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When boys get to know, men become


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When boys get to know, men become

Guiding and mentoring young boys is another significant aspect of my life’s purpose. This journey began during my high school years when I faced a suspension due to my involvement in a conversation that led to students leaving school, which I hear was called a strike.

Upon my return to school, the principal, a wise and experienced individual, engaged in a conversation with me to understand my perspective as a Form 1 student. It’s important to note that my strong sense of justice stems from the teachings of my father, who instilled in me the values of respecting elders, being polite to peers, and nurturing those younger than me, as well as never allowing myself to be bullied. These principles shaped my understanding of the world and relationships from a young age.

In this particular instance, the principal recognized that he could not expel me due to his compassionate human connection. He saw an opportunity to transform the school by allowing justice to be the foundation of our interactions as a community. He acknowledged his own role in the situation and turned it into a positive force for change. This was humility manifest! When a leader says, this is my responsibility and we can rectify the problem together.

Another pivotal experience occurred during my college years when I encountered a distressing situation. A complete stranger, who later became my mentor, offered his guidance and support. Remarkably, we will be celebrating 18 years of mentorship tomorrow (as at the time of writing this).

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Our boys’ leadership journey is not merely a program; it’s a compassionate endeavor designed to assist young boys in exploring and unlocking their inherent leadership potential.

As we strive to uphold righteousness, we recognize that integrity and moral principles form the foundation of a dignified and fulfilling life in the present and in the future.

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