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The Lie of Evolution and the Destruction of Humanity


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The Lie of Evolution and the Destruction of Humanity

You know the story that the Theory of Evolution tells, a big bang, planets forming, primordial soup, primitive life forming, something crawls out and eventually different creatures evolve from it in all their complexity and diversity over eons and eons. Ultimately, man appears on the scene, having evolved from an ape and goes through his own metamorphosis to become what you have today and now is planning his own evolution as a combination of man, machine and artificial intelligence.

Evolution claims that man is nothing but an evolved animal, scientifically classified as follows in the ‘animal kingdom’:

Kingdom – Animalia

Phylum – Chordata

Subphylum – Vertebrata

Class – Mammalia

Order – Primates

Family – Hominidae

Genus – Homo

Species – Homo sapiens

That’s it? According to them, yes. This then – to them – justifies aspects of behavior such as fight or flight, mating rituals, violence, ‘territorial’ displays and so on – all based on instinct and desire. Man is just an animal after all. No higher ways or calling, except for the supposedly ‘more evolved’ in their midst who have demonstrated ‘superior’ intellectual abilities and capacity to ‘dominate’ their ‘weaker’ brethren. ‘Kingdom – Animalia’.

This mindset, therefore, allows for the emergence and establishment of an elite. A race of ‘superior’ people whose mandate it is to rule and direct modern society towards the direction that they deem to be most suitable. Any outliers in the ‘common’ populace who were not born into the ‘noble’ and ‘superior’ race, yet display aspects of the ‘superiority’ that is the elites’ claim to glory are either killed or co-opted to serve the system in its relentless pursuit of power. And the more timid cower away in the shadows, reluctant to engage with so seemingly vicious and powerful a force, thereby allowing their illegitimate authority the room it needs to fester and grow. Like a fungus.

It is the ‘law of the jungle’, after all, the survival of the fittest because man is but a beast, ‘phylum chordata’. Or so they say.

Pause with me here for a moment to reflect on the convenience of this narrative for the one who is hungry for, and obsessed with, global dominion. Do you see how easy it will be for them to create a global system that favors only what they want and only what they want to see come to pass? Their efforts to colonize much of the known world and to slay indigenous people across the globe was based on their theories of evolution and claims of there being a superior race and inferior races that were actually deemed to be non-people. Moving forward from there, there was a creation not just of a supposedly superior race – but also of ‘superior’ nations deemed to be superpowers and better than everyone else, therefore best suited to police the world and its activities. Growing from there the emergence of a global system of governance that started with the League of Nations and later rebranded the United Nations has deliberately created the type of environment around the world that literally forces all people to live according to their dictates. ‘Subphylum, vertebrata’.

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How so? Standardization, benchmarking and globalization. What is considered to be the standard diet for people to consume in order to be healthy? What is considered to be the best education curriculum? What is considered to be the best standard of healthcare and disease prevention? What is considered to be war and peace and how should war be prevented or managed? What is considered to be the best practice for agriculture? What is considered to be the ideal manner to carry out trade? What is considered to be the best form of government? What is considered to be the best way to care for the environment and natural resources within it? All of these questions, and more, have all been addressed and are covered under one treaty, charter, policy or recommendation or another under the UN or one of its ‘bodies’… and all upon the earth are expected to just abide by these in order for there to be a just and fair world. As if! ‘Class, mammalia’.

Oh please, look around you! In which corner of the globe are things actually fair and just? Many of the atrocities are actually carried out or endorsed by the ‘superpowers’. Try doing things differently and the system will find a way to infiltrate your environment, crush you in order to control you – or eliminate you altogether. Whether you are a sovereign ruler or an individual living somewhere within some borders just trying to make a difference on the ground. How many sitting presidents around the world have been assassinated simply because they did not fit in with what the globalists had planned and these presidents had the influence to transform their nations or regions into areas that embraced and adopted alternative paradigms that would genuinely have set their people free? How many private citizens have been creating solutions for the good of their people or nations and been silenced one way or another? ‘Order, primates’.

If you believe you are nothing but an animal who happens to have a superior brain and are answerable to no one but the next animal that bests you at something, then you will create insanity around you in the quest to dominate and control everyone and everything that you can or to maintain that control. Which is the situation that we are facing on the ground in the world today. Arrogance has overtaken the minds and hearts of those who have called themselves better than others on the basis of some evolutionary ‘miracle’. Callously, they set out their agendas and implement them with all thoroughness, commitment and diligent attention to detail, in order to ensure the greatest measure of success possible. Clinically they execute their plans, giving no thought to the effects that their activities are having on people – calling deaths, diseases, hospitalizations, wars, conflicts, economic collapses and their fallout ‘collateral damage’ – noting the outcomes of their actions as if it all were some brilliant and acceptable science experiment and returning to the drawing board to recalibrate their ideas so that they can implement an even more sinister plot at a later date. This is the world that the ‘superior’ and the ‘elite’ have built and are determined to expand and protect at all costs. And that world is as insane as they are. ‘Family, hominidae.’

They have imagined and created a world that does not in any wise acknowledge or respect or honor – even remotely – the existence of God, the truth about creation, the connection between the natural and the spiritual realm and our responsibilities towards God. If anything, they make a mockery of those who do believe in God and who desire to live a higher life than this one that is limited to physicality and brutality. But, like it or not, we are answerable to God. He created us and gave us purposes and placed us here to fulfil those purposes. What we do with those purposes matters. Not only that, He did not create one superior and the other inferior, but all equal. Granted, not all purposes are identical, but no single individual is lesser or greater than the other. Not one. Neither is the purpose of government to elevate one individual over another – but rather for the cause of service one to another. This needs to be very clear to each one who is reading this or living on earth, because sometimes you see an individual appearing to get away with something wicked or corrupt, and therefore one may even assume that means it is okay and try to emulate their stupidity. Not so. There are consequences for every single choice – both here and in eternity, wherever that may find you – and you don’t even have to like it or agree with it. It just is. This quest by these people and those who choose to agree with them to divest the world of God and of a moral code, just because they want to live by greed, is nothing but futility. It will fail in the end.

So, they used the lie called evolution, perpetrated it and funded it in every possible way through documentaries and archeological studies and educational curricula in order to get the lie spread as far, wide and deep as possible. But the real menace behind that lie and its enforcement is the attempt to pervert human nature and turn each individual from a caring, loving, sensitive and compassionate life-giving soul into a mindless, moronic automaton, bereft of all humanity and fit only to serve a dead and heartless system. ‘Genus, homo’.

A dead humanity can never bring forth life, try what you may. The only result you will have will be systemically enforced and mass approved death. Consider the state of society today: abortions do not make most people blink, let alone draw back in horror anymore. If anything, they are generally accepted by huge communities of people around the world – never mind the hundreds of millions globally who have been murdered through this process. Fornication, adultery, murder, homosexuality, embezzlement of funds, child molestation, homelessness, pornography and other social ills or challenges are looked upon as almost commonplace; something that people simply take note of, shrug off and move on with their lives once it has been revealed. While people still somehow remain touched by the plight of those closest to them, they will generally be comfortable with the idea of deaths that are caused by war or genocidal acts of global governments, they will overlook the contamination of food and water sources which have been linked to all sorts of diseases and they will turn a blind eye to increased oppression by governments of their people across the globe – as long as it does not affect them. It’s a ‘dog eat dog’ world, they say. ‘Species, homo sapiens’. Ironic, homo sapiens is Latin for ‘wise man’.

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