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Issue 29 July 2024


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Issue 29 July 2024

This is our 5th Anniversary of Telling the True Afrikan Story. Thank you for being with us along the way.

In this photo, our son is marching boldly forward, ahead of our tour guide and me, leading the way down a path he and I have never walked before. His dad is positioned ahead of all of us, capturing the moment in a photo, but, believe me, even if his dad was walking along with us, the young leader would be showing us the way. It makes perfect sense to us, particularly in this season when the youth in Kenya led the charge to deal with injustice in the country that has been shoved down our throats by generations of leaders who have chosen to simply ignore the cries of the people.
We see in our son, and in Kenya’s sons and daughters, and those of Nigeria (EndSARS movement), and Algeria (Hirak) and Tunisia, Egypt (the Arab Spring) and so many others fighting for Africa’s true liberty… we see in them the hope for the security of Africa’s future. This regardless of whatever evil scheming goes on behind the scenes to trigger or corrupt their movements and whatever fears and abuses our generation and those before ours endured with the intention of influencing their generations through our complicity. There remains hope. We must safeguard them to ensure it never dies. #letLovelead

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