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Book Review: Like the Days of Noah and Lot


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Book Review: Like the Days of Noah and Lot

I Kept My Promise

Words, and how they are used; music, good singing; art, including photography; road trips; creative thinking are definitely the things I will easily and naturally gravitate towards. They are some of the few things that capture my heart at any moment in time.

For me, publishing this new book titled: Like The Days of Noah and Lot, was not just an act of creative writing to express the thoughts I believe God would have me share with the world, but a kind of “debt” that I owed when I made a promise to write the book almost three decades ago. So, even though it is a book that paints a picture of where we are globally, both spiritually and physically, it is much more a book that tells the story of how powerful and enduring promises can be and how beautiful fulfilling them is.

A short story behind the book

On the day my dad passed, I made a promise that my first book would be dedicated to him. I was fourteen at the time, and on 21/12/21, almost twenty-eight years later, I finally fulfilled my promise and I am grateful to God for all things.

I remember the day he died; 14th of April, 1994.  I will try to put down as much as I can recall clearly.

On that fateful day, I had just finished writing my form four history exam, and had walked home from school with two of my friends. The compound we were living in this small town in Nigeria had lots of fruit trees, so my friends loved going home with me after school to ‘terrorize’ the fruit trees. They had suggested we go to the community stream to swim, but I turned down the suggestion.

When we got home, they went behind the house where the huge garden was, while I went to enter the front of the house. As I passed by the window of my dad’s room towards the front door, I saw him on his bed, resting. There was this seven days fasting and prayer he was having with some of his church members. So I guess he needed some rest. He saw me pass by and left the bed to come and open the door for me. He opened the front door and I got in. We had a small talk at the door about my exam. Apparently, he was also preparing tea in the kitchen for the church members to break their fast with. The house is a six room bungalow, and I passed him and went into my room to drop the books I had in my hand.

After dropping them, I came out to go open the back door and let my friends, who were in the garden, into the house. It was then I noticed my dad standing right at the door that was still slightly open. He could not move, and I could see that he was in some kind of pain. He beckoned me to come closer. I went to him, not understanding what was going on, and then he fell onto me. I held him on the floor, still not sure of what the issue was. He started foaming from the mouth or something like. I called out to my friends who rushed  in, raised an alarm of what was going on and then the church members also came. They tried to revive him, even as someone went to get a vehicle to take him to the hospital. Since those was not the days of mobile phones and there was no ambulance in that town, things delayed a bit. But a taxi came and some of the church members took him to the hospital in another town some kilometers away. I could not go with them since I was the only one in the house. My immediate elder brother was still in school writing his exams, and my mum was a teacher in another town. And because up till that day I had never experienced someone dying, the whole event was just like some story in my head. Later that day, news came that he passed in the hospital. Somehow, though, I knew he already passed while I was holding him, before he was taken to the hospital.

I remember it was when the news came of his passing that I made the promise that my first book was going to be dedicated to him. My friends and I had always wanted to be lawyers and parliamentarians. I guess that’s one the reasons I was sure I would write a book in his honor. But as you can see, I did not turn out to be a lawyer or a member of parliament of any nation, but something better.

It has been almost twenty-eight years since I made that promise, and I am glad and grateful that I have fulfilled it.

About the book

Contrary to what the globalists and those who are pro Anti-Christ think, or are planning, The Great Reset is a tool in the hand of God to bring things and global events forward. The question now is, are you ready for a changing world? Are you ready for the days of Noah and Lot?

The days of Noah and Lot are like every other day in our human existence. However, because the words and realities around those days were tied to the transitioning of the First World to the Second, and also to how they mirror the coming transition from this Second World to the Third, it becomes very important for every man to know and understand what the coming days are going to be like. The Bible calls that much-anticipated epoch, the days of the Son of Man, and characterizes them by the activities of the people:

• They were eating and drinking;

• They were marrying and giving in marriage;

• They were buying and selling;

• They were building;

• They were planting;

• They were grinding; and

• Homosexuality was on the increase.

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In other words, men will be having fun till the “flood of this Second World” will come and take them all away.

This book provides necessary insight into what the next transition will look like, the mindset needed by the Overcomers and how they can prepare in the midst of today’s reality.

Excerpt from the Foreword:

“Samuel has used Noah and Lot’s stories to point the reader to global events, making the case that the spiritual reality is also intertwined with world realities. This is powerful. Sometimes there is a big gap in the minds of many, one that divides between spiritual realities in one corner, and world realities in the other; but he has bridged the gap in this book. Therefore, the reader is living in the spirit, and is also aware of what is going on around him. He has also brought in the day-to-day issues of business, and marriage that affect the normal lives of everyone and has thereby made the Bible such a reality.

He has also taken a strong conservative stand on Biblical ethics, and this is mind blowing. I use the word conservative because he does not compromise the Bible at all, he has let the Bible speak. This is in contrast to the new trends of a distorted, warped and accommodative approach to doing theology, which has ended up compromising God’s Word to please this rebellious generation. He does not mince his words; he says it as it is. Take it or leave it. This is so creative; this is so powerful. He takes a conservative approach to contemporary issues that are attacking Christian ethics, for example, he does not shy away from speaking his terms concerning same-sex relations. I like that. Nowadays, people want to pamper people, and say that certain things are okay, but the Bible is the Bible, let the Bible speak. I am sure that there is still a remnant who are conservative regarding what the Bible is talking about, that is good. Whether people want to accommodate the divergent views in the world, if they are against the Bible, he has not been shy of saying, “No. I stand with the Bible.”

Rev Dr Simon J. Oriedo –

A Priest to the Anglican Church of Kenya

To order the book (physical copies only), please use the contacts below:

+254 738 489 470 (calls, sms and telegram)

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