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Elon Musk: Why You Should Pay Attention to Him


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Elon Musk: Why You Should Pay Attention to Him

In Kenyan politics, a role is always given to one loud-mouthed, cocky, overbearing individual: that of sowing seeds with their words. Sometimes this person is youthful, sometimes not. They appear to be chosen for their inability to care about what people think and because of the populace’s familiarity with their ways. Meaning that the people are used to them being ‘noisemakers’ and have come to expect nothing more from them. They are mouthpieces and have the ability to attract a lot of attention with their words and, quite aggressively, share whatever the agenda of their puppet master is. This they do with all strength.

They come to public fora and talk about a potentially unpopular initiative or idea as if it is the best idea on the planet. Ridicule or rejection quickly follows the words they speak. However, they continue, unfazed, to spread this message at every possible opportunity until they receive word from whoever sent them. The seeds, having been sown, are given time to take root in some hearts and minds and then the next wave of mind benders are sent forth to reinforce it. Before you know it, it has become the popular narrative and many unsuspecting people begin to accept it as the norm… and the masterminds reap their harvest.

The same thing happens around the world, only their seed sowers seem to take on a greater air of ‘sophistication’ than the loudmouths I just described. They are carefully and deliberately positioned as experts, philanthropists, geniuses or billionaires and sent around the world (or their countries) sowing seeds into the minds of unsuspecting people who only ever see the façade of brilliance they have been sold. Using well-known platforms such as TED, or WEF or others, these individuals are paraded before the world in a carefully planned manner, to ensure that they are positioned in the minds and hearts of people as some kind of hero, superstar or even savior.

That’s how William H. Gates was sold to the world. As a brilliant entrepreneur and billionaire tech mogul turned philanthropist, passionate about the area of global health – specifically vaccines… eventually even more specifically, Covid vaccines. He was everywhere with world leaders and in global fora, talking about the ‘impending doom’ of a potentially catastrophic global pandemic that the world was ‘not prepared for’ and everyone needed to look out for. For years, he seeded these thoughts as he funded (or he and his cronies funded) global vaccine initiatives and sold everyone on their supposed necessity, even while concealing and downplaying the horrendous side effects that men, women and children were experiencing. Citing their ‘greater good and overall benefit’.

He was gradually replaced in the billionaire space by Jeff Bezos who became the voice for automated delivery systems and started to promote the idea of deliveries via drones which could bring medication right to one’s doorstep. No need to step out of your house, such convenience is available to you. After all, Amazon has been the leader in online shopping and shipping for a long period of time. His company also popularized the intrusive Alexa into homes across the US. Alexa, ‘a voice-controlled virtual assistant’ that has been used to reduce resistance toward the penetration of AI into the lives of those who have taken up the service, trying to position it as ‘friendly’ and ‘helpful’. Allowing people to get accustomed to the idea of the fourth industrial revolution and the ‘need’ for smart devices that are networked and able to make life ‘more convenient’. Alexa also collects user data and has been reported to spy on users and record their conversations.

Bezos was gradually replaced in the billionaire space by Elon Musk who has become the voice for space dominance, electronic unmanned motor vehicles and notorious for his tendency to disrupt the global cryptocurrency space through careless-looking utterances on social media that cause massive price changes on whatever platform he is targeting, drastically affecting the financial welfare of investors in these services.

Two of the aforementioned individuals have since been transitioned from being seen to be on top of their game, stepping down from leadership roles in their companies and later having their reputations sullied through either connections to the Epstein pedophilia scandal in one case, and the subsequent filing for divorce by Melinda, or – prior to that – the filing for divorce by Mackenzie in connection with her husband’s infidelity. Those appear to be the official stories that have resulted/are resulting in the division of property and wealth between the billionaires and their spouses. Why divorce in connection to sex scandals, I am not sure, but to me, these seem to be strategic divorces, designed to create additional narratives and/or distractions from what their true purposes are. Either way, the financial muscle of Gates and Musk are seemingly effectively ‘diluted’ in some shape or form, and the scandals around their lives more greatly highlighted. It is not that their reputations were perfect before… just protected somewhat.

