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The Rules Don’t Make Sense


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The Rules Don’t Make Sense

Who made or makes the rules that run this world? Who decides by what concept, ideology, education and political philosophy the people of the world should live? By whose hand was the so-called social contract created and forced onto all of our lives? Who made the rules that say a man must be a citizen of the nation where he was born and thus carry lifeless papers and documents around to prove that he came from somewhere? Why is democracy, which is manipulable, the mark of progressiveness, modernity and every other form of governance deemed anti-progress? Who made the rule that says the citizens of a nation must trust the decisions and choices, or obey the words, of that nation’s government, especially if the government has proven beyond doubt that it is a puppet in the hands of others? Why is it a treasonable offense if the citizens who voted (employed) the president want him out for selling out their country, but it’s not a treasonable offense when the president makes deals with foreign nations that undermine the overall safety and security of the nation?

How come the only two nations of the world that can withstand the West militarily and economically are deemed not democratic? I speak of Russia and China.

Anyone paying close enough attention to the global space will notice that there is a sweeping movement going on among the citizens of nations, and one of the aspects of that movement is that more people are beginning to ask questions about everything and anything. And this is not just the ‘Gen Zs’, but some of the older generations that are witnessing the unprecedented degeneration of our society brought about by our so-called modernity and the possible devastating effects it will have on humanity a few years down the line. The “idol” called status quo is taking a massive hit from the stones hurled by various people who are beginning to seek answers for the meaningless world system that we have created and endured for too long. The future existence of the human race is at stake, and if we do not do something critical that makes us stop, evaluate where we are and are coming from, and then make a change in direction, we will have no home called earth to live in. Or maybe Earth will just recycle us all out of itself for being such mindless ingrates.

In his article titled: Why The “Rules-Based International Order” Has Failed and Will Always Fail: The Case of Africa, Lawrence Freeman wrote:

“Only when we understand why the so-called rules-based international order must fail, can we dedicate ourselves with new vigor to create a superior paradigm that will portend a better future for humans living today and our progeny.

At the core of the deficiency in the thinking process of the Western elites-the political financial oligarchy, is their failure to understand the unique characteristic of what makes us human. Endowed by the Creator, we humans, and we alone of all species, and unlike all machines, and all computer programs, possess the power of creative mentation. In other words, the mental power to hypothesize, as brilliantly and beautifully elaborated by Plato in his dialogues and by Socrates. With this power, which exists in all human beings as a potential to be developed, there are no limits to the expansion of the human race and the transformation of our physical universe. Thus, people and nations are not fixed. All societies and cultures, if they are human, embody a civilization of creative transformers. All people of all nations share this exclusive common feature, which universally binds us together in our quest for a better-shared future.

Those in power in the West, their schools, colleges, institutions, and values, not only fail to understand this fundamental principle of human existence but actually deploy to suppress it.

Our global society should be organized on these principles of human creative enhancement, not a fixed set of rules established by the bankrupt Western invention of a so-called rules-based international order.”

The fools in the World Economic Forum who are making the rules about sustainable development based on green energy, are the very ones who own the companies cutting down indigenous forests. They own the oil companies and the mining companies that have devastated our local communities and turned them into toxic wastelands. They live in luxury high-rise hotels made with materials that are detrimental to the environment, fly private jets that poison the atmosphere with chemtrails, and then with shameless bold faces tell others not to use their fossil fuels, citing climate change. The ecosystem is in turmoil and the biodiversity of indigenous places is taking massive hits from their recklessness and the recklessness of their business friends and partners. What gives them the right to tell someone else to do what they are not even prepared to do?

The world system is in a very volatile place waiting for someone to push the button and everything the way we know it will go up in smoke.

But as Gaurav Misra commented on our LinkedIn post:

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 It is perhaps time to move out of the framework of ‘economics’ that makes us account for life and nature in ‘capital’ and ‘asset’ terms. It is perhaps time to evolve a new framework within which we see the relationship between Nature, work, and our needs. Whether humans can prefer minimalism with the same enthusiasm as they prefer maximalism, is the question before us, is the task at hand. Whether humans can prefer a way of life that nourishes itself the more we nourish nature, is the ask. Can the game not be about who can monopolise the most resources, in return for paying the most taxes, taxes that go to maintain standing armies and war capabilities? Defence is a wasteful need for every country and province, a need that perpetuates our present economics that is founded on a citizen-country-currency framework instead of better economics founded on the human-Earth-Love framework. Can all countries switch to a uniform Earth-Life view of economics, can all countries give up weapons simultaneously, can people of all countries agree that Earth belongs to all life equally, can all countries agree the purpose was to accommodate life and not exclude life?

Gurav Misra’s comment puts a long pin in the balloon of the pride of our hearts and the futility that we so love to embrace even though we know it’s the path of destruction. We have too many people speaking for Earth even without one iota of love for her. We have more people who would rather kill a whole race of people but save one dog from danger. We have too many people who would rather invest billions of dollars into GMOs that kill the soil and insect biodiversity rather than invest in regenerative organic plants and seeds that help the environment. We need to walk back from this path of horrific wickedness that we have allowed in our world and take responsibility for making the change that we all need.

We need a revolution of the mind and a revolution of the world system that sees people just as numbers in a database. A database from where some possessed humans sit and decide who should live or die, which country to create chaos in, and which country to call peaceful. The world can no longer be run like a supermarket where all the price tags cannot be changed nor can we make human lives worth less than lab rats for medical experiments.

It’s time to either bend the rules or remove them altogether.

We must set ourselves free from the rule books that were written by those who think they own the world.

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