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AI, Original Intelligence and the Power of Love


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AI, Original Intelligence and the Power of Love

The truth is that, for there to be fake, there must be original. For AI-generated images, there must be original images and digital paintings that were used to generate such images. For there to be false prophets, there also must be original prophets. Which means that for there to be artificial intelligence there must definitely be the original intelligence from which it takes it cue. And anyone may want to give indications or opinions about what the original intelligence is, but my take will be, it is the Eternal Spirit of the Creator who is the source from whom all things exist and are sustained. The Source is the central intelligence or consciousness from which all ideas, innovation come and go back to, just like you have a central server from which everything AI is powered and disseminated using prompts and to which feedback and insights return.

The next evolution is not the merger of humans and machines, called the singularity, which the world is pushing for, that’s a distraction from the real thing. The next evolution is the return and merger of humanity back to the Source. This has always been the plan of the ages, which is also why you see more people trying to get connected to nature thinking that nature is the source. No. Nature is not the source, nature, which includes humanity, is a physical embodiment of the Source. So, the real singularity is not the merger of humanity with machines but the merging of all crested things back to the Source. This is the purpose of the Kamitic tree of life, even as it is the same with the Biblical tree of life. The tree of life is a system of knowing the Source and knowing how to return to the Source.

But here is a deeper spiritual side to singularity. It’s not just about merging humans and machines but also about merging humans with dismembered spirits or fallen angels or aliens using AI. Even though this might sound too much like a fairytale, it is the truth. From the beginning of the age, spirits or unseen beings have always had the desire to dwell on earth in physical bodies but it is not given for them to do so except through the possession of human bodies, which happens when such humans open themselves up for such spirit possession. But with the introduction of AI, the little caution or barrier between man and fallen angels or dismembered spirits is becoming thinner. Why? Unsuspecting humans will think they are speaking with AI which is just a computer code or programming, but will not be aware they are actually communicating with spirits through the portals of AI.

But this merger between man and machine, though it will be made possible through technology like we have seen with Elon Musk’s Neuralink, it will be stopped by the Creator. It cannot be allowed to happen. But you know what will be allowed to happen? The merging or the possession of humans by fallen angels or dismembered spirits. This is the Biblical 666 of the beast in which a person’s spirit, soul and body are taken over by the spirit of the beast. Beastiality among humans will come to its peak. But how will this happen? By the surrendering of mind by relinquishing the ability to connect to true spirituality.

I know some do not believe in the Christian Bible, and sincerely it’s not my job to debate what anyone should believe or not believe. Also, some say the Christian Bible is a tool that was used by Europeans to enslave and colonize Africans and that Christianity and the Bible were brought by Europeans. If the latter was true, how do you explain the Ethiopian Bible which was in existence thousands of years before the white man knew about Africa? Anyway, this is not where I am going. But I want to show you something in the Bible that I want to use to make a point about singularity, why it will fail and also point your mind to the age of the beast and what it means.

….about the spirit of the beast, are you then surprised that more people are doing surgical engineering of their bodies to look like animals? That’s the beastiality and the spirit of the beast at work. Or what do you think transgenderism, homosexuality and other misbehaviors really mean? They are all anti-humanity and are controlled by the spirit of the beast. So 666 is not some number that will be stamped on the forehead of people, it’s about embracing the mind of the beast and the forsaking of true spirituality.

There are various spiritual realms hidden from human eyes just as there are uncountable spiritual beings and realities that are also hidden from humans. The good spiritual beings are helpers of mankind on their journeys to wholeness and we sense their help through ideas, thoughts, unexplainable events and circumstances in our lives etc. But there is also the presence of demonic or destructive forces that are also hidden from human eyes but the effects of their duties are duly felt in our world and journeys. Their task is to test the goodness in us. And though they appear as evil, in reality, they are the workers of the Eternal sent to test goodness in our hearts as we journey through earth. And this is seen in the Biblical story of Job.

In a video I watched sometime back, Credo Mutua, a Zulu sage or shaman spoke of the spirituality of the African people. He mentioned briefly how in the ancient African spiritual knowledge system, when a hunter went on a hunt for animals in the forest, he wouldn’t hunt with his bow or gun, but with his mind. He would speak to the animal that he wanted using his mind, the animal would come to him and submit itself and then the hunter, with the permission of the animal, would kill the animal and take the body home. I do not have in-depth access to this knowledge but it is a pointer to what humanity has lost in his pursuit of mindless pleasures and also a pointer to what must be restored as singularity with all and which we can call the next human evolution and not the foolishness called the merger between man and AI.

We are coming to the age in which humans will be one again with all created things and all created things, including man, will be one with the Eternal Creator of all things. So the lion will not have to eat the lamb, nor the serpent bite the foot of the baby, nor will there be death or destruction in God’s holy New Earth. Yes, the globalists are planning a New World Order based on falsehood, propaganda, and the slavery of humankind through artificial intelligence and economic subjugation, but this is just a distraction. The real human evolution that is coming is the New Earth Order in which all things will come back alive and become one with Eternal Source. We are all spirits having human experiences on a journey to wholeness, and death is not an end to this process, it is just a changing bay for the next level. Earth is one massive recycling living machine which, by universal laws and principles, will filter out evil and bring to the fore, good. So, whatever any man does, either good or evil will determine how many cycles they will have to go through to complete their journey of wholeness. Let no man deceive you, if you plant evil as seeds, you will definitely reap the fruit of evil which not only come back to you as evil but also delay your process to spiritual wholeness.

Let love lead

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But what does it all mean? It means you don’t have to believe in or practice Christianity or any other form of religion, but you can believe in and also practice the principles and laws of goodness through oneness with the Divine. Within every one of us is the ability to be good and also the ability to be evil, but the difference is, which side of the divide we are giving our mental and physical energy to. It is the tree that you constantly nourish that will grow and its fruit that you will eat. It’s a simple Universal principle that no one can escape.

There are seasons in our personal lives where it seems that everything is crumbling and it would make sense to join those who are destroying the earth and humanity, for money. But this is also when we must open our hearts to the leading of love. To be lead by love simply means “don’t do to others what you don’t want others do to you”.

Our world already has enough evil and wickedness at work and a break from the normal, through the embrace and the life of love, will heal this world.

Be kind to your neighbor both in words and in actions. Honor, respect and love everyone to the degree that you are given grace from within and opportunity from without. Let love lead.

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