Anyway, so Musk appears to be the man of the moment, for now. The man who has been at the forefront of electronic vehicles and has been pushing for self-driving cars. The man with nearly 2000 satellites orbiting overhead, with plans to increase these. The man who has been granted a contract to land the next Americans on the moon, while an old ‘rogue’ rocket of his is said to be about to crash into the moon.

The man who is planning to implant microchips into human brains, hoping to create a brain-technology interface, starting this year. This is, in case you were unaware, is the next phase of the 4IR plan, moving from interconnected devices to humans that are connected to technology and potentially to each other, creating one super-brain – thereby paving the way for even worse things to come such as Anthony Levandowski’s AI ‘godhead’ and the main plan which is the AI Anti-Christ/Image of the Beast which has the ability to both talk and act as a kind of know-it-all oracle for the anti-Christ. (See Revelation 13:15.) All of these things working in tandem with each other. This man who speaks whatever comes to his mind and who people have come to expect that from. The one who said this in 2020 in a later-deleted tweet in response to another Twitter user about a coup that took place in Bolivia in 2019:

@historyofarmani: “You know what wasn’t in the best interest of people? the US government organizing a coup against Evo Morales in Bolivia so you could obtain the lithium there.”

@elonmusk: “We will coup whoever we want! Deal with it.”

He later clarified that Tesla uses lithium from Australia, but what a beautiful window into the heart of the man who is the current poster child for the globalists.

The planned future of the globalists’ dreams is unfolding right before your very eyes, and I am not sure how many warnings or indicators you need in order for you to understand that the trap that they are laying is for you, your children and your grandchildren. And, rest assured, the trap is being laid and the plan for it has been in progress for centuries. It is not a casual thing. Each generation has its person who is used to mastermind, push for and implement a phase or an aspect of what is needed on the ground and if you stand idly by watching and worshiping at the feet of men like Musk, Gates or Bezos, you will find yourself in the unenviable position where they and their masters will turn on you one day. Taking away all the ‘rights’ and ‘liberties’ you thought you had. Taking away what limited choices you have left considering that you may already have assented to mandatory medical treatment, mandatory paperwork, mandatory living conditions, mandatory movement tracking and so on. And, as you protest in unbelief at the audacity of their actions, they will laugh at you and mock you and say, “But couldn’t you see it coming? Shut up and enter the global prison we have set up; you already signed your rights over to us a long time ago!” You will then ask, “When did we sign over our rights and agree to live like prisoners in our own world? We believe in democracy and freedom of speech and all the things that make up for a life of liberty!” They will say, “Oh, you did it step by step. Remember Covid 19? Remember the ‘global financial crisis’? Remember the ‘environmental crisis’? Remember when you voted for greater security protocols around the world to help protect your family from ‘terrorists’? You gave us the green light to do whatever we wanted. And, seriously, did you really think we were doing all that for your BENEFIT?!”

Right now, the people who are easiest to capture are those who are besotted with the idea of what is being built, believing it to be the next step in human evolution and willing to turn on their brothers and sisters in hatred and anger for their ‘conspiracy theories’ and resistance to so-called advancement and progress. These ones are already dancing on the lips of the cages that will hold them bound. These ones who idolize movie stars, authors, singers and tech billionaires, and who actually believe that Mr Gates has everyone’s best interests at heart. The ones who are pretending their 3-year-old children are 5 years old and therefore qualify to be vaccinated against Covid.

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The world has been trained to be captured easily by razmataz and fancy displays. The things that make people go “oooh!!!” in amazement, or “woohoo!” in excitement. Those are simply spells that have been cast to take over the minds of men, women and children. Technology is the perfect tool for this kind of sorcery: shiny new cars and gadgets, virtual reality metaverses, chips and exoskeletons that make people stronger or faster, robot soldiers, soldier dogs and so on. Meanwhile, the real thing that is going on, the actual prison system that is being built is ignored. Financial monitoring systems, spyware on devices and online, ‘security’ cameras which are used to record the movements and activities of citizens, rigid controls over travel using police or ‘borders’, tracking and spying devices disguised as smartphones, health and food systems which are supposedly improved yet are actually poisoning and entrapping the world. And people will say, “An apple that doesn’t rust? I like that!!! Oranges and lemons with no seeds? Perfect for mass food or juice production. Bring it on.” Seems like a small thing, but it isn’t. People are embracing unnatural and perverse things as though they are normal, never once thinking what the big picture is. Therefore, never resisting. Therefore, signing over their rights to the globalists, one at a time.

