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2022: Rising Unto New Heights


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2022: Rising Unto New Heights

2021 has definitely been a very interesting year, with all the good things and the not so good things that took place in it. Nonetheless, I want to encourage you to not be held down by whatever you may have gone through in the past year, which you may not call good, but that with a renewed heart and strength, you will enter into 2022 to do greater exploits.

Talking of the renewing of the heart and the call to do greater exploits, the year 2022, for the world is the start of bigger global deception and bigger control, but for those who have been called to live differently, it is the time to have a deeper and closer connection to God in their purposes and destinies.

But that can only happen with a process of deep cleansing and preparation. For, just as Esther in the Bible was prepared, cleansed for a whole year in oils and fragrances, just to meet with the king, so is the call for the cleansing to make us prepare to come into deeper alignment with God. Why is this important? We are at the beginning of the very end of this second world, and as the third world approaches, there are things required of each one to align with in order to be counted worthy of the rulership that is available in the coming third world. One of such requirements is cleansing.

How it all started

God can use what He shows in the spiritual realm to tell you about what’s coming in the physical. He can also use what He allows in the physical to show you what He is doing in the spiritual. We just have to learn how not to box Him into a corner of our thoughts, or into how we think we know Him and how He has dealt with us before.

Recently, a mild issue came up that required me to do a colon cleansing, detoxification of my body and take a more conscious approach to diet. So, my wife got in touch with a sister we know who deals in indigenous herbal remedies and teas. Yes, I definitely do not like conventional medicine, and, by God’s grace, have only had the common cold, flu or fever. I have never been admitted to a hospital in all my life for any serious ailment. So, I am definitely not interested in those toxic things they call drugs. Natural herbal medicines work just fine for me, and they are safe with almost no side effects, especially when they are not abused. My personal opinion though.

Anyway, we got some herbal tea for the cleansing and it was a very eye opening and interesting event. Among the various herbal teas she gave us was one she just called Colon Cleanser. It was different from the others and the smallest among them all in terms of quantity. I am talking of something that is as small as half a teaspoon. She gave some instructions about how they should be taken and what the initial reaction would be in my body.

One of the things she said would happen was vomiting and loose stool. Oh my! You really don’t want to hear the details of how that went. It was a lot of cleaning I must say. Throughout the night shortly after I took that medicine, I could not sleep. Vomiting uncontrollably and running to the toilet until morning. But I could tell that nothing that needed to come out of my system was going to be spared. In the morning, things calmed down and the vomiting and loose stool stopped, and I was just fine as if nothing had happened.

Now, because our lives are not just a collection of random events, on that same day as I was going through the colon cleansing, I could tell what I was being made o understand in my spirit about the cleansing required for the days ahead and that’s really what this article is about.

About depression

In an article that I shared on my personal blogsite, I shared some things about the coming global depression and how to escape. I will however add a few more lines of thought here to give a more complete picture.

In that article, I wrote about how depression really is what happens to us when we are faced with the pain of the loss of things or people. And, concerning depression, I used the imagery of coming down from a mountain top of career, relationship etc., into a valley, and how it shows that there is need to climb a new mountain. But here is what I want to add to that article. King David, the writer of Psalm 23, had a clear understanding of what it means to come down from a mountain top into a valley low and how such low places are created to give us a new hope and connection to life. Here is what I mean. King David said “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You anoint my head with oil; My cup runs over.” See Psalm 23:4-5.

What this means is that, the ability to know and also understand the good Shepherd as the one whose light leads us through the valley of the shadow of death and darkness, is one of the reasons we are sent into the valley places. To truly know Him personally. Like with the dry bones of Ezekiel 37, the valley place is where the army of God is set up and where they are nourished at the table prepared in the presence of their enemies. It is the place where their mandates are tested and their purposes made sure. Meaning that coming down into the valley from whatever mountain one had been on before is not for evil, but for one to come to the table of nourishment and a new anointing and oil for the next phase of the journey. For when he said “You anoint my head with oil; My cup runs over.” It is in connection to what comes next after one has been nourished at the table prepared in the valley. To give detailed explanation of the phrase “my cup runs over” will make me digress too much, so I will leave it for another article. But the point of what I am saying is that, the valley, like I have already said, is not the place of evil as it were, but where our flesh is killed and our spirit energized at the table of nourishment for the next phase of our journey with God. We are in such a valley place right now and there is a call to come into the presence of God for cleansing that will prepare us for the next phase of our journey on earth. 2022 is a pointer to the beginning of the end of this age. Please do pay attention to it.

