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Zimbos Don’t Hate Corruption


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Zimbos Don’t Hate Corruption

They Just Hate Rich Blacks For Not Eating With Them

One thing I have learned from the #InnscorVsRutendo fight in the courts is that Zimbabweans don’t hate corruption. They simply hate successful black people and will doggedly use unfounded allegations of corruption to try and bring them down at all costs, out of jealousy.

I have been fighting with #Innscor, one of the most corrupt companies in Zimbabwe, for the past six months, and I have proved without rebuttal that they are committing crimes, selling illegal glyphosate-laced GMOs to our people, in contravention of Zimbabwean laws and cabinet directives. They have tried to use the courts to silence my whistleblowing and to jail me, to defeat the ends of justice, but none of the so-called anti-corruption activists are outraged.

Temba Mliswa also exposed how they bribe law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and government officials.

He also spoke about how they are the biggest gold miners, money launderers, saboteurs of our currency, and monopolize our food in a manner that poses a national security threat. However, most Zimbabweans turn a blind eye to this gross corruption and criminality that taints the food on their plates daily. All because the crime is being perpetuated by white men.

Instead, people attack me for exposing the criminality because whites enjoy different standards of accountability. The Panama papers mention Zed Koudounaris and Mike Fowler as money launderers who registered bogus companies in Panama for the purpose of enabling illicit flows of capital from Africa.

It’s amazing how in this case, both state media and private media houses have colluded to protect this company from being held accountable. Some even erase old articles they published about this company’s shenanigans, yet we all know that the owners were labeled enemies of the state by the Vice President.

Look at how Trevor Ncube, Hopewell, #TheSentry, Fadzai Mahere, Tendai Biti, and most who purport to hate corruption are eating illegal Innscor GMO mealie meal laced with glyphosate like they can’t see what is happening. The only other anti-corruptioner showing interest in this injustice is Douglous Mwonzora.

You Zimbos are shameful, and it now makes sense how a handful of colonizers came and colonized us. We even sold out Nehanda and Kaguvi out of self-hate. Till today, my own, including my partners, are paid to sell out for paper money.

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I don’t eat GMOs because I supply non-GMO food, but you who eat it are colluding with your executioner, yet your country already has the highest deaths from cancer in the world. I guess this is natural selection for Stockholm Syndrome victims.

Right now, Neville Mutsvangwa, a small fish in money changing, has been arrested, but this company, which his father serves, one which the then parliamentarian Temba Mliswa said he had proof of its involvement in money laundering and illegal currency trading, has been left alone to continue sabotaging the economy. I have proved that it is selling illegal GMOs laced with toxic chemicals that it has not labeled on its packaging, as the National Biotechnology Authority regulations of 2018 mandate. Nevertheless, it remains untouchable to keep feeding our people unauthorized food illegally.

This is why some like his former employee say Zed is the British Viceroy of Zimbabwe and is untouchable. So, clearly, Zimbabweans don’t hate corruption, neither do they hate the weaponization of our food and white monopoly domination. They just hate the success of Kuda Tagwirei, Sir Wiknell, Scott Sakupwanya, Obey Chimuka, Sandra Mpunga, and would like them to fall to false allegations. They also give Strive Masiyiwa and Econet a pass, despite being implicated in corruption, fraud, and insider trading that was outlined in the Ministry of Finance’s FML Commission of Inquiry report that pushed Strive to skip the country. All because he is a Bill & Melinda Gates board member. Shame Zim!

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