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Nestle Adds Sugar to Infant Milk Sold in Africa


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Nestle Adds Sugar to Infant Milk Sold in Africa

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In April this year, The Guardian newspaper shared a very disturbing report on their website that shows that Nestle, the international food company has been adding sugar to infant milk sold in what they called poorer countries. That report did not sit well with us and we decided to do a video about it and shared it on our YouTube channel.

Around the same time, we watched a video of an interview on the YouTube channel Universal Heritage TV Naija where a Nigerian medical doctor and scholar, Dr Philip Njemanze, revealed mind-blowing events happening in the Northern part of Nigeria. He mentioned categorically how the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is involved with Boko Haram and the killing of local farmers and how the same people are targeting Nigerian medical doctors to kill them. Why? For the purpose of taking out local farmers who are planting indigenous seeds, in order to introduce GMO seeds. He also discussed the killing of doctors for not consenting to ovarian egg harvesting from Nigerian women.

Watch the video by clicking on the image below.

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