Clean your spirit

In a world that is so blanketed by religion and religious activities, it is quite easy to want to define spirit or the spiritual from the space of churchgoing or any other cultural or traditional religious activity. But spirituality or spirit, in its simplest form is actually whatever it is God calls a person, or persons, which creates their day-to-day lifestyle and for which they are connected to the mind of God and His purpose for the earth. It is that simple really, even though it gets a bit more complex as one digs deeper into God. Meaning that whatever it is that God calls you and whatever identity He gives you from the fullness of Himself, that is what is your spirituality, and you are SPIRIT based on that. And you are complete in Him. Meaning you do not ever need to step your foot into a church or any form of worship center to be spirit or spiritual. How do I know that? Ask Elijah. Ask Moses. Ask Enoch. Ask Abraham. Ask Jesus. These men walked with God, and as close to God as anyone can get, yet not from religious undertones, but from the unique identities they all have in and with God. I know some people will find this strange, or even offensive, but to bring it a bit closer home, you can also ask the Afrikan ancestors that worshiped God on Mount Kenya, or the various other worship altars, with pure hearts towards Him, without ever seeing the Bible or having any contact with Christianity.

We are stepping into the days of much distress and global chaos, and a clean spirit is required to dwell in those days and also thrive in them. Each one must define for themselves what their identity in God is and from that identity, live out their daily lives in alignment with God. Why is this important? The nations of this world are under the control of the enemy of God. And because it was all intended by God to be so, that enemy of God will much more put pressure and control on the people of the world, including you that is reading this article. Meaning that if you had, before now, tied your spirituality to church or church activities, you may be “screwed” if the churches are shut down due to the lie called pandemic or Covid-19. I do not need to stress this further than I have. We all are aware of what has been happening for the past two years globally, and need no one to keep telling us what we can already see for ourselves. And, in case you are still wondering where this world is going, and why there is so much push for vaccines and the many nonsenses the globalists are pushing, the world is going towards what they call the New World Order, or the New Order of Worldliness that is ruled by the man of sin, or the Anti-Christ. You can see some of my older articles for clarity on this.

How do I clean my spirit? It is simple. Go to the One who called you SPIRIT and, in whose identity, you are formed, and by the word He will speak to you, your spirit receives cleansing. For as Jesus said “…Ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you.” No one will do this for you. Not even your pastor, for he too needs his own cleansing. The amount of sorcery and wickedness in our world today is enough to create untold amounts of “dirt and filth” in our spirit and only the word from the Lord will keep us clean from it all.

There is a dimension of God that is coming on the earth, and much of what is already going on globally is set up to distract as many people as possible from understanding that which God wants to do on the earth. This is where the cleansing comes in. Why? Cleansing removes unwanted things, and that creates weightlessness. Weightlessness creates the flexibility required by the Spirit of God to move in our lives, and also move us when such movements are required.

Clean your mind

Apart from the spirit reality, the mind is the most powerful space in which things are created in our world. But this mind, as powerful as it is, especially after the fall in the garden, is mostly programmed by our five senses. The things we see, smell, touch, hear and taste (as well as speak), are creators of our mental world. Imagine what is created daily in this world with all the filth that is in our media, social media and the likes of them. It is massive.

The coming days will be much more filthy and gross. A constant cleaning and renewing of the mind will help us overcome the days ahead. Why is that important? According to Romans 12, the renewing of our minds is what helps us prove that which is the will of God. We all will need the alignment with the will of God much more in these last days, and that will happen through the cleansing of our minds. We must stop creating in our mental world that which is against the very mandate that God gave us to manifest on the earth.

And when I say the cleansing of the mind is key to knowing the will and the mind of God, I am not talking about those positive affirmations most people are taught to do in order to get clear minds. They have their place, but in the real sense of it, they are mostly what people use to get their minds ready to get what they want. Cleansing your mind is what happens when faith kicks in, after you have been given a word from God, which creates a change of mindset about an issue. It is directly linked to the repentance. Repentance is not just about turning away from sin, but much more about changing our minds about things, people, ideology etc. Repentance is what happens when you change your mind today about what was right yesterday because God said so. So, a mind that is ready to shift when asked to do so, is the mind that is ready to climb to new heights in the coming year and beyond. Do not box God into what He told you yesterday or what you see and read in the Bible. God is definitely much more than all that.

Clean your body

Like my detox story that I shared earlier in this article, there is the need to cleanse our bodies from the toxicity of the things we have been eating, drinking and allowing in our atmosphere. The spirit and the mind of a man cannot be effective if their bodies are not in health. It is quite simple.

