About Us

Msingi is the Swahili word for ‘Foundation’. Msingi Afrika Magazine is a digital
publication, produced in Afrika, for and about Africa by The Knowledge Consultancy
Limited, which is registered and domiciled in Kenya. The Knowledge Consultancy is
dedicated to changing the way Afrika thinks and sees herself.
Msingi Afrika Magazine is a kingdom, faith-based publication, but is not affiliated to
any denomination, church or religious organization.
Having taken note of the multitude of challenges that the continent was facing, we felt very strongly that it was time to begin to give voice to foundational issues of:
-Afrika’s identity and purpose
-The causes and solutions of Afrika’s challenges
-The stories of those in Afrika who are overoming personal or professional hurdles in order to make a difference in the lives of others.
We want to restore a sense of identity, purpose and hope, that what our people see
before their eyes is not the sum-total of what they can expect. That a lack of self-confidence and self-belief that many face can be overcome by identifying their unique role and place in their sphere. That it is possible.
Revisit the Afrikan narrative, creating a platform for healing, restoration and rebirth
through God and brotherhood.
To give voice to Afrika’s God given values and purposes.