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Kagame’s Terrorism in Eastern Congo


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Kagame’s Terrorism in Eastern Congo

Paul Kagame, the Western sponsored president of Rwanda , has begun his final assault on the population of North Kivu in his last bid attempt to murder as many Congolese as he can before he is removed from his position as Rwanda`s President for Life.

Kagame has been in power for the last 30 years but some of his Western supporters, namely the French, are now turning against him. They are beginning to do so not because they are suddenly realizing that he is a psychopathic mass murderer but because their illicit, cheap trade in Congolese minerals is under threat and will in future not be available via Kagame`s Rwanda. The Western supply chains will  in future have to buy Congolese minerals via Kinshasa.

The eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have been in a state of permanent war, depopulation and plunder since 1996 when the DRC (then Zaire) was invaded. During the ‘FirstCongo War’, 1996-1998, proxy armies backed by the USA (and allies) invaded and occupied Zaire, removed long-time U.S. operative President Mobutu Sese Seko and installed  Laurent-Désiré Kabila as president. Since 1996, well in excess of 12 million Congolese have died violent deaths and the entire population of Eastern Congo has been terrorized, traumatized and dislocated.

“Now 28 years later, the destabilization of the Congo — the mass murder and plunder facilitated by global supply chains and rogue capitalism — continues.”[1]

On Tuesday night, 4 June 2024, the bodies of at least 20 civilians, mostly women, were discovered in Luholu River near Beni, Lubero Territory, North Kivu. It is obvious from the state of the women`s clothing that they were raped.

“The women were tortured, their arms tied behind their backs at the elbows — a torture technique called Akandoya – and thrown in the Luholu River . The bodies were also mutilated. Akandoya is a torture technique first used by Museveni’s National Resistance Army during the Luwero Triangle terror in Uganda (1980-1985), adopted by Museveni’s protégé and Director of Military Intelligence Paul Kagame, routinely used by Kagame’s RPA during the Rwandan Civil War (1990-1994), and it is a signature reminder of the unrelenting atrocities committed by the Rwandan and Ugandan militias in Congo. Many of these Rwandan and Ugandan soldiers have been ‘trained’ by U.S. military experts, training in the euphemistically named ‘counter-insurgency’ guerrilla warfare tactics perfected by the legendary U.S. military School of the Americas known for training death squad commandoes and dictators.” [1]

Kagame`s proxy militias kill everyone who will not collaborate with them. What Kagame`s proxy militias do to the women, men and children of uncooperative communities is to terrify them using the most unimaginably sadistic means.

This is called terrorism. Kagame`s proxy militias are terrorists.

People are burned with plastic, people are hacked with machetes and torched alive, children are suffocated in plastic sacks, the same sacks used for transporting coltan. There are reports of the trade in children, abducted by Kagame`s proxy militias and taken to Kigali to be sold on the international market for their organs, transported in plastic sacks, coltan sacks.

The media can call these terrorists whatever the hell they like. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. These terrorists are called M23 and ADF today. Yesterday they were called CNDP and tomorrow they will be called AFC.

There are no ambulances for the people in eastern Congo because there are virtually no paved roads. The wounded, dying and the dead are transported on mud roads by motorbike on stretchers made of tree branches. Dead people are wrapped in whatever plastic sheeting is available. If none is available they are given respect by being covered in foliage, wrapped in twine and then transported by motorbike. Difficulty arises when the dead have been so mutilated that their body parts are no longer intact. In these cases plastic sheeting is really needed. You see, dear reader, the dead get transported to a village for a decent burial, the wounded and dying get transported to the nearest clinic or hospital, that is before they get pain killers, if there are any pain killers..

There are now 2 million displaced people in North Kivu, 2 million utterly exhausted, utterly traumatized men, women and children.

Dear BBC, the dozens raped, tortured, hacked and torched alive over the past week, were not ” killed by suspected Congolese rebels in the latest spate of attacks”.

They were killed as they have been all this time, 28 years of, by Paul Kagame`s military,

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Paul Kagame’s EU, UK, USA, Israeli backed military.

Actually BBC, the body count from this week, in Beni area, is 116 and counting. That is 116 people with their arms tied behind their backs using wire, raped and shot and hacked and some torched alive.

Nobody in Congo is fooled. They know exactly who is what and from where:

“These people they call the ADF, they say these are rebels from Uganda. But we don`t believe these are rebels from Uganda. Because if they are from Uganda why would they kill Congolese people? What do the rebels from Uganda have to do with Congolese people, to kill them? So we just believe it is a conspiracy from Rwanda and Uganda who want to kill people to just push them  away from their land in order to take it. You know they work with terror. We don’t believe in this ADF because no rebel group will come to another country and start killing people from where they are operating. They have no gripe with Congo if they are from Uganda. The problem has to be Uganda, not Congolese. So the place they are operating is Beni. Beni is on the border of Uganda. And that is why they call it ADF from Uganda. And the M23 they are operating in the area of the border of Rwanda.  So they are controlling the area of Rutshuru, Masisi, these are areas bordering Rwanda. . They do not go far because they want to get support, receive ammunition.” Source: protected

Footnote: [1] Source: Keith Harmon Snow

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