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Take off your Sunglasses of Ignorance


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Take off your Sunglasses of Ignorance

Take off your sunglasses when looking at the issues of life and just maybe you will see clearly.

There are multiple sides to every story and there are multiple thoughts and intentions behind the things we see. And to judge a situation from one side will be to tell a one sided story.

The man who looks at the sun from behind his dark sunglasses will assume that the sun is dark and the man who looks at everything from behind a magnifying lens will think everything is very close to him. He is deceived because he is not allowing truth to teach him.

This is what happens when we judge things from behind the sunglasses of our prejudices and biases. This trend is becoming very rampant right now in Afrika. It’s beginning to look as if Afrikans are too reactive to events and issues that they don’t take the time to see the other sides of things.

The world is in a very critical space right now, in which the tiniest of words or wrong statements could lead to a massive shift in global peace. And, as we behold the many events going on, it becomes very important to pay attention to things around us and how we react to them.

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Afrika, as both a continent and a people, is blessed with everything required to thrive, so it beats the mind when it seems that things don’t just go the direction they should be, simply because Afrikans themselves are their own troublers. You tell an Afrikan what is possible in Afrika and they make fun of you as if you do not know what you’re saying.

We recently did a video on natural home births and how it is a very indigenous system in Afrika and as old as time. We had some comments from people who could not believe that home births were not a foreign concept. Imagine for a moment that an Afrikan thinks that home births are a modern construct of the West and were imported to Afrika. Why? It is now becoming a Hollywood trend and now associated with wealth and luxury for celebrities and not what was the original system for birthing. There are big sunglass of foolishness that are covering the eyes of the average Afrikan which make him see the things from Afrika as backward, but call that same thing innovative and modern when the West or Europe does it. Remove those dark sunglasses please!

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