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How far can we push our individual nations’ quests for global domination before the consequences of our thoughtless and careless attitudes toward other nations explode in our faces? How far can we push our faulty ideology of economic dominance over others before the just reward for our system of economic oppression implodes and takes us along? How long and how far can we push our ideology of individualism and the ungodly hyper-consumerism that has become the global culture but which has blinded us from seeing that we are fast becoming humans with no souls who are controlled by our insatiable desires to be higher, better or richer than others?

As humans living on this planet that we call Earth, how far can we run and pretend that we do not see the pains and the anguish of others that we trampled on as we make for our endless pursuit of self-glorification and vanity? How far can we really run until the universal hand of justice based on truth and equity catches up with us? We must remember that in the eyes of the Universal Law of Justice, no one is invisible and no nation is untouchable.

Africa is bleeding! Alkebulan the Mother of Mankind is dripping with sweat and tears for the bloodshed in her home and the inhumane attitudes of some of her children across the world against other humans. There is endless bloodshed going on in the Middle East created by various complex and interwoven factors. And based on what is going on globally, with all the blood of innocent humans crying for justice all across the board, if nothing is done quickly, we may not have an earth to call home a few decades down the line. So, there is the need to pause and return to love and just maybe we can still save humanity from the impending explosion or maybe, the implosion that our careless attitude towards pain and grief will bring us. For only the power of love will clean the stinky, heavy bloodstain on the canvas of our world.

But love, like many other societal concepts, has been engineered and re-engineered to mean many things to various people of various ages across time. In our modern age, the most popular definition of love is the attitude, romance, and emotional ties to things and people that humans have tied themselves with. But we all can see that the more we try to engage love from the perspective of Hollywood and the many other “wood” industries across the world, the more marriages are failing, relationships are tearing apart and our societies are running on autopilot towards “love bankruptcy” and the consequences of not paying attention to our human degradation.

As much as I believe in the expression of love in the various forms in which it can be expressed, including romance, I, however, have a specific definition of love that I want to talk about in this article. I define love as “the embrace and the manifestation of purpose”.  What this means is that, every human being on earth was created and placed on earth for different and specific purposes. This also includes the different purposes for each geographical location on earth.

As it is with humans in regards to purpose, so it is with other created things and places. It’s one huge organic living space of interlinked created things and their interlinked purposes.

What this tells me is that, for example, there is a reason why Congo as a geographical location or country was blessed with the amount of natural resources that it has and there is also a reason why the Congolese people are in that specific geographical location. It is not love when the people of the world or the so-called powerful nations will not stop creating and engineering chaos, political killings, and ethnic cleansing in the DRC just so they can have access to the mineral resources of that nation. What about the Congolese people? Don’t they have the right to benefit from the good of their land? Yes, they do.

The bankruptcy of love and purpose

It is not a secret that there is a massive rate of divorce going on globally and more couples are separating from their unions and more families, including children, are bearing the brunt of these separations. It is also not a secret that our world is in such a volatile state that major global catastrophes of unimaginable scale can happen with just a single trigger from any of the nations that boast of nuclear powers. But it all ties back to our inability to see that a world that was created by love and based on love cannot be saved outside of love. But this love is not a fanciful weekend treat at a restaurant, it is a return to purpose for each and every one living on this breathing planet.

I like how Fr Anselm Adodo put it in a post he made on his LinkedIn page,

How do we always tend to run away from the present moment? Mindfulness is a powerful practice that encourages us to be fully present and engaged in the moment without judgment and fear. Whether eating, walking, working, or spending time with loved ones, mindfulness invites us to appreciate the here and now. This intentional focus can increase happiness, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being. By breaking free from automatic pilot mode, mindfulness helps us connect more deeply with ourselves and our surroundings. Over time, this practice can cultivate a balanced perspective on life, enhance our ability to respond to challenges with clarity and equanimity, and enrich our daily experiences with a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Embrace mindfulness to transform how you engage with the world and improve your quality of life.

Also as Terrence Howard puts it:

All Creation is Alive, All Creation shares a collective consciousness with All Other Things. While many within our species ignore the desperate cries of their own conscious, they also ignore the suffering of the Other Beings that we share Our Existence with. All things are equal.

All things stem from the same source, “The Creator of All Things!” “All Created Things” are also due the same inalienable rights and considerations that the Human family enjoys. We as members of this privileged Universal Family, have a responsibility to Everything within Creation. We must show it in all of our actions, as a sign of appreciation for being blessed with this gift of Existence. We should show that we are not only willing but are also happy to cooperate with All Things and are not here to compete with but to cooperate with Nature. All Creation understands innately the need for give and take, in this shared Universe, Let’s go about it responsibly, please.

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What all this means is that, as humans, we cannot continue to live like blind people chasing after the wind of vanity while ignoring the many issues that our chase is creating globally. We are all one people in a big mental space of the Creator.


Mauritania, officially the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, is located in northwest Africa and is the 11th-largest country in Africa. It is the 28th-largest in the world, and 90% of its territory is in the Sahara. The name Mauritania derives from the ancient Berber Mauri tribes and their kingdom, Mauritania.

The Atlantic Ocean borders the country to the west, Western Sahara to the north and northwest, Algeria to the northeast, Mali to the east and southeast, and Senegal to the southwest. Most of its population lives in the temperate south of the country, with roughly one-third concentrated in the capital and largest city, Nouakchott, located on the Atlantic coast.

Mauritania is a resource-rich country with significant reserves of minerals, hydrocarbons, and fisheries; the nation has a rich history dating back thousands of years and is home to several well-preserved historical sites, such as the city of Chinguetti, known for its ancient libraries and mosques; the ruins of the ancient town of Ouadane; and the prehistoric rock art sites of Adrar n’Achkouf.

But just like Mauritania and her natural resources, every African country has an abundance of natural resources that were given for their benefit and wealth. But why do most Africans still live below the poverty line? We can provide many reasons but in the long run, the reasons always come back to the lack of love and honor for the purpose of others. It’s an interesting conclusion you might say, but it’s true. Take for instance, if America creates chaos in any nation of the world (like they do) just so they can have access to the natural resources of that nation, that’s basically self-interest that America is trying to shove down the throats of others. But what about the interests of the said countries? And same goes for what is happening between Rwanda, Uganda, and the DRC. The government of DRC is accusing Rwanda and Uganda of causing chaos in the DRC because of Congo’s natural resources.

We all need to understand that we are brothers and should look out for each other. I pray for Africa, using Mauritania as a point of contact. May we all find that inner peace that comes through love and which will enable each and every one of us to know and also embrace our purposes and by that build an Africa that is peaceful, prosperous, and growing.

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