As the world erroneously embraces GMOs; lab created foods; toxic farming practices, in the name of food security; and toxic lifestyles, in the name of liberty, more toxicity will be found in our food, water and air. These things cannot be allowed into our bodies. We must be disciplined to man the gates of what we eat, drink and the atmospheres we allow. And concerning food, drink and atmospheres, they also come in the forms of the words we listen to, the spiritual atmosphere of the places we go and spiritual identities of the people we mingle with. It is important we watch out. For sorcery is first spells from words before it is dark magic. Pay attention.

Clean your environment

I cannot stress this enough. Our environment is either free from toxicity or is not. There is no sitting on the fence on this one. And because as humans we are directly connected to nature, and also because all things created are the physical manifestation of the invisible attributes of God, care must be taken to have a clean and toxic free environment. The global manipulators do not care about what happens to the environment, even though they like to make noise about climate change, while they are the very ones who own the factories and the private jets that are emitting the poisonous C02. But you must not be of that line of thinking. Your spirit, mental and body health are as good as the health of your environment. Do pay close attention. You really do not need the government to clean your environment; cultivate plants that help clean the air in your environment, or even plant safe organic foods in your kitchen or spare spaces in your compound.

Understand the days ahead and prepare

To understand the days ahead, is not difficult. One just needs to disabuse their minds from the many castles of teachings and ideas that have been built over time. And one way to do this is to ask God for guidance and also search the scriptures yourself and you will see that there is nothing that is going on right now globally that was not captured in scriptures, directly or indirectly. And, for those who do not believe in God or the Bible, no one will force you to do so, but take a look around you and you will see what you need to do. We must be deliberate about understanding these things and how to respond when faced with the challenges the years to come will bring.

See Also

Be a true Afrikan

For many people, corporations or even charity organizations, the start of the year is when they make resolutions about how to live better in the new year. New Year’s resolutions, I believe, are as old as anyone reading this article. The worrying question now is this. How many times have we all made new year resolutions that we simply abandoned after the first week of the new year? You can do a quick mind review if you need to. But it’s very important that we all find ourselves in the line of truth, reason and selfless attitudes towards life.

I used the words truth, reason and selfless attitudes deliberately to mean that, we cannot continue to live like robots or humans who have lost their ability to understand life, humanity and what is required for us to live and give our best to those around us and the larger society.

You could be reading this article while still in your village or rural home where you went for the Christmas holidays or maybe you are reading it later in the year or so. One thing remains, which we all must put at the forefront of our minds, we can be better Afrikans and definitely should be.

But what does it mean to be a better Afrikan?

Well, for me, I think it is quite simple. Once you know and understand what it means to be an Afrikan in the real sense of the word, then just do better at being that Afrikan that you have come to know and understand.

The Afrika that I grew up in, in my younger days, did not have “souless” humans who prefer to video someone who is drowning rather than help, just so they can have content to post on social media for likes and comments. The Afrika that I grew up in, in my younger days did not have this rate of immorality that we have now. Unlike then, when we had those with genuine hearts and creative minds influencing our kids to make great strides, what we have now are social media influencers whose only influences are in the area of sex, sexy bodies, sex scandals, homosexuality and all manner of debased acts that are not worthy of what it means to be Afrikan. You can tell yourself anything you want concerning the foolishness called homosexuality or lesbianism, it does not change the fact that it is an error in the sight of wisdom.

As Afrikans, we must change our ways from the victimism that we have allowed for so long and begin to redefine and reframe our perspectives about life and humanity. Our history did not begin with slavery, nor should our future be defined by colonialism or neo-colonialism or the dance of the puppets and their puppeteers that we have right now. We must take up responsibility for our lives and the health of our children and the general community that we live in. Do not leave unattended that which you have the power and the resources to attend to. For the greatest help our communities really have is not the police or the 911 call line, but one another as neighbors. So, you are asking how to change Afrika and make it a better place? It begins with YOU, YOU and YOU.

My new book

I have just released a new book titled: LIKE THE DAYS OF NOAH AND LOT-Living In The Days Before The Third World.

The book, I believe will shed a bit of light on the gray areas of where we are right now in our world and what we should do. I must say this book does not cover all that is required for this season, but care was taken to touch on things that are important for a start. I am intentional about how this book is sold, so I won’t be having it on amazon or the like. We are done with making money for Amazon through unfair deals and the American government through taxes while they call us poor.

Details of how to get a copy can be found using the contact on the advert on this magazine and on the banner ad on my website.

2022 will be a good year for all of us, with new heights to reach, but that will be to the extent to which we are open to change, correction and a clean heart. So, get to work.


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