So, while Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos were allowed to dance around on the outskirts of ‘space’, with their highly symbolic virginal and phallic vessels, Elon Musk is being allowed into space with his Dragon spacecraft, also powerfully symbolic for those familiar with the book of Revelation. Elon Reeve Musk is the current poster child to keep a close eye on. Elon (oak tree) Reeve (local administrator or official charged with enforcement… or to pass something through a hole or opening) Musk (a substance with a strong-smelling persistent odor) represents a strong enforcer, charged with taking advantage of a loophole to leave or deposit a strong and persistent odor or idea or suggestion. His investments in AI alone are worth noting, but his connection to this continent of Afrika, by birth, make him all the more noteworthy based on the significance not only of our beautiful continent, but also of the role of the nation where he was born (read more in Issue 9 of Msingi Afrika Magazine).

When someone who is connected to the land of the sound of God, and the continent that births life, corrupts his destiny by aligning with darkness and does this to defile and destroy many through the intermarriage of iron and clay (brain and micro-chips) of Daniel chapter 2, like Musk is attempting to do. When someone like this invests so heavily in the technology that is connected to the animation of the image of the beast, including thousands of networked satellites in the heavens (with a planned 12000 by 2024) that can be connected to blue beam technology and create all manner of deceptive holograms that can be projected to every corner of the earth (and you may have seen the growth of very realistic massive public holographic video displays in China). When someone invests in technology that can control minds, homes, travel and equipment of a medical and personal nature… when someone is facilitated to do this as part of a now easier to track global script at a time when the globalists are going all out to play some very big cards… we must pay attention to them.

Their hearts are exposed by a combination of things such as their actions, words, choices, supporters, investments, networks, lifestyles etc. Elon’s thoughts on coups and the arrogance of those who carry them out, careless utterances about cryptocurrency which affected lives around the world, opinions on mRNA vaccines and their ability to transform the human body and claims to be against the robot takeover. His choice of investments in AI, satellites, partnership with NASA, push for brain chips and investment in self-driving vehicles… all these among his other activities and lifestyle choices begin to paint a picture from which one can observe intent, attitude, perspective and belief. Some of his actions contradict his words e.g., against robots, yet investing in AI technology and self-driving vehicles and even his personal relationships.

With this particular individual, we cannot afford to be caught sleeping like many were with Gates and Bezos, who seemed like heroes yet were filled with destructive agendas which they implemented. We must be on high alert, very wise about our responses and careful not to be reactive. Remember, a Musk, Gates, Bezos, Branson and all others who have come before them or shall come after, are simply the tools used to sow the seeds. Behind them are the real plotters, and around them, often unseen, are the ones who do the running around to build the structures required to sustain the plan that these mouthpieces are selling. They often do not have their own money, there is just a perception that they do – much like with international movie ‘stars’ and musicians. Their businesses are fronts, their funding comes from the puppet masters, their impact comes from the established publicity and propaganda system, and their plan is a part of an ancient plan that has been being pushed since before they were in diapers. But they are revealers of intent.

This is why we must pay attention to Musk and the ecosystem around him – to mindfully track intent, purpose, timing and be able to develop our own counter-strategies so as to escape the cages that are being built for us. Like the 27,000 pieces of orbital debris, or space junk floating aimlessly and at high speeds in our earth’s orbit, so is there junk in our society, institutions that are disasters waiting to happen. Thus, you must guard your minds, your heart, watch your environment, be a critical thinker, ask questions, be ready to push out things that you thought were good for you but are not. And above all, pay attention to what God is telling you and be ready at all times to do whatever He says to you. Your entire life and family may just depend on it.

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