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Book Review: God is a Woman


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Book Review: God is a Woman

In Christian theology, the understanding of Father, Holy Spirit and Word of God is not in contention but a settled norm and popularly accepted Christian dogma. The Holy Spirit stands between the Holy Father and the Word (Holy Son) as a link connecting the Father to the Son. This comprehension passage between Father and Son is the course of knowledge of the everlasting God and therefore the subject of truth. The Holy Spirit is essentially the source of life in scripture reflection as the fountain of living waters. She is therefore the source of all living, the mother of life and light of God’s Word. Invariably, the Holy Spirit is God. For according to Jesus, what is born of spirit is spirit, and that which is born of flesh is flesh (John 3:6). Unfortunately, today’s Christianity seems to have forgotten the role and place of the mother of the LORD: they have forgotten the fountain of living waters and refused to give her the honor due to her as the depth of righteousness. According to the Scripture, whoever forgets her shall be written in the dust (that is in death) – Jeremiah 17:13. She is the focus of this book which acknowledges and captures her efforts from Genesis across the volume of the scripture unto Revelation. She is Eve the mother of living and the likeness of Jerusalem above the mother of freeborn children of God who is known for her historical affliction and persecution from the Dragon because of her pure manner of holiness and heavenly conversation of righteousness. Without her Cleavage and Entrance, nobody can have access to the presence of the image and glory of God to find favor in God’s sight.

The Bible paints Adam and his wife on the premise of Christ and his Church. Originally, Adam is a type of Christ, he is empowered with the Dominion of God. And Eve is a type of the Holy Spirit because she is the source of life and fountain of all living. If Christ loves his body above him so much that he sacrificed his life for her, and if God will forgive every sin except the sin against the Holy Spirit He exalts above His honor, and if we also consider that man should sacrifice the fellowship with his parents for fellowship with his wife, then the body is of great significant importance over all other things; it is indeed a great mystery as Paul thought it to be. This value is established when we reflect on the application of Satan to God against Job: he told God that a man would give anything for His life, and therefore prayed God for permission to afflict the body of Job before he could confirm that his righteousness is true to the testimony of God – Job 2:5-6. As the body of God (Holy Spirit) is God, and the body of Christ is Christ, even so the body of man is man – Genesis 1:27.

For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.  This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church. Ephesians 5:31-32 KJV

Knowledge is power. And the knowledge of anything is established upon the body of understanding of it, therefore the body of God is the book of life of God and Word of His knowledge. Ordinarily, it is impossible to know God without the body of fellowship and communion of His membership. This is the conversation according to the Holy Spirit of righteousness upon the body of holiness: holiness being the body and highway of God. If holiness is the body of God and the body of the image of God is a Woman then God is a Woman: the conversation to everlasting glory, the Holy Communion. The woman is indeed the mystery of the knowledge of God. Blessed is every man who has this understanding of the body of eternal life and gives due regard to this comprehension passage of God.

Every disadvantage from God is an advantage with Him. But every advantage from God is a disadvantage with the Devil. Originally, the disadvantage of Adam (his mortal frame) brought about his fall and restoration then his exaltation to the echelon of glory. In contrast, the original advantage of the Devil (perfect beauty) was responsible for his pride and fall then relegation to the dungeon of shame and humiliation. Invariably, a dog became a god and a god became a dog. The knowledge of God is the reason for this amazing change and turnaround. God turns everything around with time to identify Himself with the attitude of the fear of God, which is submission to His will. All things turn around through the process of God’s power: water turns to wine, desert turns to a forest, dog turns to god, pauper turns prince, drought becomes abundance and vice versa et cetera et cetera. Therefore, by reason of this twist of time, the humbling experience of wisdom is advised as the surest way to glory and honor reserved to all that have understanding. The humbling experience is the eve of glory and help from God: this is the script of Eve and the background story of the image of God. God gave understanding to His favorite creature (Adam) to find the wisdom concealed in low estate, so that Adam might find favor with God through the help of submission and wisdom. Wisdom is submission to the will of God unto praise of God, because she is the application of knowledge of God: the knowledge of God is eternal power. Wisdom is God. If wisdom is God and the fear of God an attitude of wisdom and function of a wife, then God is a woman.

In the opening of Genesis, it is established that God is The Creator, the creator of all living existence. And that is to say that the Creator is before and beyond all His creations including the figure of His expression and image which He called man. Therefore, we can say that God is the function responsible for the function of the composition of the universe with all its every component. As the function of everything, God is absolute: He has no gender or similitude. In Deuteronomy 4:12, Moses warned the children of Israel not to allude that God is like any creature in similitude and shape. Nevertheless, as the essence and function of all things, God can be seen in many ways, one of which is His feminine attribute featured as woman. The book, God Is A Woman, explores this course deeply to reveal God in His capacity as woman and helper. Invariably helping a woman to find her place in the overall structure of God as the body and membership of God enclosing the desire of God according to the instructions and laws of God’s will towards His pleasure for renown and worship. The book richly addresses the woman as the consciousness of God and identifies her as the personification of the way of holiness without which no man can see God. God Is A Woman is an eye-opener, a deep gift and inspiration from God.


Ametu Belteshaazar Ajayikehinde is 53yrs. He hails from Edo State Of Nigeria. A graduate of Chemistry and for his rare depth of thought and unique faculty of reason in God’s key mystery. He is a man of revelation, one inspired in the learning of the gospel of immortality. He has the Holy Essence in Sin, A Case For Eve and a couple of other titles to his credit. He is married to Oluwayemisi AJAYIKEHINDE.

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Damian Ajayi is a Christian believer and avid reader. He is dedicated and committed to research and learning. He has a degree in History And Strategic studies. He is also a Legal Practitioner in Nigeria and a member of the Nigerian Bar Association. His areas of interest include African and Church history, philosophy, public law and theology. As a Christian, he believes in God and the hope of rebirth through the Cross.  He loves reading, cooking and dish-washing.



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