has been illustrated amply. But, if we draw on the reservoirs and deep wells of our blessing, we can, in no time, turn things around and emanate life for the continent and
those outside it, to restore life as it is intended.

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